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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a Travel Nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!


Share Your Travel Nursing Videos

Share your Travel Nursing videos!

Send us your Travel Nurse videos!

We’d like to introduce you to Medical Solutions Traveler, Kyle L., who has been posting some helpful videos on his YouTube channel Travel Nursing. Kyle’s Career Consultant Mark B. let us know about his video posts and we were humbled that he is such a Medical Solutions fan.

We also think what he’s doing is downright cool — providing a video resource for all Travel Nurses. Kyle says when he first started researching Travel Nursing he found mainly written resources. While blogs and other written resources are super helpful for aspiring Travelers, Kyle thought it would be neat to do his own video journal that would document the life of a Travel Nurse and help answer questions about salary, finding jobs, housing, travel and recreation tips for certain locations.

Check out Kyle’s introduction video below, and then we’d like to invite you to get in on the fun too!

Do you have a video to share? Some piece of sage wisdom to share with your fellow Travel Nurses? An excellent adventure worth showing everyone?

Shoot a quick video about anything related to Travel Nursing — from contracts to kayaking, salary to sunbathing — then upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and email us the link. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your knowledge with fellow and aspiring Travelers. Places everybody …. annnnd … ACTION!


Congrats to December 2013’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

And the trophies go to ... Austin H. and Chris A.!

And the trophies go to … Austin H. and Chris A.!

Many thanks and congratulations to Medical Solutions’ December 2013 Traveler of the Month, Austin H., and also our Rising Star winner, Chris A. 

Austin H. is an RN currently working Cardiac Cath Lab in Fort Worth, Texas. He has been in nursing for more than four years and has been traveling about two. His fiancé Crystal travels with him.

“It was a joint decision to begin traveling, and we have not looked back since,” he says.

His favorite location so far is Montana, which he loves for the breathtaking scenery.

Austin H. hanging at Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse in Chicago.

Austin H. hanging at Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse in Chicago.

“We were a 90 minute drive from Yellowstone National Park,” he says. “There were times I was basically face to face with a buffalo.”

What an adventure! But Austin says the best part of traveling is the confidence he has gained in his abilities as a nurse.

“I am able to walk into new surroundings, evaluate the situation, and be up and running within a shift, maybe two,” says Austin. “I enjoy the ability to see how nursing practice varies in different parts of the country, and I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing nurses that have taught me skills that I have adapted into my daily routines.”

Chris A., an RN with 13 years nursing experience, was honored to be chosen as Rising Star for working her first travel assignment in Washington State.

Chris A. exploring Washington's natural beauty.

Chris A. exploring Washington’s natural beauty.

“The hospital, staff and patients were such a pleasure to be with. I truly loved my assignment and learned a lot from my co-workers,” she says.

Chris also loved the west coast and exploring the diversity of the area. She was excited to be able to hit the beach and the slopes in one day.

“I’m an outdoor girl and love to hike up a mountain or two,” she says. “The west side of Washington was perfect! So many mountains, so little time.”

Chris is accompanied on the road by her two “rambunctious” cats, DeVa and Babs, who she says have adjusted just great to their adventures. Chris’ husband stayed home to hold down the fort, with the couple’s other cat, two dogs, and a horse. She says they have “accumulated quite a four legged family in rescues.”

DeVa and Babs love the adventure of the travel nurse lifestyle too.

DeVa and Babs love the adventure of the travel nurse lifestyle too.

Winning Rising Star for her hard work in Washington is an honor, but Chris is already looking ahead to her next big adventure.

“I am equally excited for my next assignment in Virginia, which will give me the opportunity to be close to my son at West Point military academy,” she says. “I love to see the country and the though I am just there to help, I learn a lot from the people I work with.”

Austin and Chris, congrats again and thank you both so much for providing excellent patient care while working on assignment with Medical Solutions. We really appreciate all of your hard work!


Travel Nurse Jobs in Georgia

Welcome to GeorgiaThere is definitely an abundance of reasons why Georgia is a state on people’s minds. Especially for Travel Nurses. Yes, Georgia is just peachy when it comes to Travel Nurse Jobs, as well as extracurricular activities for Travelers to enjoy. Even better, traveling with Medical Solutions uniquely positions you to find a great assignment in sweet Georgia, as we have an abundance of jobs to offer within the state.

