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Get Your Travel Nurse Gear at Stitches

medical solutions online store stitchesAt Medical Solutions, style knows no season. But, despite our year-round commitment to looking good and feeling great, fall is an especially good time to pick up some threads from our online store, Stitches.

Layer one of our hilarious T-shirts like the “Always Believe in Yourself” Bigfoot T-shirt with a stylish Medical Solutions jacket and you’re all set to hit the hiking trail in the nearest woods. Who knows, maybe you will actually encounter THE Bigfoot and you can show him your awesome T-shirt. You’ll be instant friends!

Keep your noggin warm on fall hayrack rides and other adventures with one of our knit stocking caps. Sip a warm fall beverage out of our jumbo coffee cup. The possibilities — and style — are endless.

Stitches launched in October 2013 and is packed with all kinds of great Medical Solutions gear, including:

  • ball caps and stocking caps
  • hilarious nurse-themed t-shirts
  • polos
  • hoodies and jackets
  • coffee cups and water bottles
  • pet gear
  • lunch bags
  • scrubs, and more!

And, since we run Stitches profit-free (only covering production and vendor costs) everything in the shop is super affordable!

Click here to check out what’s on sale at Stitches.


Updated Traveler Handbook Now Available

employee handbook

An updated Medical Solutions Traveler handbook is now available.

Medical Solutions has updated our Traveler Handbook in order to address the legalization of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana in certain states. Please be sure to ask your Career Consultant for a new handbook so you can stay up to date!

To read more on this issue and how it affects Travel Nurse employment, click here to check out a recent Clinical Corner.  


Medical Solutions Ranks as One of U.S.’ Top Healthcare Staffing Companies

Travel Nurse gives thumbs up

Thank you to all of our staff and Travelers for helping Medical Solutions continue to grow!

It’s true! And, as if that’s not cool enough, Medical Solutions, the nation’s third-largest Travel Nurse staffing company, was ranked on several recent lists compiled based upon research from Staffing Industry Analysts.

Here are some details on the recent 2014 Staffing Industry Analysts rankings; Medical Solutions was ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts research as:

Medical Solutions is so happy to be growing in the industries of staffing at large, as well as in terms of healthcare staffing and Travel Nurse staffing. Our company absolutely could not continue to grow at this pace — all the while maintaining top-tier quality and amazing culture — without our wonderful Travelers and team of employees!

We want to say a sincere “thank you” to each and every one of you. It’s your hard work that allows us the ability to continue to grow in the right direction each year.

To our internal team, we appreciate all of your hard work, excellent attitudes, and commitment to helping to get our Travelers on track to building the careers they want and deserve in Travel Nursing.

To our amazing battery of Travelers, we are so grateful for your dedication to superior quality patient care, your sense of adventure and love for travel, and your compassion. What you do every day is truly remarkable. You are our heroes.

Here’s to more growth from Medical Solutions in the future — more patients served, more hospitals properly staffed, and more fulfilling careers achieved!


Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners

Student nurse on laptop.

Congrats to the 2014 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners: Alonso B., Racheal D., and Amanda W.!

Medical Solutions would like to extend a major congratulations to our 2014 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners! Drumroll, please …….

  • Alonso B., Sophomore, Carrington College in Reno, NV
  • Racheal D., Freshman, Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA
  • Amanda W., Junior, Houston Community College in Houston, TX

This trio of scholarly aspiring nurses has each won a $1,000 scholarship towards their academic expenses. In addition to meeting other contest criteria, Alonso, Racheal, and Amanda each had excellent answers to the essay question: “What will you do as a nurse to ensure you always provide exceptional patient care?”

Alonso wrote that he’d always strive to continue learning nursing skills and theory, adding: “I will never forget the value of compassion.” He continued, writing that he would “never forget that behind that stage 4 cancer, there is a human being. I will treat my patients with the same care and kindness that I would my own mother or brother. Being supportive and empathetic should be as high of a priority for nurses as washing their hands. As my nursing instructors have told me, ‘Remember, we are treating patients, not diseases.’”

Racheal echoed Alonso’s sentiment, writing: “Exceptional care is being part of a human interaction. … As a nurse and even now as a student nurse, my personal goal and purpose is to give efficient, competent care, in a holistic way. Not just caring for the disease process, or management of the problem, but being an ear to listen, a therapeutic touch on the hand to comfort, and clarify or reinforce when they felt overwhelmed with the news they received.” She continued, writing: “Exceptional nurses take an extra five minutes to listen, even if that means they chart off the clock,” also touching on the importance of caring for and comforting a patient’s family. “For me, providing care as a nurse is a responsibility that requires knowledge, advocacy, and a heart for the hurting,” she wrote.

