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Scary Nursing Stories Contest

Scary Nursing Stories Contest

Have you ever worked in a haunted hospital or creepy clinic? Click here to share YOUR scariest nursing story for the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

Have you ever worked in a haunted hospital or creepy clinic?

Of course, nurses see all kinds of scary things each day on the job, but, in the spirit of the Halloween season, we specifically want to hear your supernatural tales, eerie encounters, and other creepy chronicles in nursing.

Maybe your unit went a little Twilight Zone, a ghost gave you goosebumps, or you spied a spook? Whatever the yarn may be, we want to hear YOUR scariest nursing story!

To enter the Scary Nursing Stories Contest, simply share your story in 250 words or less on this Facebook thread or email it to, now through November 1st, for the chance to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards.

Happy haunting, nurses!


Medical Solutions at Travelers Conference 2015!

Q: What do Britney Spears, Jerry Seinfeld, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have in common? 

A: They will all be in Las Vegas this September. And you should be too! 

If you’ve never been to the Traveler’s Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, you do not want to let this year’s event pass you by. And if you’re a previous attendee you know why! The 8th annual Travelers Conference — September 13-15 — is a great chance for you to let learning be fun, with tons of speakers, booths, and even sessions qualifying for CEU credits. The Travelers Conference also offers plenty of time for socializing and networking, to boot.

If you need even more icing on that already downright delicious cake, here you go: Medical Solutions will be at Travelers Conference 2015! Plus, the spirited crew at the Medical Solutions booth will have a very, very special surprise for those who stop by. As much as I’d like to I can’t spill any details now, but just trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the surprise, so be sure to visit the Medical Solutions booth.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to do so now.

Read on for five facts about the Travelers Conference, and we’ll see you in Vegas, baby!

Medical Solutions at Travelers Conference 2015!


We’ll Miss You, Joe!

Joe having an underwater adventure while on vacation.

Joe having an underwater adventure while on vacation.

As you may know, Medical Solutions has three Clinical Nurse Managers on our internal team to help both Travelers and Clients with any clinical issues that may arise on assignment. Our internal RNs — Amber, Joe, and Lalah — are always available to listen, counsel, and help make every assignment a success.

So, it’s with a heavy heart, yet tons of happiness for him, that the Medical Solutions family wishes Joe B., RN, Alumnus CCRN, a very happy retirement!

Joe came from the On Assignment team, where he started almost 12 years years ago, and has worked from Medical Solutions’ Tupelo office. In addition to all of his amazing work helping Travelers who are on assignment with us, sage advice in Clinical Corner blogs, and contributions to our awesome Traveler Tips slideshow (featuring tips from Joe and active Medical Solutions Travelers), Joe is just a downright sweet, fun, talented person to know. While he’s no stranger to hard work (though not for long!) he lives for family, fun, and boating. He’s been an amazing colleague and resource for our Travelers and we will miss him greatly!

Joe in his happy place with family on Christmas.

Joe in his happy place with family on Christmas.

Here are few of the goodbye messages we recently collected for him … We’ll miss you, Joe!

“When I met Joe, I knew right away he was an amazing person. He came striding through the office in his purple polo, speaking with his southern drawl. Joe is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and confident — without any semblance of arrogance. He has been so pleasant to work with and has taught me tons. He’s by far one of the strongest ER/Flight nurses I have ever had the pleasure to work for and with. He will be missed!” — Amber B., Clinical Director of Nursing

“Joe’s situation is what we all should aspire to — being able to spend time doing the things he loves. Spending time with his grandbabies, traveling, getting some sun, and hanging out on the boat. Joe was one of the only people here at work that understood my obsession with music. His warm, Southern/Chicago personality (and anecdotes) will be greatly missed!” — Brian P., Quality Specialist

Joe at the Tupelo office Halloween party as The Great and Powerful Oz.

Joe at the Tupelo office Halloween party as The Great and Powerful Oz.