Georgia has a rich, storied history and there are a lot of things that make The Peach State unique. Here are 5 fun facts about Georgia:

  • Historic St. Marys Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation; it was first settled by the Spanish in 1566.
  • Georgia is the United States’ biggest producer of peanuts, pecans, and peaches — oh my!LKR012804
  • The world’s sweetest onion, the Vidalia, is exclusively grown in the fields surrounding Vidalia and Glennville.
  • Coca-Cola was invented and first served in Atlanta.
  • Macon’s Wesleyan College was the first in the world chartered to give degrees to women.

One great thing about Georgia — especially this time of year — is its nice warm climate. Average January/February temps are generally in the 60s, and by March you’re sure to be home free in the 70s as a beautiful spring season takes hold.

The year-round comfortable climate makes Georgia a great place to get out on your days off and see all the awesome sights and activities the state has to offer. From historical Savannah, to action-packed Atlanta, to the music mecca of Athens, Georgia is brimming with culture and fun. It’s just the very tip of the iceberg, but here are some fun things to do in Georgia:

  • Ever pined to visit Europe? A trip to Helen is like time-traveling to 1800s Bavaria. This alpine village is as quaint as it is lively, with a calendar full of fun events year-round.
  • Amazing outdoor activities await surrounding the Chattahoochee River and Appalachian Trail. Enthusiasts of horseback riding, mountain biking, waterfalls, hiking, and rafting will be pleased.Atlanta Skyline
  • In addition to world-class dining, shopping, and professional sports, fun spots to visit in Atlanta include the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, Inside CNN Center Studio Tour, Zoo Atlanta, World of Coca-Cola, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Southeastern Flower Show, and much, much more.
  • And a stay in Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the 3,200-acre Stone Mountain Park. The theme park features rides, golf, fishing, hiking, historical attractions, shopping, dining, shows, plenty of good old’ fashioned nature, and more, year-round.

Learn more about Georgia here, where you can get started on finding your next Travel Nursing adventure!


Congrats to November 2013’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Lara K. and Shawn F., you guys win the gold!

Lara K. and Shawn F., you guys win the gold!

We are very happy to congratulate our November 2013 Traveler of the Month, Lara K., and also our Rising Star winner Shawn F.!

Lara is an RN currently working in an ER unit in California. She has been in nursing for a total of 15 years, the first 10 as an LPN and the last 5 as an RN. She has traveled for 5 of her LPN years and 1 year as an RN.

Lara’s favorite location so far has been Laramie, Wyoming.

“[I] loved the area, but the people really made it special,” she says.

Lara’s favorite aspect of Travel Nursing is getting paid to explore new areas and meet new people. She also says that you “learn something new with each assignment.” Lara plans on getting a dog after her current assignment.

Shawn is an RN also and is currently working in Massachusetts. He’s been in nursing for 4 and a half years and has been traveling six months. Shawn has been on just two travel contracts and so far Massachusetts has been his favorite location.

Shawn’s favorite thing about Travel Nursing?

“The challenge of being put in an unfamiliar place and working through the anxiety and stress that that can bring, and coming out a better nurse and person for going through it,” he says.

Congrats again to Lara and Shawn. These wins were based upon excellent hospital evaluations, and thus, were totally earned. Thanks to you both for providing excellent patient care while on assignment for Medical Solutions! We really appreciate what you do in the name of nursing and we’re honored to have you travel with our staffing agency.

For more details on Medical Solutions’ Traveler of the Month program, click here.


Happy Holidays from Medical Solutions!

Happy Holidays to all our Medical Solutions Travelers, and thanks for all you do!

Happy Holidays to all our Medical Solutions Travelers, and thanks for all you do!

It’s almost Christmas and we got you a little something! Check out this festive and funny Christmas medley video featuring our resident American Idol, Melvin, as well as many other members of our Omaha team. We hope you enjoy this fun, seasonal look at our culture.

