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Welcome OA Nurse Travel to the Medical Solutions Family!

febnewsletterThis past week, we welcomed OA Nurse Travel to the Medical Solutions family. This means more available assignment locations and enhanced customer service for you.

OA Nurse Travel joined Medical Solutions because of our recognition of their strength, growth and exceptional team. We realize they do business the right way and they match our values.

But not to worry, besides having a bigger option for assignments-  nothing will change! Your team at Medical Solutions will remain the same.

Take a look at our fun illustration for the joining of the two companies here.

And to see the full press release click here.


Loyalty Program Carrying Over to 2013!

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusSince all of our Travelers have made our loyalty program such a success, we’ve decided to carry it over to 2013.  Any of the hours you have worked with Medical Solutions in 2012 carry over to the new year,  so you can keep accruing to reach your goal of 600 hours!

Not familiar with our loyalty program? It’s simple. 600 hours = $600.

We love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us, and we are excited we can reward them for that loyalty. If you have questions about your current hours or loyalty program status, contact your Career Consultant. 866.633.3548

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.




Recruiter of the Year

recruiter of the yearIs your recruiter beyond amazing?  Why not show them some love? Healthcare Traveler is hosting it’s 11th annual “Recruiter of the Year” Award.

To vote you must have worked with the recruiter during the 2012 year. Also, the recruiter must currently be employed at a professional placement capacity at a travel staffing agency or travel division. If you would like to nominate your recruiter, click here.



Educational Resources Page on

Have you checked out the Medical Solutions’ Educational Resources page ?travel nursing

Our website is not only a good tool to learn about Medical Solutions, but it’s filled with great content to help you throughout your assignments. Learn travel nurse tips on orientation, perfecting your interview, questions to ask your recruiter, making the most of your new location and city suggestions for your next assignment.

Plus, there are several tools and social sites you can join to meet and keep in touch with fellow travelers. Don’t miss out on these great resources to make your travel nurse experience the best it can be.



Nurses Week 2012!


Nurses Week 2012 is only a fews days away. We are just so excited, we couldn’t wait to tell you what we have planned!!!

Nurses Week is officially May 6th through May 12th. During this time, we will be giving away three $1,000 Scholarships for nursing students, and for our Travelers, we will be having a week of giveaways to those that participate in our daily contests. Contests include “Pictures from the Road” Photo Contest, Captions Contest, Florence Nightingale Quiz, Pictures with the Medical Solutions Logo, and a Special Drawing.

Winners will receive awesome prizes including:

3 Piece Hard Shell Luggage Set

Keurig Coffee Home Brewer

iPod Nano 6th Generation

Tom Tom Touch Screen GPS

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire

Polaroid Digital Instant Camera

Apple TV box w/ a 1 Year Subscription to Netflix

$200 Spa Finder Gift Card

$200 Gift Card to Amazon

Schwinn Cruiser Discovery Bicycle (guys or ladies)

$1,000 Vacation Voucher to any destination of your choice!


We are also currently holding our 3rd Annual Nurses Week Humerus T-shirt Design Contest.  Please see our Nurses Week 2012 page on more information for all of these events.

0 Discount for Our Travelers


Sick Dog Discount with Medical Solutions

We are proud to announce yet another pet friendly discount. All of our Travelers can now enjoy 10% off to keep their furry pals healthy. is a licensed pharmacy carrying all major brand medications sold at your veterinarian’s office. To see all pet benefits and why we continue to be the most pet friendly Travel Nurse company, visit Be sure to contact your Career Consultant so you can receive your 10% discount to


Student Guide to Travel Nursing


Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Medical Solutions Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Do you dream of  becoming a travel nurse after graduation,  but aren’t really sure where to start?

Let the adventure begin! We’ve designed an easy step by step Student Guide to Travel Nursing. Detailing topics from education and experience to finding a travel nurse company, we’ll send you on the right path for success.

Travel the country, meet new people, make great money and receive paid housing – all while helping others. The student guide is currently posted on the Medical Solutions website and is also available in a printable version. Happy travels!



New Profiles for Your Pets


We want to know! has added a new feature, your pet’s profile. We want to know all about your furry, feathered or scaly friends, so we can take care of them when you are traveling. What’s their name? What’s their favorite treat? And add a picture, so we can see just how darn cute they are.

Visit the pet profile page on Just another reason why we are the pet-friendlist travel nursing company. Oh! and if mom or dad hasn’t filled out their own profile yet, you get a free t-shirt just for telling us about your travel nurse experience.


New travel nursing videos on

travel nurse giving review about Medical SolutionsIf you have been interested in travel nursing, but a little on the fence. We understand it can be a big step. But here are some videos from one of our nurses that can give you some insight into why traveling may be a great fit for you and why Medical Solutions is one of the best travel nursing companies around.

On the Road: Our Travelers Stories-Travel Nursing Locations
On the Road: Our Travelers Stories-Travel Nurse Recruiters
On the Road: Our Travelers Stories-Why Become a Travel Nurse
On the Road: Our Travelers Stories-Travel Nursing Company


Lifestyle articles for travel nurses

travel nurseIf you haven’t had a chance to check out our Travel Nursing Articles section. You are missing out. There are 30 articles, all written for travel nurses. They discuss everything from making New Year’s resolutions to taking care of your car.

Check them out. Here are the links:

Here is a link to all the articles: Travel Nursing Articles