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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a Travel Nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!


Adventures in Travel Nursing: Oh My Gelli!

Oh My Gelli

Adventures in Travel Nursing: Oh My Gelli!

If the adventure and enrichment of Travel Nursing ever made you think you should start cataloguing your various journeys, then you’ll love Oh My Gelli — a blog authored by Medical Solutions Traveler, Gelli DA.

“I started [the blog] in August of last year as a birthday gift to myself and as another source of income as well,” says Gelli. “Travel Nursing actually played a huge role in my blog because I get to share my experiences with my readers and followers.”

Gelli is an RN specializing in Cardiac Telemetry who’s been in nursing nearly two and a half years. She started Travel Nursing in November 2016 and absolutely fell in love with this intriguing career path. Gelli travels with Career Consultant Kelly S. and is currently on assignment in Virginia.

Oh My Gelli!At Oh My Gelli readers will find a fun hodgepodge of topics discussed in Gelli’s signature insightful style and accompanied with a bright, colorful design and pictures. From haircare and curly hair woes to recipes to Travel Nurse tips and insight about locations and more, there’s a little something for everyone as they follow along on Gelli’s journey.

“I blog about lifestyle, food, and travel,” says Gelli. “As an introvert, it’s totally crazy of me to do Travel Nursing. And my blog is a living proof of that.”

But Gelli’s been buoyed by working with “unbelievably amazing staff” at both of the facilities she’s visited thus far. She also keeps good company, traveling with Luis, her boyfriend who’s also a nurse, and Pumpkin, her Persian kitty.

So, what does Gelli like best about Travel Nursing?

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is the big paycheck,” she says. “LOL! OK, I don’t want to sound like an ad, but really, it’s double my paycheck when I was still a permanent staff. I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity. Besides that, going to different places and meeting new people are also what make Travel Nursing unique and fun.”

Gelli also offers solid advice for aspiring or new Travel Nurses.

“Nursing is patient-centered, above all else,” she says. “No matter how different policies and hospital protocols are you’ll find yourself in a familiar place once you see your patients face-to-face. Try to learn different techniques from your coworkers. You’ll be surprised on how they do things differently and sometimes way more efficient than what you’re used to. And, if ever things get rough, smile because you’re only staying in the hellhole for 13 weeks.”

Thanks for being an inspiration to Travelers everywhere, Gelli!

Check out Gelli’s blog here and find her on Instagram @omgelli.

Oh My Gelli


Clinical Corner: The Year of the Healthy Nurse

YOTHN Banner 1 838x320 - Clinical Corner: The Year of the Healthy Nurse

By Kora Behrens, Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Solutions

May is a wonderful time to celebrate. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Most importantly, each May we spend a whole week celebrating nurses and the impact they have on their patients and healthcare. Nurses Week, celebrated each year May 6-12, provides a great opportunity to honor all the nurses who advocate for their patients, speak up for safety, and give of themselves daily to the patients they care for.

With all the time and effort spent on patient care, it’s easy for nurses to ignore and neglect their own health and wellbeing because their patients will forever be their number one priority. This presents a huge challenge for nurses to overcome! Nurse health is significant not only for each individual nurse’s good, but also because a nurse’s health has a direct impact on patient outcomes and the overall quality of care.

The increasing emphasis on safeguarding the health of nurses was the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nurses Week focus this year. The ANA dedicated 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse” with the tagline “Balance Your Life for a Healthier You.”

In keeping with this theme is the launch of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN). This effort targets HNHN’s five fundamental indicators for wellness: rest, nutrition, physical activity, quality of life, and safety. Nurses are the face of our healthcare system, therefore focusing on their wellbeing has become important to delivering quality care to all patients and communities. To improve the wellbeing of our nurses we must first examine what their health struggles are.

Nurses are working longer hours and shifts, most often without breaks or moments to regroup. These long shifts make it difficult to get the adequate sleep and rest they need. Additionally, it becomes a challenge to eat healthy when nutritious foods are not easily accessible or cost effective. Lastly, working as a nurse is demanding on the mind and the body. It’s become increasingly difficult to avoid workplace violence and bodily injury while on the job. With such hurdles to navigate, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nurses have the fourth highest rate of injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work, when compared to all other occupations.

So, how do we focus on helping nurses to get healthier? The first step is getting involved. For example, spread the word to others on how to become more active, hold educational lunch hours to talk about eating healthy, and cater in meals from healthy places to eat. It starts with one person putting in the effort and eventually it becomes an active lifestyle and part of the culture within your facility and/or department. Making the commitment is the first step.