Whether you’re out there working over the holidays (if so, don’t forget about our Holiday Working Bonus) or spending them with friends and family, we hope that all of your days are merry and bright! Thanks so much for being our “adaptable superstar” Travelers.


Congrats Travelers and Recruiters of the Year!

Congrats to Quinn, Marla, Jenifer, and Jackie!

Congrats to Quinn, Marla, Jenifer, and Jackie!

We are so very happy to congratulate Medical Solutions’ four winners for Healthcare Traveler magazine’s Traveler and Recruiter of the Year awards for 2013.

Our Traveler of the Year winners were Quinn Anthony and Marla Preader.

The magazine wrote that it chose Travelers who exhibited “flexibility, dependability, loyalty, professionalism, and an adventurous spirit.” Marla and Quinn definitely fit that bill — as do so many Medical Solutions Travelers!

Marla-Preader-Medical Solutions


Marla is an RN whose specialty is Operating Room. Her Career Consultant, Jake Zoucha said, “Marla is a Traveler that I have developed a strong respect and admiration for over the past year. She’s an excellent nurse that has proven to me that she can come through on the other end with the same positive attitude.”

Quinn Anthony-Medical Solutions


Quinn is an allied healthcare worker whose discipline is Catherization Lab. His Career Consultant, Jackie Sleddens said, “[Quinn] consistently has a positive attitude and is a great representative of Medical Solutions.”

Healthcare Traveler magazine wrote about the importance of trust in successful Traveler-Recruiter relationship, adding that some good qualities for a Recruiter to have are a “willingness to listen, capacity to empathize, and the desire to help when things get sticky.” All Medical Solutions Career Consultants embody those qualities, but let’s hear it for the best of the best: Our Recruiter of the Year honors for 2013 went to Medical Solutions Career Consultants Jenifer Lyman and Jackie Sleddens.



One Traveler called Jenifer, “by far the best Recruiter I have ever worked with,” adding, “She is professional and personal.”



Another Traveler called Jackie “a step above the rest” and complimented her super organizational skills. This is Jackie’s third win in as many years!

Congrats to the Medical Solutions winners, and thank you all for the important work you do that all ends up in excellent patient care in the long run! Click here for the full Traveler list and here for the full Recruiter list.


Affordable Medical Insurance for Travelers


You asked, we listened. Medical insurance for Travelers now starts at just $10 a week.


As the New Year approaches we wanted to remind you about an excellent new benefit we’re now offering our Travelers. About a month ago Medical Solutions announced a HUGE change to our Traveler medical insurance rates. Rates have been lowered to the degree that a basic, single policy costs just $10 per week! While usually changes to insurance and other benefits could affect your pay package, this change is being completely covered by Medical Solutions.

So why the big change? There are several factors that lead to this decision and amazing savings for Medical Solutions Travelers.

  • To nutshell all of this: You asked, we listened. The number one reason for this change is that our Travelers spoke loud and clear that our insurance offerings were one area where we could improve our service. We always strive to be the best possible company for our Travelers and this change was necessary to continue to achieve that.
  • Because of our old rates, we had pretty low participation in our insurance plan. As a result of that, rates continued to rise in a bit of a vicious cycle. We decided to step in and cover hundreds of dollars more towards premiums for every single Traveler on our plan in hopes that participation will increase and rates will eventually lower for everyone.
  • We want you covered. As a company that sincerely cares about its Travelers, we didn’t want to see anyone going without coverage because it was too expensive.
  • In the face of a lot of uncertainty in the world of medical insurance, including a nationwide reform that is in flux, Medical Solutions wanted our Travelers to be secure and not have to worry about what’s around the corner.

With this serious change in our insurance offerings we hope that we have provided Travelers with coverage and the peace of mind that they and their families’ health are totally taken care of.

Here are some FAQs on Medical Solutions great new insurance rates. If you have any more questions about how you can take advantage of these savings, please contact your Career Consultant.

Update, posted 2.10.15: As of April 1, 2015, medical insurance rates through Medical Solutions will start at $15 per week. Rates are subject to change annually upon open enrollment.  