Amanda detailed a horrific accident she suffered at age 18, which landed her in the ICU. Despite the trauma, she wrote that the accident was a pivotal moment through which realized she aspired to be a nurse. “As a patient,” she wrote, “I learned that exceptional care was not just in the form of medical orders, but in the form of interactive care.” She wrote about Mary, a nurse who served her, and who became her “nursing role model.” She wrote of Mary: “She was my biggest advocate, my constant friend, and my beacon of hope.” Amanda’s goal in providing patient care is to “be someone’s Mary.”

Congrats again to our three Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners, and we absolutely loved reading through all of the many impressive entries and essays!

Medical Solutions sponsors and hosts the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship as a part its annual Nurses Week celebration, in order to support the education and development of tomorrow’s nurses, nurse leaders and educators. In the face of a nursing shortage, training and educating future nurses is absolutely crucial.

Click here to learn more about Nurses of Tomorrow, and be sure to come back next year, if you’re eligible, to enter the 2015 competition for the chance to be one of next year’s Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners.


Medical Solutions: Best Places to Work

Medical Solutions is one of the "Best Places to Work" for the sixth time in seven years!

Medical Solutions is one of the “Best Places to Work” for the sixth time in seven years!

As you may know, Medical Solutions’ flagship Omaha office recently won one of Omaha’s “Best Places to Work” for the sixth time in seven years.

We are so honored by this award, as our company really works hard to cultivate a great internal culture as well as a wonderful extension of this culture to our Travelers. We believe this all adds up to a great customer experience for our hard-working Travelers!

We wanted to share a story done by the Omaha World-Herald on Medical Solutions and our sixth of seven wins for Best Places to Work.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Discussing benefits such as the company concierge, Medical Solutions President and CEO, Craig Meier, said, “It doesn’t make sense when you have work Craig and personal Craig, and they are completely different people. “Work is our vehicle to reach personal goals.”

This is something that Medical Solutions definitely considers about our Travelers as well. We see Travelers as whole people and care about their quality of life both on and off the job!

  • Medical Solutions Career Consultant, Joel Pilka, commented on Medical Solutions commitment to hiring the right folks: “What really helps is the way they hire,” he said. “They hire just the right people.”

We know that this translates to our Travelers being able to build important with relationships with friendly, trustworthy Career Consultants.

  • Meier also touched on Medical Solutions’ commitment to volunteering with charities in the community, such as the Nebraska Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, The Siena/Francis House, and The Hope Center for Kids. Each Medical Solutions employee spends an afternoon out of the office and helping at a charity twice per year.

“We think that’s an important part of being in the community — making a difference. They love doing it, and it’s a responsibility that we all have, as companies, to really try and make a difference,” he said.

As a company we would only hope to give back even a fraction of what our Travelers contribute each and every day on the job!

Click here to read the full OWH story.


Third Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship

Nurses-Week-Scholarship-2014-300x200As part of Medical Solutions’ annual celebration of Nurses Week, we happily present the third annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship competition!

In order to ensure excellent patient care for future generations, and to help offset the nursing shortage, it is crucial that the nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators of tomorrow are getting excellent education and training today. Through the Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship, three lucky winners will each receive $1000 to put towards their educational costs.

The contest runs from May 6 (starting at midnight CST) to June 6 (ending at 11:59 p.m. CST). Applicants should be enrolled full time and in good academic standing, with a GPA of 2.75 or more.

This year’s essay question for the contest is: What will you do as a nurse to ensure you always provide exceptional patient care?

If you are a nurse of tomorrow who could use a little extra financial help, simply click below to enter. And, be sure to share this contest information with any friends or family who are aspiring nurses in need of a scholarship as well.

Click here to read all about and to enter this year’s Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship competition!


Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week from Medical Solutions!

Happy Nurses Week from Medical Solutions!

At Medical Solutions we embrace every possible chance to honor and celebrate our Travelers and hard-working nurses all over. Because of that, Nurses Week is always a REALLY BIG DEAL around here.

The annual week-long observation of Nurses Week is every year from May 6-12, ending on Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

This year as we started brainstorming for ideas to honor, celebrate, entertain, and reward our Travelers during Nurses Week, we realized that the one person we should really be asking was YOU. So, through social media and survey, we asked you, other nurses, and Medical Solutions Travelers how they would to celebrate.

We wish we could shower you with extra PTO and vacations (these were replies we heard a couple times!) … but beyond that here is the slate of activities based upon your feedback for YOUR Nurses Week:

Medical Solutions’ “Your Nurses Week” 2014 celebration will include:

  • The Real Nurses of Nurses Week Gallery — This is a place where Nurses can share a brief bio and a picture explaining how and why they decided to get into nursing, why it’s rewarding, why it’s fun, future career plans within healthcare, why all the hard work is worth it, and more!
  • Share Your Best Nursing Stories — We know our Travelers have some incredible stories! We want to hear them all: the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, and the sad. Each contribution will automatically enter the storyteller into a drawing for a grand prize 1-year membership to Massage Envy that includes one massage each month (a $720 value) or a second place prize $250 gift card to Scrubs and Beyond. The most up-voted stories will later be included in an e-book of great nursing stories.
  • #yournursesweek — C’mon get happy and social by sharing and searching this hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Nurses Week eCards — Choose from these four awesome eCards to honor your Nurse friends and colleagues — or post them to your own social media page!
  • Third Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Essay Contest — In support of the Nurse leaders of tomorrow, three lucky undergraduate or postgraduate Nurse Scholars will each win $1000 to help out with education costs.