Establishing relationships with community partners in an effort to initiate healthier lifestyles expands the movement even further. Nursing schools, state nursing associations, healthcare organizations, consumer organizations, local businesses, and other organizations can all get involved to make an impact and enhance the health of nurses in their area.

Even though Nurses Week 2017 has come and gone, it’s important that we remember this year’s focus on keeping nurses healthy. Step outside of your comfort zone and make a change to your lifestyle. Reach out to your colleagues and friends to lend a hand in taking that first step in making a change. Encourage each other and work together for an improved and healthier nurse force.

Click here to learn more about The Year of the Healthy Nurse.


Happy Nurses Week 2017!

Medical Solutions Nurses Week

Let’s get this party started, Nurses!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Nurses Week!

We hope you are making the most of this week that’s meant to honor YOU and all of your hard work as the backbone of the healthcare industry.

Make sure to snag a free Cinnabon this week and also to make time to visit, where you can join the celebration and take the “What Kind of Party Are You?” quiz to be entered to win one of 50 awesome prizes!

There’s also a bundle of shareable Nurses Week eCards, a Spotify Party Playlist, scholarship opportunity, and more, including this original music video tribute to nurses. Check it out below — and enjoy your Nurses Week!


State Spotlight: Maryland

Maryland Map

In honor of Clara Barton and Nurses Week, this month’s Sate Spotlight takes us to Maryland. Let’s go!

In honor of Nurses Week, this month’s State Spotlight takes us to Maryland — the home of the Clara Barton National Historic site, which celebrates the life of the iconic nursing legend and American Red Cross founder.

Travel Nursing in Maryland     

Maryland is an amazing state for Travel Nursing. There are many wonderful facilities here and the geographic location gives Travelers a lot of variety and endless opportunities for adventure throughout the state and region.

The small but mighty state is home to nearly 70 hospitals, including the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which U.S. News & World Report ranked as the #1 hospital in Maryland and #4 on its 2016/2017 Best Hospitals Honor Roll. Rounding out the top five hospitals in Maryland are: University of Maryland Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, and MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center.

Baltimore Harbor

Baltimore’s beautiful harbor is a must-see!

In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked Maryland #8 on their first-ever “Best States” list, based on criteria including economy, education, government, health care, crime & corrections, infrastructure, and opportunity. Maryland has one of the best state economies in the nation and remains one of only 11 U.S. states with a AAA bond rating. When it comes to cost of living, Maryland has a unique advantage in that it’s located so close to Washington D.C., yet its residents don’t have the added expense of actually living in the nation’s capital.

As for licensing, Maryland is not a walk through state but it is a compact state and a NURSYS state. Temporary licenses generally come through in approximately two to three days and are good for 90 days. Click here for more info on licensing in Maryland.

To Do & See in Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland

Historic and quaint Annapolis, Maryland’s downtown view, featuring the State House.

There are plenty of great states out there for Travel Nurses seeking variety, but Maryland may take the proverbial crab cake when it comes to geographical diversity!

In fact, Maryland has been dubbed “Little America” or “America in Miniature” since it contains just about every terrain and so many of the natural features found in the U.S. In The Old Line State you can enjoy raging rivers, lovely lakes, stunning seashores, intriguing islands, beautiful bays, fabulous forests, captivating cliffs, majestic mountains, cool caves, wonderful waterfalls, and wetlands brimming with wildlife. You’ll also find that Maryland also has everything from bustling cities to serene small towns to classic farmland areas.

Some of Maryland’s most revered natural attractions include The Chesapeake Bay, a 40-mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail, The Blackwater National Refuge, Rocks State Park (which also boasts some great history), Assateague State Park (located on a barrier island — and there are roving wild ponies there!), Gilpin’s Fall, Sugarloaf Mountain, Cranesville Swamp Nature Sanctuary, Belt Woods, Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, and many more beautiful spots.

Horse race

Get down with The Preakness!

While jousting is the official sport of the state of Maryland, sports fans can get down with Baltimore Ravens football and Baltimore Orioles baseball, as well as the Baltimore Blast indoor soccer team and several other professional sports franchises. And, of course, the third Saturday each May Baltimore hosts The Preakness Stakes horse race!

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a must-see, with 20,000 aquatic animals in amazingly cool, award-winning habitats. Exhibits include cool experiences like the Amazon River Forest, Atlantic Coral Reef, Dolphin Discovery, Shark Alley, and many, many more.

A female Maryland Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay walks along a pier after being caught by a fisherman in the late afternoon.