Medical Solutions Welcomes Nurse Bridge

nursebridgelogoNurse Bridge, formerly a division of OA Nurse Travel, is now a part of Medical Solutions. Nurse Bridge specializes in providing facilities with replacement personnel in the event of a job action. We manage the entire process, from early coordination with hospital administration through recruitment, screening, transportation, housing, and scheduling of replacement staff.

The great news for Medical Solutions Travelers is that now we will be able to offer you even more great opportunities in more locations. Because of the temporary, and oftentimes last-minute, nature of this work, compensation is very good.

We know that hospital job actions can be sensitive subjects, but we also know that our Travelers have an amazing commitment to patient care, and the compassion and courage necessary to step in and continue to care for patients who simply cannot wait out a job action.

This new offering also extends our commitment to providing facilities with excellent service for all of their staffing needs.

For more information — whether you’re a Traveler or a Client — please visit Nurse Bridge’s website here.


Congrats to October 2013’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

A big thumbs up to Roseanna C. and Beth M.!

A big thumbs up to Roseanna C. and Beth M.!

A big congrats is in order for October 2013 Traveler of the Month, Roseanna C., and also for our Rising Star winner Beth M.!

A quick word on the name change of this award: We’ve changed it from “Nurse of the Month” to “Traveler of the Month” in order to include all of the amazing healthcare professionals we work with.

We recently checked in with Rising Star Beth M. who has been working as a nurse for three years. She says her first assignment with Medical Solutions was “nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River in Williamsport.”

“I have traveled all over the U.S.A. and this happens to be one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been!” she says.

Beth adds that she enjoys traveling solo and finds one of the biggest perks of traveling is meeting new friends. And it sounds like she has the perfect personality for it. “I’ve never met a stranger,” she says. “Ever.”

She also has an excellent philosophy when it comes to traveling:

“The best thing about being a traveler is knowing you are ‘temporary,’” says Beth. “If it’s the hardest 12-hour shift, you can tell yourself you’re not going to be there forever. If it’s the best hospital and best staff, you know not to take it for granted and to make the most of it.”

Let’s hear it again for Traveler of the Month Roseanna C., and Rising Star winner Beth M.! Your excellence on the job is what Travel Nursing is all about. Thank you for being such a great reflection on your field and on Medical Solutions!

Could you be the next Traveler of the Month or Rising Star winner? Click here for more details on the Traveler of the Month program.


Meet Eichie the Traveling Horse

Eichie doin' what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Eichie doin’ what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Being a pet friendly company is hugely important to us here at Medical Solutions. We understand that for our Travelers to be able to bring their pets along on assignment is super important to their overall job and life satisfaction. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure that our Travelers don’t have to fuss or worry over taking their furry, fuzzy, or scaled loved ones with them.

We see a variety of pets, but the majority is comprised of cats and dogs. Traveler Amanda T. has a verrrry unique pet named Eichie. He weighs 1200 pounds and his favorite treat is apples. Eichie is a quarter horse, and what’s more, Amanda barrel races with him! Amanda’s Career Consultant, Sarah K., told us about Eichie in November and we just had to ask Amanda for the full scoop.

“Eichie is a 16-year-old quarter horse, who I have owned since he was five,” said Amanda. “The first few years together were rough; he is off of the race track so we spent countless hours and days trying to get him to become a barrel horse. I took him to college with me and that really made us grow together as a team. I haven’t gone to many races here in California but do ride at least four nights a week.”

When we spoke with her, Amanda and Eichie were anticipating their first competition the following weekend. “I feel he is in perfect shape and ready to win some money,” she said.

Amanda is a surgical tech who’s been in the OR for five years.

“I’m only on my second assignment so this traveling is new to both Eichie and I,” said Amanda. “We are currently in Northern California and both have adjusted very well. I hauled my horse trailer down here and keep him at a nice boarding facility that I found on the internet.”

Although she’s new to it, Amanda is enjoying life as a Traveler.

“My favorite thing about traveling is meeting new people both in the hospital setting and at the barn,” she said. “I’m loving this new experience and look forward to continuing it with my best friend by my side.”

We’re very proud to have Amanda — and Eichie — as Medical Solutions Travelers. Do you have a unique pet or pet story to share? Send your story to