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Congrats, 2018 Nurses Week Winners!

Nurses Week

Congrats, 2018 Nurses Week Winners! But really, you’re all winners 🙂

Thank you to all of the amazing Travelers and Nurses who celebrated Nurses Week with us this year! We had 50+ prizes up for grabs over at and — drumroll, please! — here are the lucky winners:

$1,500 Grand Prize Winner

Stephanie S.

$50 Amazon Gift Cards

Lynn A.

Rhenda A.

Patricia C.

Ariel C.

Anastasia F.

Scott H.

Krystal S.

Sarah C.

Elizabeth M.

Sandra B.

Dacia V.

Patrice J.

Laura S.

Rachel G.

Babette M.

Barbara C.

Kimberly D.

Jaclynn C.

Amber B.

Lakeysha J.

Susan M.

Denise Z.

Sarah D.

Katrina L.

Lauren B.

Blake N.

Sara T.

Shawn B.

Leah M.

Jonah P.

Hope H.

Stacey B.

One-Year HULU Subscription

Rondi P.

Tearra C.

Aleksander A.

North Face Recon Backpack

Lyndsey S.

Aubrey S.

Vayola J.

Littman Classic III Stethoscope

Justin H.

Shawn P.

Jill H.

Ripley & Rue Bandana

Kasey E.

Jacqueline H.

Wendy P.

Alegria TRAQ Smart Shoe Gift Card

Stacie B.

Charlotte L-B.

Megan F.

Wonder Wink Scrub Set Gift Card

Stephanie BC.

Emily W.

Kayla W.

CONGRATS, winners and a big thank you to ALL of the amazing healthcare professionals who celebrated Nurses Week with Medical Solutions!

We’ll see same time, same place next year. In the meantime, we’d love to keep you in the loop with our monthly newsletter which offers all kinds of clinical articles, Travel Nurse tips and info on job locations, Medical Solutions news, contests, and more! Subscribe here.

Additionally, if you’re ready to shop for your next adventure, check out our job search tool here.

Cheers, Nurses, and thanks much for everything you do!


Everybody Wins When You Share the Medical Solutions Love

Share the Love Social 300x300 - Everybody Wins When You Share the Medical Solutions LoveAt Medical Solutions, we believe that sharing is caring. That’s why we’re launching a “Share the Love” initiative. Starting February 14th to March 31st, you can help us spread love and goodwill by referring your friends to Medical Solutions. How?

Well, for every qualified nurse you refer, Medical Solutions will donate $50 to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association in honor of Abel Protiva. Abel, who was born with a congenital heart defect, underwent a heart transplant when he was just four months old. Thanks to the efforts of his outstanding medical team, Abel is now a thriving 1-year-old. All donations given in Abel’s name will help pay for the medical costs associated with his surgery. You can learn more about this brave little boy’s amazing story or donate directly to COTA here.

Plus, when one of your friends accepts a Travel Nursing assignment with us and works at least 30 days, you get a $500 referral bonus. That’s right, an easy $500 to go toward your next adventure or maybe a “treat yourself” day. There’s also no limit to the number of referrals or bonuses you can receive.

When you think about it, this deal is just too good to keep to yourself. Your friend gets a cool new job, while you get $500 and the totally rewarding knowledge that you made a difference to a family in need. We also value your opinion, and we appreciate you helping us reach out to more stellar nurses like yourself.

Are you feeling the love? Help us share the Medical Solutions love today!


Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015. Great job Shannon, Marc, and Jenna!

Congratulations to Medical Solutions’ Nurse of Tomorrow Scholarship winners for 2015!

The three amazing aspiring RNs at the head of the class this year were:

Shannon H., Junior
Marc G., Sophomore
Jenna M., Senior

Shannon, Marc, and Jenna stood out amongst hundreds of scholarship applicants who answered the essay question: What does being a patient advocate mean to you?

Here are a few quick snippets from each of their contest-winning entries:

“ … [Patient advocacy] involves recognizing and responding ethically and compassionately to those needs and concerns that are voiced, as well as those that go left unsaid. A nurse not only treats physical pains, but also helps to heal emotional wounds. He or she must strive to develop true empathy, to share in the joys and sorrows of each and every person. In doing so, patients can find hope and meaning in their suffering. An advocate does not merely speak on behalf of the patient, but forms a connection with them. This includes relaying information, so that those being cared for have a complete understanding of their physical condition and what is involved in their treatment, as well as being a friendly and familiar presence, where patients and families will feel safe sharing their concerns. A patient advocate’s role is to treat the patient as an individual with unique needs, and essentially, putting a human face on healthcare.”

—    Shannon

“ … [Patient advocacy] means you fight. You fight for the health of those that are under your care. As a nurse, having a patient does not simply entail administering medication, applying wound dressings, or completing documentation. Being a nurse demands remaining ever aware of their patients’ well-being, and equally aware of the forces that are acting for and against each patient’s welfare. The nurse must promote the forces improving their patient’s overall health and must battle the forces that are impeding upon their patient’s well-being. … It takes knowledge and foresight to see when a situation can be potentially detrimental to your patient. It requires a measure of courage and strength to push for necessary changes. It often involves an enduring persistence against doctors, other nurses, family members, and, sometimes, the patients themselves.”