Maryland is famous for its crab cakes, crab dip, crab chips, steamed crabs … sensing a theme here?

And, speaking of seeing seafood, Maryland is famously known for its ample supply of the nation’s most perfect crab cakes. Other iconic area eats include softshell crab, Smith Island Cake, Thrasher’s Fries, oysters, Utz Crab Chips, cream of crab soup, crab dip, snowballs, and fresh fruit from Maryland’s many orchards and farms. Wash it all down with a National Bohemian Beer, or “Natty Boh” as the locals say, and you’ll be living like a true Marylander!

As mentioned above, if you’re a nurse and a history buff you may want to check out the Clara Barton National Historic Site, where the legendary nurse welcomed the infirm, launched the American Red Cross, and lived until her death in 1912. There’s a ton of other cool historical sites to take in here in The Old Line State, like Historic Annapolis, Fort McHenry, Antietam National Battlefield, Fort Washington Park (which was, for several decades, the only defensive fort that protected D.C.), Historic St. Mary’s City, the B&O Railroad Museum, the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center, and the Edgar Allen Poe House & Museum.

Washington DC, USA at the tidal basin with Washington Monument in spring season.

An assignment in Maryland gives you great access to all of Washington D.C.’s amazing sights, plus spring is a beautiful time to go!

Other attractions in this great state you won’t want to miss include the Ocean City Boardwalk, the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Park, and the Baltimore Harbor.

Oh yeah, and there’s a little place called Washington D.C. right next door. I’m told they have a sight or two to see … You know, like the White House, Washington Monument, National Gallery of Art, Newseum, Smithsonian Institution, Holocaust Memorial Museum, Capitol Building, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, National Museum of African American History and Culture, National Air and Space Museum, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, National Portrait Gallery, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and TONS more.

Maryland Fast Facts

Maryland State Flag Waving In the Breeze

Maryland’s colorful, unique state flag.

State Nickname: The Old Line State or The Free State

Capital: Annapolis

Largest City: Baltimore

National Parks, Historic Sites, and Wildlife Refuges: 10

State Parks: 40

State Motto: “Strong Deeds, Gentle Words”

State Flower: Black-eyed Susan

State bird: Baltimore Oriole

Maryland is the seventh state and was one of the 13 original colonies.

Annapolis, Maryland is known as the sailing capital of the world. Fitting, as it once served as the Capital of the United States and in the 17th Century was known as the “Athens of America.”

The Maryland State House is the United States’ oldest state capitol that’s still in continuous legislative use.

In 1901, Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins School of Medicine employed the first female professor of medicine.

The United States Naval Academy was founded in Annapolis in 1845.

There’s a town in Maryland named Chevy Chase — but it has nothing to do with the SNL funnyman by the same name.

Frederick Douglass Stamp

Frederick Douglass was a native Marylander!

Famous Marylanders include Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., John Waters, Edgar Allen Poe, Harriet Tubman, David Hasselhoff, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Taraji P. Henson, Joan Jett, Tori Amos, Philip Glass, Upton Sinclair, Zora Neale Hurston, Tom Clancy, Ben Carson, Nancy Pelosi, and Frederick Douglass.

Ouija Boards and automatic elevators were invented in Maryland. The state also produced the nation’s first umbrellas and was home to its first YMCA.

Maryland was one of two states to give up some of its land for the creation of Washington D.C. (The other was Virginia.)

Forests cover 43% of Maryland’s land surface.

Baltimore’s Mount Clare Station, built in 1830, was the nation’s first railroad station.

Search Travel Nursing jobs and find your dream gig in Maryland!


Party Like It’s Nurses Week 2017!

Medical Solutions Nurses Week

Let’s get this party started, Nurses!


Nurses Week is coming up, May 6-12, 2017, and at Medical Solutions, that means we absolutely can’t wait to party with our Travelers and all of the amazing Nurses out there!

Unless you simply hate fun, you won’t want to miss this year’s shindig at, which is filled with music, prizes, a quiz, scholarship contest, shareable eCards, and a very special video tribute to Nurses.

Here are some more details about the festivities at

Medical Solutions Celebrates Nurses Music Video

Nurses are forever our muse! That’s why Medical Solutions had our pal C. Young create a very special jam honoring nurses everywhere. This week and always, we have so much love for the scrubs. This video is just one way for us to express our heartfelt gratitude for everything you do for your patients and the healthcare field in general.

