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Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest

pet friendly travel nurse agency contest

Click here to enter your pet in the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest!

Days can be pretty routine for a pet: Nap on the ottoman, chase the laser pointer, a scratch behind the ear here, a belly rub there, kibble for dinner, rinse, repeat.

But what if your pet could be a giraffe for a day? A frog? A famous aviator? Or, Christopher Walken? (I seriously know a cat that looks just like Christopher Walken — but perhaps that’s a story for another time!)

Now through November 1st, you can show your sweet pet off to the world and get in on the all the seasonal costume fun with the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest.

Simply click here to enter — submit a photo of your pet(s) in their best costume for a chance to win a $150, $75, or $50 Petco gift card.

Finally, Fluffy can pay for her own amazing high-rise cat castle and Fido can get that mega-rawhide he’s had his eye on!

Winners will be chosen based on a combination of factors, including creativity, photographic quality, and number of votes.

By now you probably know that if you want to pursue Travel Nursing and bring your pet along on your adventure, Medical Solutions is the agency to go with. We know how much our pets mean to us, so we totally get how important it is to our Travelers to have their critter companions with them on assignment. We’re proud to be pet friendly, meaning we give our all to ensure our Travelers get great housing that accepts their furry, fuzzy, scaled friends — and, we even cover upfront pet deposits!

Click here for tips on traveling with your pets and to learn more about Medical Solutions’ pet friendly Travel Nursing Housing, plus other resources, pet discounts, and more.

And don’t forget to enter your animal companion in the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we can also take your submissions via email here and we’ll post them for you. May the best feline, canine, reptile, or other miscellaneous critter win!


“Caught in the Act” Pet Photo Contest



We know your pets are just angels all of the time… yeah right. Ever catch your pet red pawed, involved in some mischievous antics and took a picture to prove it?  Medical Solutions is holding a photo contest for naughty pets, “Caught in the Act: When Good Pet’s Go Bad”

Submit a picture of your pet eating your favorite Jimmy Choo’s, leaving smelly presents on your nice new carpet or unraveling all the toilet paper. We think you get the idea. You and your perfect angel might win a gift card to to perhaps replace whatever it is they destroyed!

Grand Prize: $150 Gift Card to 1st Runner Up: $75 Gift Card to 2nd Runner Up: $25 Gift Card to

Contest runs today through 11:59 PM, Wednesday, March 7, 2012, while voting will continue through 11:59 PM, Wednesday, March 14, 2012 with the winners picked shortly after.  Visit the contest!