“I hope you get to do ALL the things you have ever wanted to try but never had the time or courage to. I hope that you will be exhausted from all of the fun you are having, and I hope you make memories that will last a lifetime! Congratulations, Joe! You will be missed!” — Jackie W., Quality Specialist

“Joe ‘My brother from another mother’ B.! Congrats on the retirement man. Guess you don’t have to use PTO anymore to go on your monthly cruises to Paradise Island. Enjoy your time at your beautiful home and riding around on your boat!” — Brian S., Quality Specialist

“I am truly grateful that I had a chance to work with Joe, and I hope he knows I’m still going to come out to his lake house whenever I want and jam out to AC/DC with him while drinking a concoction whipped up by Josh S. from various liquor bottles in Joe’s kitchen. I am going to miss you big time, Joe!” — Charity C., Career Consultant

“‘Always remember the Badlands.’ Can’t go into details … but he will understand this one.” — Kevin W., Director of Sales

“Joe is welcoming, warm, and full of heart. Just a genuine, good person to the core. He has jumped into many projects and tackled many obstacles. In his wisdom, he has learned to balance his work and personal life and enjoyed both because of it, which I truly admire. Joe, you are one of a kind and we will miss you. More importantly, we are very excited for you and what life still holds in your future!” — Christy J., Chief People Officer

We’ll miss you, Joe! Thanks for the memories 🙂

Joe volunteering with the Tupelo team at the Humane Society.

Joe volunteering with the Tupelo team at the Humane Society.


Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the News

Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the News

Read All About It!: Medical Solutions Travelers Cherisse, Amy, and Tracia have recently been featured in national publications.

It’s definitely not news to us that Medical Solutions Travelers are wise and wonderful. We’re lucky enough to get a regular peek at your selfless feats of nursing and daring acts of adventure, so that’s why we were really happy to see a few Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the news recently.

There’s really no one better to share information about Travel Nursing than experts like you and your colleagues. So — extra, extra — here’s a bit about some of our Travelers who’ve recently seen their names in print.

USA Today’s article “Demand for Travel Nurses Hits a 20-year High” featured Medical Solutions Travelers Cherisse Dillard and Amy Reynolds. The article did a great job defining Travel Nursing and explaining it to readers who might not be aware of the industry and of all of the exceptional work done by Travel Nurses nationwide. It also presented information from hospital administrators, staffing firms, nurses, and even industry experts like Staffing Industry Analysts and Linda Aiken, all of which supports the point that the demand for Travel Nurses is at a 20-year high and expected to increase even more throughout 2015. Also mentioned is the importance of Travel Nursing to the quality of patient care.

The articles findings present a great picture for Travel Nurses: With demand up, Travelers have more options!

Traveler Amy Reynolds, whose husband travels with her, told the publication that her experience Travel Nursing had been “wonderful.”

“It’s given us a chance to try out other parts of the country,” she said.

Traveler Cherisse Dillard, who’s been Travel Nursing for almost a decade and was the June 2014 Traveler of the Month, echoed the article’s description of the current availability of great Travel Nurse jobs.

“When the economy crashed in 2008, hospitals became tight with their budget and it was tough to find jobs, but now it’s back to full swing and there are abundant jobs for Travel Nurses,” she said.

Traveler Tracia Hayes also saw her name in print recently, in a U.S. News & World Report story, 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Nurses, where she explained the ability that Travel Nurses have to hit the ground running.

“Most people don’t know we have four or five days of orientation to function independently,” she said.

The writer adds that, like many Travel Nurses, “Hayes enjoys the challenge, though, and the overall variety nursing offers, whether it’s working in the hospital or community, traveling to new places or teaching upcoming students.”

Kudos to Tracia, Cherisse, and Amy for being excellent Travel Nurses and such great Medical Solutions representatives — both in the hospital and in the news.

If you’re thinking about joining them in the field or you’re already a Traveler who’s ready for your next assignment, click here to search jobs now.


2015 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest

2015 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest

Click here for more details or to enter the 2015 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest.