Medical Solutions Nurses Week 2017 Spotify Playlist 

What’s a party without great music? Well, just a way less cool party, basically. To make sure this celebration is truly off the chain, we’ve created a special Nurses Week 2017 playlist on Spotify that is sure to keep the good times rolling in style. Go ahead — dance like no one is watching!

“What Kind of Party Are You?” Quiz

As we party hearty, you can take this quiz to answer the long-burning question: What kind of party are you anyway?! BONUS: Taking the quiz is how you get entered to win one of 50 totally awesome party favors — er, prizes — including:

  • Thirty $50 Amazon Gift Cards
  • Five Amazon Tap Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Three Apple iPad Mini 2s
  • Three Pizza Parties Catered in for You and Your Unit
  • Three $120 Alegria Shoes Gift Cards
  • Three $60 Wonder Wink Scrubs Gift Cards
  • Three $25 Sockwell Socks Gift Cards

Medical Solutions’ 6th Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest

Nursing school is where the healthcare professional party gets started! That is why this annual contest supports the development of the next generation of Nurse leaders and educators. Three lucky undergraduate Nurse Scholars will each win $2,000 to offset their education costs. It’s like a party in your bank account!

Click here to learn more and to enter the 6th Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest. Be sure to share this incredible opportunity with the nursing students in your life!

Medical Solutions Nurses Week

One of three awesome, shareable Nurses Week eCards!

Shareable Nurses Week eCards

Bring the Nurses Week party to social media and beyond with three exclusive shareable eCards! You can post the eCards to your Facebook page and then tag your nurse friends and co-workers — or share them to their walls, too. The eCards can also be downloaded so that you can share them on other sites or email them to your favorite nurses.

Discover Travel Nursing

If you’re new to the party when it comes to Travel Nursing, Medical Solutions shares some info on this amazing career path — including some Travel Nurse FAQs and the chance to get your travel career kick-started.

Ready to get in on all of this incredible nurse-related revelry? Visit now to join the party!


2017 Planet Water Update

Planet Water Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions was proud to sponsor Planet Water’s successful Project 24 again in 2017!

In March we told you about Medical Solutions’ 2017 sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 — a celebration of World Water Day and an initiative to bring clean water to communities in need worldwide. After sponsoring Planet Water filtration towers in 2012, 2015, and 2016, the Medical Solutions team was once again extremely proud to be a part of this amazing effort to provide 24 clean water filtration systems to 24 impoverished communities in just 24 hours.

In fact, our internal team also passed the hat and pitched in on World Water Day, donating an extra $5,284 to support Planet Water’s work!

The 2017 effort was a great success — with Medical Solutions’ sponsorship bringing clean water to the people of Ranca Asem! (Click here to revisit last month’s blog and learn more about this small Indonesian village.)

The Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration tower went up Wednesday, March 22nd, at 9 p.m. EST, at Cikasungka IV School on the border of Tangerang and Bogor in the Indonesian village of Ranca Asem. Students were trained in water health and hygiene, and, although the tower is located at the school, it will also benefit the entire community of 2,400!

The Medical Solutions team is constantly inspired by our amazing Travel Nurses — which motivates us to help in this important effort to save and improve lives with clean water.

“We are inspired each day by the life-saving, life-changing efforts of our Travel Nurses, and being a part of Project 24 is a great way to honor them by doing our part to help make a real difference in people’s lives — just as they do every day on the job,” says Medical Solutions CEO, Craig Meier.

Thank you, Travelers, for inspiring us!

Planet Water shared some amazing photos of Ranca Asem students and other community members before, during, and after the water tower was erected. These pictures tell an awesome story — check it out!

Planet Water Medical Solutions

Planet Water’s team constructs the water filtration tower in Ranca Asem.

Planet Water Medical Solutions

The tower goes up …


Planet Water Medical Solutions

And it’s up!

Planet Water Medical Solutions

Hooray! The team hands a certificate to a local educator.

Planet Water Medical Solutions

Happy students wash their hands with clean water in Ranca Asem.

Planet Water Medical Solutions

The students prepare to drink clean water!

Planet Water Medical Solutions

More happy villagers applaud their new clean water source.

Planet Water Medical Solutions

Students learn about water hygiene and health.

Planet Water Medical Solutions

The students put their clean water and new hygiene knowledge to good use!

Planet Water Medical Solutions

The gift of gratitude from some happy students!


Clinical Corner: Handling Conflict in the Workplace

Two knight on a chessboard. Confrontation.

Face Off: Learn to keep your cool and handle conflict in the workplace!

