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2018 Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest Winners!

As I write this, we have a whopping 350 days to go until Halloween 2019 … but who’s counting, right? Yes, all the tricks have been performed and all the treats have been scarfed, but we still wanted to show off our amazing 2018 Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest winners.

This year we had well over 100 submissions that were by various measures adorable, scary, creative, and/or funny — basically what Halloween is all about!

We are so thankful to EVERYONE who shared pics of their furry friends this year. There were the usual suspects, as you guys made it rain pictures of cats and dogs in their Halloween best, but this year we also got submissions of more unique pets like a pig, donkey, and rabbit. As always, we love you all for entering and for sharing your stories and lives with Medical Solutions!

Now, without further ado, here are the 2018 Howl-O-Ween Pet Costume Contest winners:

Congrats, Kristen P.!

Kristen Penn-666-2Kristen Penn-666-1

Congrats, Ashley and James S.!

Ashley&James Strand-673-1Ashley&James Strand-673-2

Congrats, Holly J.!

Holly Jung-Stern-683


Medical Solutions Pet Friendly Benefits

dog in traveler suitcase

Of course your pets can come along on your Travel Nurse assignment! Medical Solutions makes it easy for you.

Whether it’s the traditional “man’s best friend” the canine, or it’s your best friend the lizard, cat, fish, or horse — seriously, meet Eichie the Traveling horse here — Medical Solutions wants to make sure that you are able to take your pets with you on your Travel Nursing adventure.

We understand that even with all of the cool, new stuff you get to experience on assignment, you’ll probably get to missing the folks from back home. But, as pet lovers ourselves, we know that leaving your pets behind and missing them is just too hard to bear for many Travel Nurses.

You can make your Travel Nurse housing into a home so much better when your pets are on board. That’s why Medical Solutions is a proudly pet friendly Travel Nurse company! We work to make it as easy, efficient, and inexpensive as possible for our Travelers to take their fine-feathered/furred/scaled friends on the road with them.

Here are some Medical Solutions pet friendly benefits and resources we offer our Travel Nurses (Click here to explore Medical Solutions’ pet friendly benefits in more detail):

Pet Friendly Housing 
We can help you find pet-friendly housing, cover pet deposits, and more.

Pet Care Resource
Info on finding a dog park or veterinarian while on assignment, educational resources about pet care, and more.

Pet Travel Advice
Tips on traveling with pets and adjusting to new housing.

Pet Travel Videos
Fun and informational video series on traveling with pets, featuring our staff and Travelers.

Pet Education and Training
Resources for learning about pets’ needs and behavior.

Pet Discounts  
While we do love offering discounts to our Travelers through our Go Rewards Program, we also want pets to get in on the frugal fun!

Have you traveled to an assignment with your pet(s)? Share your experience in the comments.


Meet Eichie the Traveling Horse

Eichie doin' what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Eichie doin’ what he does best: Barrel Racing!

Being a pet friendly company is hugely important to us here at Medical Solutions. We understand that for our Travelers to be able to bring their pets along on assignment is super important to their overall job and life satisfaction. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure that our Travelers don’t have to fuss or worry over taking their furry, fuzzy, or scaled loved ones with them.

We see a variety of pets, but the majority is comprised of cats and dogs. Traveler Amanda T. has a verrrry unique pet named Eichie. He weighs 1200 pounds and his favorite treat is apples. Eichie is a quarter horse, and what’s more, Amanda barrel races with him! Amanda’s Career Consultant, Sarah K., told us about Eichie in November and we just had to ask Amanda for the full scoop.

“Eichie is a 16-year-old quarter horse, who I have owned since he was five,” said Amanda. “The first few years together were rough; he is off of the race track so we spent countless hours and days trying to get him to become a barrel horse. I took him to college with me and that really made us grow together as a team. I haven’t gone to many races here in California but do ride at least four nights a week.”

When we spoke with her, Amanda and Eichie were anticipating their first competition the following weekend. “I feel he is in perfect shape and ready to win some money,” she said.

Amanda is a surgical tech who’s been in the OR for five years.

“I’m only on my second assignment so this traveling is new to both Eichie and I,” said Amanda. “We are currently in Northern California and both have adjusted very well. I hauled my horse trailer down here and keep him at a nice boarding facility that I found on the internet.”

Although she’s new to it, Amanda is enjoying life as a Traveler.

“My favorite thing about traveling is meeting new people both in the hospital setting and at the barn,” she said. “I’m loving this new experience and look forward to continuing it with my best friend by my side.”

