Ask a Travel Nurse Recruiter: What happens when I get sick during my assignment?


What happens when I get sick during my assignment?


Well, I wish there was a simple answer but as most things in the travel nursing industry, it depends on the hospital.  I can tell you that all hospitals realize that nurses are human and do get sick, especially with their surroundings.  So, if a nurse gets a bug and needs to take a couple days off of work, its usually not a big deal and the nurse is encouraged to stay away from the hospital and patients until they recover.  The only time it could potentially become a problem is if the nurse is sick more than a few days and ends up taking multiple weeks off during an assignment.  At this point the hospital or company will probably want a note from the doctor to justify so much time off.  And by the way, its always good to get a doctors note to show the hospital or company if it’s possible to get one.

As far as pay goes, since the nurse is a contract worker and not on a fixed salary, the hospital will not pay a nurse for any time taken off for being sick.


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