By Kora Behrens, Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Solutions

Shellie clocks in for her shift. She gathers her things and heads out to the nurse’s station to find the nurse that she needs to get report from. Shellie gets report from the nurse and is then approached by the charge nurse about an admit that will be coming to the unit shortly. The charge nurse orders Shellie to take the new admit even though she already has a full patient load. The other nurses don’t have nearly as many patients to care for and Shellie feels like the patient assignment is unfair. She asks the charge nurse why she is getting this admit when everyone else clearly has a lighter patient load. The charge nurse proceeds to engage in an argument with Shellie and, rather than argue, she just accepts the assignment and carries on. Shellie can’t help but feel uneasy throughout the entire morning with the tension that is present between her and the charge nurse.

Has this ever happened to you? My guess is that you’re shaking your head yes! Scenarios that play out like this are very common in the workplace. Healthcare staff come in all shapes and sizes, and they each bring different attitudes, personalities, perspectives, beliefs, etc. to the workplace — which makes it difficult to avoid disagreements and struggles throughout the workday. Understanding why conflict occurs and how to resolve it will help you to maintain quality in the care that’s provided within your unit and facility. Furthermore, this will help to improve the morale of the staff and the overall work environment.

Here are some important steps you can take to handle conflict effectively in the work environment:MAKE UPTalk with the person who is directly involved in the conflict.

The first step in eliminating any tension and conflict is to engage in open and honest communication. Arrange a time and place that is convenient and appropriate, preferably a quiet area that’s away from distractions, patients, and other staff. The conversation that you engage in doesn’t need to last long; it is purely an opportunity for each party to present their perspective and thoughts on the situation.

Focus on the specific behavior or event that was most bothersome and be clear about the details.

Present the problem to the other party to make sure they are aware of the focus of conversation. Be specific about what actions or words bothered you and why they bothered you. Allow the other party to present their point of view and actively listen to what their feelings and thoughts are.

Identify what you agree on and the issues that may be conflicting.

After each party has had a chance to present their perspective it is important to summarize the points of agreement and disagreement. Assess the situation to determine if the other person understands your point of view and then try to understand where they are coming from. Empathy is a huge factor within this step of dissolving conflict. If each party can see the perspective of the other, then common ground is easier to obtain.

Develop an action plan to work on reducing and avoiding any future conflicts.

The focus here should be obtaining harmony and minimizing any discord in the future. Striving for a better understanding of everyone in the unit will help to determine the course of action with any future conflicts. For Travelers specifically, this may be difficult because they do not have a lot of time to establish who they are to their peers and they have limited time to understand everyone around them. This is a challenge that can sometimes be difficult to achieve. To seek successful communication, Travelers should be open, honest, approachable, friendly, sociable, communicative, and warm to the others around them. In addition to these qualities, one should set the standard up front that they are open to discussing conflicts and clearing up any misunderstandings.

Follow through, model effective conflict management, and strive to build on successes.

Effective conflict management depends on continually striving to address conflicts quickly and appropriately. It becomes increasingly important for all nurses to engage in the correct conflict resolution techniques so that others can learn and model these behaviors. Establishing that standard right away will help to minimize future conflicts, thus future successes will be easier to achieve and celebrate.

Often in healthcare, there are many things that are out of our control. As nurses, we all care about our patients and their outcomes. If we let conflict progress it will affect our patients and the overall quality of care will suffer. As a result, the nursing field should maintain focus on controlling the issue of conflict when, most often, it is unnecessary and can be easily resolved.


Congrats to February 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

gold medal travel nurse

Candice R. and Angela O., you guys win the gold for February 2017!

Many thanks and congrats to the February 2017 Traveler of the Month, Candice R., and also our Rising Star winner, Angela O.!

Traveler of the Month Candice is an ER RN who works with Career Consultant Aaron B. She’s currently working in beautiful western New York.

Aaron has worked with Candice since fall of 2016 and thinks she’s more than worthy of her Traveler of the Month honors!

“Candi is remarkably easy to work with and always on time,” says Aaron of his star Traveler. “She communicates very well and regularly refers other nurses to Medical Solutions.”

Candice’s hospital thinks she’s pretty great, too. Which is why they gave her an excellent evaluation! Aaron is pretty sure he knows the root of Candice’s success on assignment.

“Candi is an absolute pleasure to work with,” he says.

Thank you Candice, for your total commitment to patient care and for making Medical Solutions look extra smart for working with an all-star like you!

Rising Star Angela is an ER RN who’s been in the medical field for 14 years and a Registered Nurse for six years. She’s been Travel Nursing for one year and works with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Austin D.

Angela is currently on assignment in wonderful southern Indiana.   