Happy Nurses Week! And thanks so very much for everything you do!

Please come visit us at to learn more about and to participate in all of Medical Solutions’ Nurses Week festivities.  


Get to Know Our Team

Now it's even easier and more fun to get to know our awesome team of Career Consultants!

Now it’s even easier and more fun to get to know our awesome team of Career Consultants!

As a Traveler, the relationship you have with your recruiter is a huge factor in successfully building your career. That’s actually why we call our recruiters “Career Consultants” — because these folks are serious about helping launch and develop your career as a traveling healthcare professional.

But, with this being such a super important relationship, how do you find the one?

At many agencies you are randomly assigned to the next recruiter in line. But now at Medical Solutions you can take control of your recruiter search with our Career Consultant profiles. If you are a new Traveler with us and have yet to work with one of our Career Consultants, now you can choose your own adventure and your own recruiter!

Already been paired up with your Medical Solutions recruiter match? Now you can check out his or her profile to get to know your first mate on the Good Ship Travel Nursing even better! At Medical Solutions we promise you a Career Consultant who will remain your single point of contact throughout your adventures and assignments. We understand how important is for you to build that relationship, and never want you to feel bounced around between recruiters.

These pages are chock full of great information on each of our Career Consultants and will let you in on who we are and why we do what we do, with features including:

  • A unique message from each of our Career Consultants, including information on their experience in the industry
  • A brief video introduction from them
  • Testimonials from their Travelers
  • A one-click option to email or call them directly
  • Pictures of them, their families, pets, personal travel adventures, and the like
  • A list of their interests and hobbies

When it comes to finding a travel nurse recruiter, you definitely want to find someone with great reviews who works hard for their Travelers. But how fun is it to also find a Career Consultant who you can trust to help build your career and who shares your love of cooking, or shopping, or camping, or The Cubs?! Or, how awesome is it to add a new level of appreciation to your existing relationship upon discovering that your Career Consultant, whom you already love, is also obsessed with pugs, or Napa Valley, or biking?!

Whether you’re new and want stats, testimonials, and a little personal flair when making your decision, or you’re a vet and just want to fall in love all over again with your Medical Solutions Career Consultant, these pages are a great resource for you.

Click here to get to know our amazing team and/or find your recruiter soul mate. The only hard part for new Travelers will be choosing between so many friendly faces, all with such amazing industry experience!


Congrats to 2014 Idea Box Winners, Alicia and Alecia!

IdeaBox-Head-winner2399x296Major thanks and congratulations to our 2014 Idea Box winners, Alicia R. and Alecia H., for their suggestion that Medical Solutions offer Travelers a better, more user-friendly way to view pay stub information.

Apparently, great minds really DO think alike — and have eerily similar names!

We used their inspiring idea to add a simple, easily accessible pay summary feature at in March 2014. The site functions as a super handy employee portal and one-stop shop where Medical Solutions Travelers are able to access and manage all of their Travel-related paperwork and documents. Now, with the addition of the pay summary feature, Travelers are easily able to review their pay information on a weekly basis without having to log in to an additional, separate website.

If you have any questions about the handy new pay summary or, please feel to ask your Career Consultant.

Thanks again to Alicia and Alecia for once again proving that Medical Solutions Travelers are the best and the brightest! For their inspired idea, they each won a $100 Amazon gift card.

If you think you have the next bright idea for the Medical Solutions Idea Box, click here to submit it. While we can’t adopt every single submission we truly appreciate ALL of the feedback from our Travelers.


We’re One of the Best Places to Work!

Medical Solutions is one of the "Best Places to Work" for the sixth time in seven years!

Medical Solutions is one of the “Best Places to Work” for the sixth time in seven years!

Once again Medical Solutions has been named one of Omaha’s “Best Places to Work” for 2014! This is the sixth time in seven years that we’ve earned this honor and we couldn’t be more proud. The event’s sponsors are the Greater Omaha Chamber and Baird Holm LLP, and the rankings are based upon a survey of internal employees.

Just as Medical Solutions distinguishes itself from other travel nurse agencies by truly valuing and serving our Travelers and making things fun for them, our internal workplace culture is one of fun, employee engagement, hard work, and positive collaboration.

“Winning ‘Best Places to Work’ for the sixth time is the highest praise we can receive, because it means that our employees have once again indicated that what we’re doing is working,” said Craig Meier, Medical Solutions President. “Our success as a business starts and ends with the happiness of our employees and customers.”

We’re having lots of fun working to get you staffed and help build your career as a healthcare professional and Traveler — and we hope you are having fun working with us!