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Medical Solutions YOUniversity Site for Nursing Students

Medical Solutions YOUniversity Site for Nursing Students

Medical Solutions YOUniversity site is a place for nursing students to learn and have fun.

As nurses know and students discover, nursing school is a serious conquest. It takes a lot of hard work, talent, and true grit to make it to other side — which is good preparation, since it also takes hard work, talent, and true grit to work as nurse!

For many nursing students, a career in Travel Nursing is the ultimate prize their eyes are on, and that’s why we created Medical Solutions YOUniversity site for nursing students. is chock full of information, resources, opportunities, and fun for nursing students who are interested in or even just curious about the option of working as a Travel Nurse after they earn their RN.

Here are some of the features and content available at the student site:

  • Student Blog — Funny videos, important resources, news, tips, and more
  • Information on what Travel Nursing is and tips on how to become a Travel Nurse
  • FAQs on the Travel Nursing industry
  • Details on what sets Medical Solutions apart in the industry
  • Information on the annual Nurses of Tomorrow scholarship contest
  • Details on Medical Solutions’ commitment to social responsibilities and making the world we live in a better place!

Our hope for the YOUniversity site is that it will help educate and assist nursing students in exploring the opportunity of Travel Nursing, equipping them to prepare early for a successful career in the field. Annnd, we also want have some fun!

Click here to visit the Medical Solutions YOUniversity site for nursing students. Take a look around and please feel free to send any tips or topics you’d like to see covered to

Oh, and nursing students, if you’re reading this before Sunday, August 23, 2015, head over to our Facebook page and tell us what’s helping you survive nursing school for the chance to win one of three $50 Amazon gift cards!


Send Us an Inspiring Video to Help Future Nurses

travel nurse with camera

Lights, Camera, Action! Send Medical Solutions an inspiring video to help future nurses.

We’ve all had the feeling before in life … that we wish we’d known something before we had to learn it the hard way — an insight, a life hack, a shortcut, a kernel of wisdom, or even just someone to tell you it was all going to be OK!

Medical Solutions would like to invite you to be that awesome helper person and send us an inspiring video to help future nurses.

Just record a 30-second or less video where you share your expert advice and wisdom with today’s nursing students, then send the video to by Friday, October 3.

When Medical Solutions meets with students October 11-12, 2014, at the 12th Annual UC Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions National Conference, we will share your life-changing advice and wisdom with the students in attendance.

Who better than you to inspire today’s nursing students and help give them a leg up … after all, you’ve made it through all the trials and tribulations of nursing school, passed your NCLEX, and made it to the other side as a successful, skilled nurse.

What do you wish you’d known back in nursing school that you know now? What advice do you wish someone had shared with you? What bit of knowledge would have helped you keep calm and conquer nursing school?

(If you need a little inspiration, Travel Nursing Blogs shared a really cool example of a nurse giving back to a nursing student in December of 2013, in which a mystery nurse put an inspirational letter and a Starbucks gift card in a NCLEX study guide at Barnes & Noble. Click here to check out that heartwarming story.)

We really appreciate you sharing your awesome, expert advice with the nurses of tomorrow. And remember, when you send us an inspiring video to help future nurses, you’re also helping strengthen the quality of healthcare in general. Thank you!


Hello, Nursing Students!

Nursing Students

Hello, Nursing Students!

If you’re a nursing student we know you’re busy hitting the books and getting back in the semester swing this fall. And we’ve been busy too — putting together more resources just for nursing students who are interested in pursuing Travel Nursing as a future career option.

We’ll be offering information and resources crafted especially for you about exactly what Travel Nursing is and how you can best put yourself in a great position to make it an option for your future. Our new site will include:

  • An overview of Travel Nursing
  • Tips for aspiring Travel Nurses
  • FAQs on Travel Nursing
  • Info on the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Professional development for future Travel Nurses
  • And more!

Also, we will have representatives presenting at the 12th Annual UC Davis Pre-medical & Pre-Health Professions National Conference, October 11-12. They will cover all the basics of Travel Nursing. If you’re there please check out our session and come say hi!

In the meantime, check out this Student Guide to Travel Nursing, and be sure to sign up for our emails if you’d like to get more info on how you can become a part of the exciting world of Travel Nursing!  


Student Guide to Travel Nursing


Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Medical Solutions Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Do you dream of  becoming a travel nurse after graduation,  but aren’t really sure where to start?

Let the adventure begin! We’ve designed an easy step by step Student Guide to Travel Nursing. Detailing topics from education and experience to finding a travel nurse company, we’ll send you on the right path for success.

Travel the country, meet new people, make great money and receive paid housing – all while helping others. The student guide is currently posted on the Medical Solutions website and is also available in a printable version. Happy travels!