Angela’s only taken a few assignments thus far, but her favorite so far has been in a small community just outside of Omaha, Nebraska.  

“The location is close to home for me,” she says. “It felt like a family there.”

Angela travels with her good friend Jill, who she says got her started doing Travel Nursing.

Her favorite things about being a Travel Nurse include both personal and professional elements.

“The best things [about Travel Nursing] are getting to see places I normally would not get to travel to and getting to see how ERs work across the U.S.,” she says.

Angela’s advice for new Travelers is: “There are no two hospitals alike, be prepared for anything, have fun and enjoy the experience whether it is a good or a bad one.”

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions February 2017 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Candice and Angela, we thank you so much for your incredible talents and unwavering commitment to providing awesome patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to learn more and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card as recognition for a job well done!



10 Spring-tastic Spots for Your Next Travel Nurse Gig

Flowers Tulips

Where are you headed this spring? Check out these 10 spring-tastic spots for your next Travel Nurse gig!

Spring is generally chock-full of two things: Tulips and possibilities! You made it through another winter season and now you’re itching to shake of the dust and doldrums, hit the road, and find a new scene for spring. Maybe you’re a seasoned, veteran Travel Nurse, or maybe it’s your first time to spin the ol’ compass and go — either way, it’s high time to take a deep breath of the fresh spring air and get ready to choose your own adventure.

Read on if you’re ready to spring into a new Travel Nurse job in one of these top spring locations!

eating outside with friends

From world-class restaurants to food trucks to hole in the wall gems, California cuisine is killer!


The Golden State is perhaps THE number one Travel Nurse destination — and for good reason. Strict nurse to patient ratio rules and high populations mean that Travel Nursing jobs are always plentiful here! I probably don’t need to tell you about all of the state’s beautiful beaches, majestic trees, amazing attractions, or its perfect climate. And you’re likely already aware of California’s world-class shopping and dining, fresh produce, and bountiful wine … but just in case, check out our State Spotlight on California.

If you’re already sold, click here to scope out Travel Nurse jobs in Cali.


Georgia Stamp

Sweet, sweet Georgia should be on your mind, Travel Nurses!

Springtime in Georgia is peachy keen and then some! Georgia is the birthplace of Coca-Cola and Lay’s Potato Chips, and home to more peaches, pecans, peanuts, and Vidalia onions than you can shake a stick at. If you’re still not hungry for Georgia, consider its reputation for hospitality and affordable living, wealth of interesting historical sites, and exciting attractions like Stone Mountain, the Georgia Aquarium, the Savannah Historic District, and the College Football Hall of Fame. Whether you prefer a small town like the offbeat Bavarian hamlet of Helen or exciting cities like haunted Savannah or Hotlanta, spring is a great time to hop that midnight train to Georgia.

Click here to explore Travel Nursing jobs in Georgia.


Chicago Urban Cityscape along the Chicago River

Sweet home, Chicago!

I’m not sure if you heard, but Chicago Cubs fans had a pretty sweet time of it in 2016 and the word on the street is they are still celebrating! If you love a lively celebration, that’s just one reason why now is the perfect time to visit The Land of Lincoln for a spring Travel Nurse assignment. Chicago blends Midwestern friendliness with big-city appeal. The city’s a nonstop playground with its Magnificent Mile, iconic Field Museum of Natural History, Willis Tower, and so much more. The shopping, pro sports, cultural activities, and great Great Lake views are just the tip of the iceberg. From deep dish pizza and street vendor Chicago dogs to some of the finest high-brow cuisine in the nation, Illinois offers plenty to sink your teeth into.

Click here to look at Travel Nurse jobs in Illinois.

New Jersey

Board walk of Asbury Park

The iconic Asbury Park Boardwalk!

The Garden State is so much more than Zach Braff and Snooki would lead you to believe! New Jersey is perfectly situated for exploring the East Coast in general, especially considering that it is just minutes away from two of the nation’s top cities: Manhattan on the east and Philadelphia on the west. Not to mention the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk and boisterous Jersey Shore lie within its borders. It’s also home to one of the best American accents and is known as the Diner Capital of the World! There’s truly no better place to crank some Bruce Springsteen and be a total BOSS at Travel Nursing.

Click here to explore New Jersey Travel Nursing jobs.

St Louis Missouri Arch 300x200 - 10 Spring-tastic Spots for Your Next Travel Nurse Gig

From caves to jazz to barbecue and beyond, the Show-Me State has tons to show off!