—    Marc

“ … I believe that successful patient advocacy begins with being knowledgeable about all aspects of the patient, including care, values, and beliefs. This makes nurses the perfect liaison between the patient and all members of the medical team, associated departments, and their families. … Furthermore, cultural and religious beliefs can change the course of care and it is of utmost importance to respect and uphold for the patient. … Care should always be provided unconditionally, and each patient’s rights and equality should be maintained with equal compassion and professionalism from the nurse. … Advocacy is unique to each patient, however it is a vital part of care and nurses have a unique ability to uphold the dignity and respect of all patients to provide a positive experience that many patients will hold in their hearts.”

—    Jenna

Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship contest is part of our annual Nurses Week celebration and is designed to help support the training of future nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators.

Congrats again to Shannon, Marc, and Jenna, our Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015! Each winner was awarded $2,000 to put towards his or her educational expenses. That’s an increase from previous years’ awards, thanks to our partner Nebraska Methodist College.

Click here to learn more about Nurses of Tomorrow, and if you’re eligible be sure to return next year to enter the 2016 competition.

In the meantime, nursing students, check out where we offer all kinds of helpful info and a blog for nursing students and those who want to learn more about Travel Nursing.


Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school?

Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school?

Nurse Contest Alert: What helped you survive nursing school? Click here to enter!

From kids to collegians to nursing students, it’s that time of year that has us trading swimsuits for backpacks and floaties for notebooks.

Yep, it’s back to school time, and that has us wondering:

What is the #1 person, place, thing, or idea that helped (or is currently helping) you survive the crazy demands of nursing school?

Was it a special study buddy?

A lucky pair of socks?

A relaxing getaway?

Glorious caffeine?

Chime in as many times as you want on this Facebook thread, now through Sunday, August 23rd at midnight CST.

On Monday, August 24th, we’ll randomly select three winners to each receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Not on Facebook? No problem, just email your answer(s) to to enter.

Alright, let’s hear what got you through, nursing school survivors!


Nurse Contest Alert: What’s your favorite patient one-liner?

Nurse Contest Alert: What’s your favorite patient one-liner?

Nurse Contest Alert: What’s your favorite patient one-liner? Enter to win one of three $25 Amazon gift cards!

Throughout your career as a nurse there will probably be many times that a patient says something in your presence that makes you ask, “Say what?!”

Most nurses have really heard it all — from kind to crass to sass to crazy — and because of that, nurses know that patients can say the darndest, sweetest, strangest, funniest things!

That’s why we want to know, from nursing pros like you: What’s your favorite patient one-liner?

It could have been something devastatingly funny … or, just something devastating. The kindest thing anyone ever said to you … or, really kind of awful. Whatever your favorite patient one-liner is, we want to hear it!

Share your favorite patient one-liner with us via Twitter or Facebook, now through midnight CST on July 30. Three winners will be randomly selected and each winner will get a $25 Amazon gift card!

There are two ways you can enter the contest, and they’re both a snap:

  1. Post your favorite patient one-liner on the contest thread on Medical Solutions’ Facebook page.
  2. Tweet your favorite patient one-liner to us via Twitter @MSMedStaffing

That’s it — easiest contest entry ever. We are really looking forward to hearing your notable patient quotables!


Happy Independence Day, Travel Nurses!


Enter our Fourth of July Instagram contest for the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

As Americans we are lucky to have many freedoms. And luckily for Travel Nurses, your career choice affords you even more freedom!

Whether it’s chilling at the beach, checking out local attractions, trying new restaurants, taking day trips, literally climbing every mountain, or whatever other awesome stuff you are up to on your days off while on assignment, we know that Medical Solutions Travelers make no bones about making the very most of their assignments.

So where will your freedom as an American and as a Travel Nurse take you this weekend?!

You know what they say … “Pics or it didn’t happen.” That’s why we’d love to see photo evidence of how you are spending your Independence Day weekend. That’s right, it’s contest time — here’s how you can enter to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards:

Simply post your pic(s) on Instagram (or the contest thread on our Facebook page if you don’t have Instagram) with the hashtag #TravelRN4th.

That’s it! And you can enter as many times as you like.

Happy holiday to you all! Can’t wait to see the pics! 🙂


Celebrate Nurses Week 2015 with Medical Solutions

Celebrate Nurses Week 2015 with Medical SolutionsWith every blossoming flower and every emerging leaf we’re getting closer to May and the annual celebration of nurses everywhere — National Nurses Week, May 6-12.

We’re very excited to recognize you and would like to cordially invite you to celebrate Nurses Week 2015 with Medical Solutions! Here’s a bit about this year’s festivities at

The Real Nurses of Nurses Week

See and share with this live Instagram feed of nurses from across the globe. Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #yournursesweek.

