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“How to Stop Travel Nurse Bullying” Infographic

Medical Solutions is always working to bring our Travelers more educational work and lifestyle resources that will help you in your travels. Our latest infographic is on nurse bullying, what it is, how it affects staff and patients, and, most importantly, how to stop it.

Check out the infographic below and click here to see it and a Prezi on nurse bullying on our resources page — where you can also check out other infographics and resources that will help you as a travel nurse!

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5 Important Qualities for Travel Nurses

woman going on vacationWhat qualities do you need to be successful as a travel nurse?

Travel nurses must have all of the great qualities of perm staff — plus. In order to provide great patient care you have to be in excellent professional standing plus have some more essential qualities. Most of these will benefit any nurse, but they are especially crucial qualities for travel nurses. Agencies and hospitals look specifically for nurses who have these traits. Here are 5 important qualities for travel nurses to master:


Before you hit the road you’ll need at least 1 year hospital experience; some facilities prefer 2. The most important thing is that you feel you have the experience needed to be successful as a Traveler. Remember that your career is a long-term project and you want to situate yourself as well as possible. Don’t rush into it if you are not prepared. Lay a good foundation for yourself.

Positive Outlook

Positivity and an “attitude if gratitude” can go so far when you’re traveling. A positive travel nurse can actually impact the perm staff’s attitude, creating a better environment for all. And one silver lining, you can always find as a travel nurse is that even if you are unhappy or just not clicking at a job, your contract isn’t forever!

Good Communicator

While good communication is an asset for all nurses, travel nurses are regularly dealing with new people, coworkers and superiors. This makes it especially key for you to be able to express yourself (and also listen to others) in a way that makes for constructive communication. Being a good listener, a level-headed speaker, and adaptable to the communication styles of others will serve you well on the road.   


You’re expected to be able to enter your hospital and immediately hit the ground running. Orientation is extremely short, so you must be able to quickly adapt to a new facility and work very flexibly within the established system there.


Travel nurses fill a marked need in a facility and so hospitals need to really be able to count on you to show up for your job, be dependable on a daily basis, and see the entire contract through. You’re an unproven entity when you start at a new hospital. Prove how awesome and helpful you are and you enhance your personal reputation along with the rep of travel nursing in general.

Besides these 5 important qualities for travel nurses, are there any other traits you see as especially helpful?