The Show-Me State is full of diverse experiences just ripe for the spring picking! From spelunking (seriously, Missouri has 600+ caves!) to high-end shopping in urban havens like Kansas City and St. Louis, there’s a lot of variety here when it comes to to-dos. Get kitschy in Branson, marvel at the Gateway Arch or get weird at the City Museum in St. Louis,  sail away on the Lake of the Ozarks, and pay tribute to Twain in Hannibal. If you’re near KC, make time for some jazz, barbecue (I recommend Joe’s!), and a trip to the stunning Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in Missouri.


Florida Beach Woman 300x200 - 10 Spring-tastic Spots for Your Next Travel Nurse Gig

Get your beach on in sunny Florida!

Orange you glad Travel Nursing gives you the opportunity to visit Florida?! The Sunshine State is an amazing destination for Travel Nurses — with the state’s large population of seniors, there’s a consistent need for increased staffing which means great opportunities for Travelers. The fact that it’s a gorgeous, beachy paradise absolutely brimming with nature’s beauty and urban excitement helps too! Iconic experiences abound — from Epcot to the Everglades, The Magic Kingdom to the Islands of Adventure, and Kennedy Space Center to the Florida Keys. Cuban sandwiches, Key lime pie, fresh tropical fruit, and the absolute best stone crabs are just a few more reasons why Florida is such a tasty destination.

Click here to check out Florida Travel Nurse jobs.

The Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Remember The Alamo … is just one of so many awesome things to do and see in The Lone Star State!


They say everything is bigger and better in Texas — and that includes opportunities for Travel Nurse jobs! Spring is just the right time to take an assignment in Texas, which sees an early spring and is a hotbed of outdoor activity and watersports from Lake Travis to South Padre to the beaches of Corpus Christi. Get weird in Austin, remember to learn your history at The Alamo in San Antonio, and aim for the stars at the Space Center in Houston. By the way, if you love barbecue, Tex-Mex, or margaritas, this is your Mecca!

Click here to mess with Texas Travel Nursing jobs.

Couple Hiking North Carolina

From the Great Smoky Mountains to some of the nation’s prettiest beaches, North Carolina’s got a little bit of everything.

North Carolina

The Tar Heel State is so seasonally appropriate that we featured it in our March State Spotlight! Spring is the perfect time to make your way to North Carolina, where you can explore this great state from the amazing mountains in the west to the world-renowned beaches and Outer Banks in the east. North Carolina is home to high peaks, fresh seafood, white sandy beaches, picturesque lighthouses, exciting sports, bluegrass, and all kinds of great history and culture just waiting for you to come explore it!

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Virginia for Lovers 300x209 - 10 Spring-tastic Spots for Your Next Travel Nurse Gig

Virginia has the power to take you back in time AND help you discover your future!

It’s true. Virginia is for lovers of all things awesome! This state is perfect for those who love to explore and take day trips. Virginia is situated in a way that makes it a great gateway to the east coast as well as the south. Not that you’d need to leave the state to experience all kinds of awesome-ness! Virginia features the awe-inspiring peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including the exciting twisty-turns of the Blue Ridge Parkway. and the fascinating history of Williamsburg, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Jamestown, and Arlington National Cemetary, and other hot historical spots. And don’t forget, the state also has stellar stretches of beaches like the eponymous and most famous Virginia Beach.

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New York

New York Statue of Liberty 300x200 - 10 Spring-tastic Spots for Your Next Travel Nurse Gig

Start spreadin’ the news … New York totally rules!

Folks immediately think of The Big Apple when considering jobs in New York. That’s because New York City is an amazing city to experience as a local without ever getting burnt out on the day-to-day city grind. While NYC is one of the best cities in the world, with its endless culture, cuisine, and sightseeing, don’t forget the beautiful upstate region! Explore the lush upstate region with trips to the Adirondacks, Niagara Falls, or Finger Lakes, or, take an assignment in one of its lovely towns and stay awhile. They did invent Buffalo wings, modern air conditioning, and those Little Tree air fresheners, so you know they’re good people!

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State Spotlight: North Carolina

North Carolina view

North Carolina is the place to be, Travel Nurses!

Since we’re all in the throes of March Madness, what better corner of the nation to highlight this month than the great state of North Carolina — whose Tar Heels have made the most Final Four appearances of any team in college basketball!

NORTH CAROLINA TRAVELSTravel Nursing in North Carolina

North Carolina is a great state for Travel Nursing — both in terms of days off and on the job! There’s tons to do and see here, as well as many great career opportunities.

