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travel nurse doing taxesThat most fun time of year is nearing; tax time. Well technically you have until April 15th (well really technically, April 18th). January, though, is the time to start thinking about your taxes since this is when all your W2s and other tax forms start coming in so you want to make sure you are prepared and organized from day one.

Tax time can be particularly tricky for travel nurses, but don’t worry we have several posts and resources listed below to help you navigate your way through.

Travel Nursing Taxes Articles

Travel Nursing Taxes Websites

  • TravelTax.com – Tax Preparation – US, Canadian and International – Specializing in the mobile professional   
  • Kobaly.com – The travel nurse tax specialist

The tax information contained on MedicalSolutions.com, TravelNursingBlogs.com and from any communication related to this blog is for information purposes only. Please consult with your personal accountant or tax preparers for any matters concerning your own income taxes.

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