Nurses of Tomorrow

The fourth annual Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship means more than ever in 2015 — literally. With the help of our amazing RN to BSN Academy partner, Nebraska Methodist College, this year’s scholarships have increased to $2000 for three lucky winners.

Shareable e-Cards

Post Your Nurses Week e-Cards on Facebook — and be sure to tag your friends and colleagues! You can also download and email these festive greetings.

Nurses House Charity

Learn more about Nurses House, a national fund for nurses in need.

Feel free to stop by any time to learn more and get ready to celebrate Nurses Week 2015 with Medical Solutions. Now, just a couple more weeks to wait for the big celebration!


Super Awesome Nurse T-Shirt Contest WINNER

Announcing Super Awesome Nurse T-Shirt Slogan Contest Winner

Done and done, for the Super Awesome Nurse T-Shirt Slogan Contest Winner, Mallory B.!

A new tastemaker has emerged in the high stakes world of t-shirt high fashion … and that would be Medical Solutions Traveler and Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest winner, Mallory B.!

In February, we invited all of you to enter the Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest, for the chance to create the new Medical Solutions t-shirt, which will be given out to Travelers for the next year and featured at

Mallory’s winning slogan, as you can imagine, is pretty super awesome:

“North, South, East, or West, Travel Nurses do it Best”

In addition to having her slogan featured on Medical Solutions’ website and Traveler t-shirts for the next year, Mallory will also receive a $100 Amazon gift card and 25 t-shirts bearing her slogan that she can share with friends and fellow Travel Nurses.

It was a blast to go through all of your great slogan suggestions — they were truly super awesome, and many of them were super funny to boot. Thanks so much to all of you wonderful Travelers who entered, and even though Mallory took the t-shirt crown as Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest Winner, we really do think you’re all winners!


Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest!

Medical Solutions Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Contest

Click here to enter your genius idea for the Medical Solutions Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest!

Have you ever wanted to be a famous designer? Now’s your chance! Enter the Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest, now through March 3rd, and you could be the genius who creates the new Medical Solutions T-shirt, which will be featured on our website and given to Travelers for the next year.

You like T-shirts and you love Travel Nursing. What could be more super awesome than combining the two? Not much, especially if you throw in the chance to become a bona fide t-shirt designer, and to win a $100 Visa gift card, plus 25 t-shirts emblazoned with your very own slogan to share with friends or coworkers on your floor!

The Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest is as super easy to enter as it is super awesome. Here’s how it works:

1.   Enter Your Genius T-shirt Slogans

You can submit your idea(s) February 12th through March 3rd. If you have multiple flashes of brilliance, feel free to enter as many times as you like! Be creative, original, and unique — and make sure your ideas are somehow related to Nursing, Travel Nursing, and/or the medical field. Click here to enter now!

2.   The Best Rise to the Top

A team of Medical Solutions’ top experts in matters of both t-shirts and awesomeness will gather to choose the top five most super awesome submissions.

3.   The People Have Their Say

The top five slogans will be posted for a public voting round, from which one will emerge the victor! Voting will be open March 5-13. Be sure to have all of your friends and coworkers vote for your slogan if it makes the final round!

4.   The Winner is Crowned

The Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest Champion will be announced on March 17th. This lucky individual will win a $100 Visa gift card, 25 t-shirts with their triumphant slogan on them, and bragging rights that they are indeed the super awesomest. The winning slogan will also be featured on Medical Solutions t-shirts, which will be given to our Travelers for the next year and featured on our website!

We can’t wait to see your clever feats of creativity and style! Need some inspiration? Check out some of the funny t-shirts we offer at our online store, Stitches, to get your brain juices flowing.

Good luck to all of you aspiring t-shirt artists!

Click here to enter the Super Awesome Nurse T-shirt Slogan Contest now!


Congrats to Idea Box Winner, Kristy!

IdeaBox-Head-winner399x296Big time congratulations and a major thank you to our 2013 Idea Box winner, Kristy O! Kristy’s suggestion that we open a Medical Solutions store was the brightest of all the bright ideas we received this year.

With her help we recently launched Stitches, where you can purchase all kinds of Medical Solutions gear, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, scrubs, pet gear, and more MS swag!

Kristy’s suggestion read: “Have a company store where we can get company logo products that we can use at work, scrubs, jackets, OR caps, etc. (I’ve been shopping for a fleece vest for work … hint, hint.)”

We can definitely take a hint, Kristy. Especially such a smart one!

We opened Stitches in October 2013, with the intention to provide our Travelers with great products at great prices. In order to meet that goal, Medical Solutions is not making any profit off of the store. The only markups go straight to production and vendor costs. Also, we look forward to receiving our 50th order at Stitches, at which point we will donate $500 to Habitat for Humanity.

For her inspired idea, Kristy has won a $100 Amazon gift card. Thanks again, Kristy, we really appreciate you!

Do you have a great idea about how Medical Solutions can better serve you and your fellow Travelers? Click here to submit your own fabulous schemes, brainstorms, and proposals, for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

We can’t follow through with every submission but we do consider all of them and we love receiving your feedback. Our Travelers are a bright bunch!