The state is home to more than 126 hospitals, including the largest in North Carolina — Duke University Hospital — which is one of four university-affiliated academic medical centers in the state. Many Travel Nurses have reported that working in teaching hospitals are excellent for developing their skills and strengthening their resumes. The Raleigh-Durham “Research Triangle” region is particularly fertile ground for Travelers seeking opportunities at teaching hospitals.

According to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, North Carolina has a cost of living that’s below the national average. That’s a good sign for Travelers looking to get the most buck for their bang-up work!

As for licensing, North Carolina is not a walk through state but it is a compact state and a NURSYS state. Temporary licenses generally come through in approximately one to two weeks and are good for six months. Click here for more info on licensing in North Carolina.

To Do & See in North Carolina

Linn Cove Viaduct

The Linn Cove Viaduct. Part of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

As North Carolina is known for its gorgeous landscapes and pleasant climate, many of the most famous points of interest in the state involve the great outdoors. There’s the famous Blue Ridge Parkway — known for some of the nation’s most scenic drives as it cuts a winding path through the mystical Great Smoky Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains are simply a breathtaking must-see when you take an assignment in North Carolina! On its coastal side, North Carolina is known for 300+ miles of some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, plus the amazing Outer Banks. Here you can go-go-go — experiencing activities like world-class golf, fishing, shopping, lighthouses, and shipwreck chasing — or you can simply lay on the beautiful beach and relax.

North Carolina’s climate is perfect for those who’d just as soon pretend winter doesn’t exist. Winters here are mild and lovely, spring and fall are generally long and beautiful, and although summers here often get quite warm, that’s what the amazing beaches are for, right?

Board Walk on the Beach

North Carolina is home to 300+ miles of beautiful beaches!

North Carolina’s unofficial state motto is “First in Flight” — coined for the famous site near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first “controlled, sustained flight of a powered, heavier-than-air aircraft” in 1903. History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, as well as attractions like the Biltmore Estate, Museum of the Cherokee Indian, and the State Capitol. If you’re into planes, trains, automobiles — and boats — check out the North Carolina Transportation Museum, the Battleship USS North Carolina, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Urban areas in North Carolina have all the southern charm of the rural areas, plus intriguing cultural activities and all the spoils of big city life. Larger cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Fayetteville, and Winston-Salem have tons of great art, history, and cultural opportunities, as well pro sports (Panthers, Hornets, and Hurricanes — oh my!), shopping, historical sites and attractions, and all kinds of other urban excitement. Asheville is kind of like the Austin of North Carolina — with its hip, Bohemian vibe, aces farm to table restaurant scene, ample craft beer community, dozens of art galleries, thriving live music scene, and breathtaking views and hiking opportunities.

By the way, we’d be remiss to discuss North Carolina without mention of the state’s down-home, delicious cuisine. Come for the Travel Nurse job, stay for the distinct North Carolina BBQ, famous fried chicken and a biscuit (those in the know go to Chapel Hill’s Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen for theeee best in the state!), and low country shrimp & grits. Wash it all down with a Cheerwine and you’ll be living like a true local!

North Carolina Fast Facts

Charlotte North Carolina 300x199 - State Spotlight: North Carolina

Charlotte is North Carolina’s largest city.

State Nickname: The Old North State or Tar Heel State

Capital: Raleigh

Largest City: Charlotte

National Parks: 10

State Parks and Recreation Areas: 38

State Motto: “Esse Quam Videri” meaning: “To Be Rather Than to Seem”

State Vegetable: Sweet Potato

North Carolina is the 12th state.

Mount Mitchell is the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi River.

Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville, North Carolina on March 7, 1914.

2012’s The Hunger Games was filmed throughout North Carolina — with Pisgah National Forest acting as the fictional District 12.

Upper Catabwa Falls

Upper Catabwa Falls is a 50-foot waterfall that leads to another amazing lower waterfall!

Famous North Carolinians include Sugar Ray Leonard, James Taylor, Roberta Flack, Cecil B. DeMille, Howard Cosell, Dolley Madison, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Wolfe, Charlie Rose, Clay Aiken, John Coltrane, and Billy Graham.

The first Pepsi was made and served in New Bern, North Carolina in 1898.

The Biltmore Estate, just outside of Asheville, is the largest private home in the United States. It has 250 rooms, 65 fireplaces, and sprawling gardens!

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest U.S. lighthouse.

The first mini-golf course was built in Fayetteville.

During Prohibition, Wilkes County was known as the Moonshine Capital of the World. Nowadays, North Carolina is home to 140+ breweries and brewpubs, plus 160 wineries.

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