Each year, in celebration of Nurses Week, May 6-12, Medical Solutions hosts the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest.

The scholarship awards are even larger this year, thanks to additional sponsorship from Medical Solutions’ RN to BSN Academy partner, Nebraska Methodist College. That means that three outstanding undergraduate or postgraduate nurse scholars will each receive $2,000 to go towards their education costs.

The 2015 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest is provided in an effort to help promote the education of future nurses, nurse leaders and educators. We believe that nurse education is hugely important when it comes to addressing the nursing shortage!

In addition to good academic standing and other criteria, entrants will write a 250-word essay answering the question: What does being a patient advocate mean to you?

Click here to learn more about the 2015 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest. And be sure to share this great opportunity with all the nurse scholars you know!


Happy Nurses Week 2015 from Medical Solutions!

Happy Nurses Week 2015 from Medical Solutions!

Happy Nurses Week 2015 from Medical Solutions! Click here to join in the Nurses Week fun.

It’s that time of year again — time to celebrate all of the hard work, dedication, and skill displayed by nurses everywhere!

National Nurses Week is each year, May 6-12, ending on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It’s a great opportunity for nurses to get showered with love, props, and appreciation for everything they do.

Medical Solutions works to make sure you’re recognized for your awesomeness all throughout the year, but it is especially fun to celebrate National Nurses Week with you. We want to thank you so much for everything you do for your patients, colleagues, and the healthcare industry as a whole. Nurses like you are truly our heroes!

In celebration of you and your fellow nurses, we’ve planned some fun, interactive happenings at Here’s what Medical Solutions has on tap for Nurses Week 2015:

The Real Nurses of Nurses Week

Back by popular demand is this live Instagram feed of nurses from throughout the world. Check out photos from other nurses and be sure to share yours with the hashtag #yournursesweek for the chance to win one of the following prizes:

Fourth Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is back for a fourth year with one change … a bigger scholarship fund! In order to help support the development of the next generation of nurses, nurses leaders and educators, three lucky undergraduate or postgraduate nurse scholars will each win $2000 to help with their education costs. Entries will be accepted here through June 6, 2015.

Nurses Week eCards

Enjoy these free shareable and downloadable cards in celebration of Nurses Week. You can post them on Facebook, tag your friends, and download them to share via email or through other social sites.

Nurses House 

Medical Solutions supports this national fund for nurses in need, and has started a team fundraising page for their annual Nurses Week effort, Dolphins for Nurses. Many Travelers have told us that they wanted to give back for Nurses Week, so we invite you to join the team and help support Nurses House. Click here to learn more or to donate.

Again, Happy Nurses Week, thank you so much for all that you do, and don’t forget to visit to have some fun this week. We look forward to celebrating with you!


Planet Water Project 24 Update

Planet Water Medical Solutions Tower

Lek Seihak, Planet Water’s Program Manager for Cambodia, leads the implementation of education programming. Here he teaches children and teachers about the water system.

Last month we let you know about Medical Solutions’ sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 — a celebration of World Water Day. You can revisit that blog here to get the full story about Planet Water Foundation’s efforts to erect 24 clean water filtration systems in 24 impoverished communities in just 24 hours.

We can happily report that Project 24 was a great success in bringing clean water to so many folks in need! As nurses know, clean water goes a very long way in terms of preventing and treating serious waterborne diseases and other health issues caused or exacerbated by unsanitary water.

The Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration went up Sunday, March 22nd, at 2 p.m. EST, at the Watslatromchey Primary School in the Cambodian Village of Preah Kau.

“The education program has now been implemented at the school,” says Carolina Bravo, Manager of Partnership Development for Planet Water.  “Our team will return to the site every four months over the course of the next five years to implement our sustainability program and to check the system to ensure everything is functioning correctly.”

Planet Water shared these great photos of Preah Kau’s schoolchildren learning about and enjoying their new, clean water source.