We’re very proud to have Amanda — and Eichie — as Medical Solutions Travelers. Do you have a unique pet or pet story to share? Send your story to


0 Discount for Our Travelers


Sick Dog Discount with Medical Solutions

We are proud to announce yet another pet friendly discount. All of our Travelers can now enjoy 10% off to keep their furry pals healthy. is a licensed pharmacy carrying all major brand medications sold at your veterinarian’s office. To see all pet benefits and why we continue to be the most pet friendly Travel Nurse company, visit Be sure to contact your Career Consultant so you can receive your 10% discount to


Goodbye Tube TV, Hello Flat Screen.

Medical Solutions now Offers 32" Flat Screens in Housing

Medical Solutions Now Offers 32

No more 19″ tube televisions!  Medical Solutions is now offering 32″ inch flat screen TVs when travelers take our housing. This option had been offered in the past on request, but is now a standard at no additional cost.

Along with the new and improved technology, Medical Solutions housing is always paid, private, fully-furnished and pet friendly. We also offer paid utilities and provide a $50 reimbursement per month for phone and cable service, a total of $100 monthly, unless provided by housing unit.

Visit our housing page to learn more.



Announcing Medical Solutions New Petnerships

Save 10% with Medical Solutions Petnerships

Save 10% with Medical Solutions Petnerships!

Great more news for our Travelers with pets! We have now partnered with two pet-centric companies that are offering our Travelers an exclusive discount.

The first, a 10% discount on all pet products at This online only store has anything from aquarium needs to dog food and even offers free shipping. What better way for our Traveler’s to shop for their furry, fuzzy, feathered, scaly friends, all from the comforts of home.

The second 10% discount is for pet relocation services. specializes in the safe and humane transport of live animals.  They work with all parties involved in the process ensuring the requirements are met properly and the pet’s welfare remains the primary concern throughout the entire relocation process.  We know there’s a lot on our Traveler’s mind when moving to a new city, and we believe their pet’s move should be one less thing for them to worry about!

Call a career consultant at 866.633.3548 or chat live today to take advantage of these great discounts.


New Profiles for Your Pets


We want to know! has added a new feature, your pet’s profile. We want to know all about your furry, feathered or scaly friends, so we can take care of them when you are traveling. What’s their name? What’s their favorite treat? And add a picture, so we can see just how darn cute they are.

Visit the pet profile page on Just another reason why we are the pet-friendlist travel nursing company. Oh! and if mom or dad hasn’t filled out their own profile yet, you get a free t-shirt just for telling us about your travel nurse experience.


Our new Travel Nursing with Pet’s page is here!

Travel Nursing with your PetMedical Solutions is proud to announce that we have just launched our Travel Nursing with Pet’s Page on Covering information from caring for your pet, pet advice, our pet-friendly housing, pet travel videos and much more. We know you love your pet, and we’re doing all we can to make it easy for you to travel with them. Visit our new Travel Nursing with Pet’s page to learn more.


Resources for travel nursing with pets

travel nurse's dog

As you may have noticed we love pets. Not only our own, but we love when our travel nurses have pets and we work hard each week to make sure that any travelers with pets who work with us our able to take their pet along to their travel nursing job.

Here are some resources over at Travel Nursing that can help make it easier for you when you are travel nursing with pets:


Help your four legged travel nursing companion live longer

travel nurse with petsThey go with you on each travel nursing assignment; they are an always loving and welcoming face when you come home. They can help make that unbearable day bearable. They are your best friend so it is no wonder you want pets to be with you forever.

Here is a great article with five things you can do keep your dog or cat healthy and with you for a long time: 5 ways to help your pet live longer

The whole article is worth reading, but here are some highlights:

Keep your pet indoors

It will help protect cats especially from infectious diseases; digestive upset and fights with other animals and speeding cars.

Watch your pet’s weight

Obesity in pets causes the same problems in dogs and cats as it does in people so talk to your vet for advice on controlling your pet’s calorie intake and expenditure in a healthy way.

Don’t miss your pet’s vet visit

Just like in people, preventative medicine is the best way to spot and treat many diseases that can shorten your pets life early enough to treat them.

Make sure to take care of your pet’s dental health

This one may be surprising, but bacteria from dental and gum disease in cats and dogs can travel to other parts of their bodies and cause more serious health issues. So make sure to give treats that promote mouth health and even though it may feel silly, brush your pet’s teeth.

Spay or neuter your cat or dog

This will not only help prevent some reproductive cancers but some studies show that fixed pets live longer even though scientists are sure why.

So if you want your travel nursing buddy to stay with you a long time follow these tips and of course pet them as much as you can.