Ask a Travel Nurse Recruiter: What kind of schedules does travel nursing offer?

travel nurse schedulesQ.

What kind of schedules does travel nursing offer? Full-time, part-time, intermittent?


There are a few ways that travel contract schedules are agreed upon.

The short answer is: Travel nursing is usually a full-time commitment.

The long answer: As a travel nurse you should be open to working a standard 13 week contract, but contracts can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks or even longer at 26 weeks or more. As far a weekly schedule, those can be arranged ahead of time and written into a contract but schedules are usually handled during your phone interview with the hospital’s hiring manager.

The schedules range anywhere from an 8, 10 or 12 hour shift with either a 36 or 40 guarantee on your hours worked for the week.

In the past I have had travel nurses work weekends only or even blocking shifts together where they worked 3 days on the floor in a row.  Basically if you need a specific schedule, ask for it, but remember, being as flexible as possible on schedule and shift worked will get you more interviews and open you up to many more job opportunities as well!

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I am a recruiter with Medical Solutions and enjoy the whole process of working with travel nurses! I am here to help you with your career and help both of us be more successful. I am originally from Chicago and now live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my wife Jenny and soft-coated wheaten terrier Mac! I have traveled quite a bit enjoy sharing the stories of our adventures with you out on the road! I believe that I am only as good as the travelers I’m sending out to represent me and want to make sure that the travelers I work with have a moral and ethical obligation to their patients and patient care above all else.

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  1. Darryl


    This is great information. I am interested in working for traveling nurse companies. I think travel nursing would be a great way to see the country and build my resume!

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