Medical Solutions Planet Water Tank

Medical Solutions Planet Water Tank

Medical Solutions Planet Water Tank

Medical Solutions Planet Water Tank

You can learn more and view the video of the tower installation at the Medical Solutions’ Project 24 microsite. You can also still donate there, if you choose. Project 24 was a success, but there is still a lot more to be done in ensuring clean water and all of the health benefits it brings for everyone across the globe.

Click here to read more about Medical Solutions’ ongoing commitment to Planet Water’s awesome mission.


Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day

Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day, Sunday, March 22.

More than most, nurses understand that access to clean, safe water has major importance when it comes to health. Wherever you live or travel to in the U.S., most Americans are lucky enough to have access to a safe supply of water. But for many others throughout the world, the lack of safe access to that most valuable of resources, can be the source of illness, suffering, and even death.

Just as you work every day on the job to keep your patients healthy and their hearts beating, Planet Water Foundation strives to bring clean water to disadvantaged communities worldwide by installing community-based water filtration systems and providing educational programs on water health and hygiene. Efforts are often focused near schools, catering to children but making a huge impact community-wide.

This year on World Water Day, Sunday, March 22, Medical Solutions proudly sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24.

In response to heartbreaking statistics like the fact that every 24 hours 4000 children worldwide die from water-related illnesses, the mission of Project 24 is “to move the hands of time forward in 24 impoverished communities by installing and commissioning 24 clean water filtration systems in just 24 hours.”

Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day

Without access to clean water, a young girl from Preah Kau collects water from an open well.

On Sunday, March 22, at 2 p.m. (EST) the Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration system will go up at the Watslatromchey Primary School in the Cambodian village of Preah Kau, providing access to clean water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning to 122 students, 145 households, and 794 other beneficiaries in the small, rural village.

The installation in Preah Kau will be webcast live via Medical Solutions’ Project 24 sponsor site, where you can also learn more about the village and even donate with us, if you choose.

Sponsoring Project 24 is part of an ongoing commitment for Medical Solutions. In 2012, we sponsored Planet Water’s delivery of two clean water filtration systems — one on behalf of our company, and the other in honor of our wonderful Travelers — to the Cambodia village of Phnov. Click here to learn more about the 2012 effort.

Don’t forget to visit Medical Solutions’ Project 24 sponsor site here to learn more about the effort, watch the live webcast on World Water Day, find out how you can help, and more.

Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day


Get Your Travel Nurse Gear at Stitches

medical solutions online store stitchesAt Medical Solutions, style knows no season. But, despite our year-round commitment to looking good and feeling great, fall is an especially good time to pick up some threads from our online store, Stitches.

Layer one of our hilarious T-shirts like the “Always Believe in Yourself” Bigfoot T-shirt with a stylish Medical Solutions jacket and you’re all set to hit the hiking trail in the nearest woods. Who knows, maybe you will actually encounter THE Bigfoot and you can show him your awesome T-shirt. You’ll be instant friends!

Keep your noggin warm on fall hayrack rides and other adventures with one of our knit stocking caps. Sip a warm fall beverage out of our jumbo coffee cup. The possibilities — and style — are endless.

Stitches launched in October 2013 and is packed with all kinds of great Medical Solutions gear, including:

  • ball caps and stocking caps
  • hilarious nurse-themed t-shirts
  • polos
  • hoodies and jackets
  • coffee cups and water bottles
  • pet gear
  • lunch bags
  • scrubs, and more!

And, since we run Stitches profit-free (only covering production and vendor costs) everything in the shop is super affordable!

Click here to check out what’s on sale at Stitches.


Updated Traveler Handbook Now Available

employee handbook

An updated Medical Solutions Traveler handbook is now available.

Medical Solutions has updated our Traveler Handbook in order to address the legalization of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana in certain states. Please be sure to ask your Career Consultant for a new handbook so you can stay up to date!

To read more on this issue and how it affects Travel Nurse employment, click here to check out a recent Clinical Corner.  

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