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$750 New Traveler Bonus is Here!

750 Ads 970x250 e1505159261119 - $750 New Traveler Bonus is Here!There are TONS of reasons to try a career in Travel Nursing, but right now at Medical Solutions there are an additional 750 more reasons than ever! That’s because now through January 10, 2018, Travelers who are new to Medical Solutions are eligible for our limited time $750 New Hire Bonus once they complete a full assignment!

If you’ve ever considered trying Travel Nursing, or even if you’re a veteran Traveler looking for a new company that better fits your needs, now is the perfect time to make the leap — and Medical Solutions will have your back every step of the way.

To receive the $750 New Hire Bonus, you must:

  • Have not previously worked a standard assignment with Medical Solutions
  • Sign and start an assignment with us anytime from August 21, 2017, through January 10, 2018
  • Complete your full assignment

It’s that easy! Travel Nursing is already like the fudge sundae of careers, so go ahead, put that cherry on top with Medical Solutions’ $750 New Hire Bonus.

Click here to learn more or to apply now!

Not a Medical Solutions newbie? No worries, you can still get in on the bonus fun by referring a friend or co-worker and earning a $500 referral bonus! Just imagine, you get $500, your friend gets $750, Medical Solutions gets a great Traveler, patients get great care … it’s win-win-win-win — so many wins you’ll lose track!


Benefits: United Healthcare Virtual Visits

sick on computer

So sick you don’t want to leave the house? UHC’s Virtual Visits have you covered!

Travel Nurses are always on the go. Which makes United Healthcare’s Virtual Visits a great fit for your busy lifestyle!

If you have medical insurance coverage through United Healthcare, you can take advantage of their Virtual Visits to see and talk to a doctor from the comfort of home — or wherever you are! Simply use your mobile device of computer to connect. Virtual Visits do not require an appointment, typically take just about 10-15 minutes, and doctors can write prescriptions, if necessary.

Plus, UHC’s Virtual Visits are included with your health benefits and available at no extra cost to you! 

Virtual Visits are ideal for times when your doctor is unavailable or you’re traveling, but not so good for anything requiring an exam or test, complex or chronic conditions, sprains/broken bones or injuries necessitating bandages. As a nurse with an in-depth understanding of healthcare, you’re uniquely equipped to understand when the best time to use a Virtual Visit might be, but some common conditions treated via Virtual Visits include:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Cold/flu/sore throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Bladder/urinary tract infection
  • Migraines
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Sinus issues
  • Stomach ache

So, how do you access Virtual Visits?

It’s simple. Just log in at and choose from provider sites where you can register for a Virtual Visit. Services may vary by state, so be sure to check out what’s available in your area.

Once you’ve registered and requested a visit, you’ll pay your portion of service costs per your plan (just as you would a co-pay) and then enter a virtual waiting room. The doctor will appear when he or she is ready to see you, and you’ll have their undivided attention to discuss your health concerns with them.

For more information on Virtual Visits, login to If you want to learn more about Medical Solutions’ benefits, click here.


Medical Solutions Has Your License to Adventure

State Licensure Reimbursement

Developing and practicing your nursing skills across state lines is easy when you travel with Medical Solutions. We’ll reimburse you for any state license and specialty certification fees you incur while on assignment.

During your time as a Travel Nurse, you’ve stacked up some pretty impressive stats — you’ve explored some amazing cities, met tons of new people, and sharpened your clinical skills. While it’s always fun to discover new places, many Travel Nurses quickly learn it can also be expensive and timely to pay for new state licenses or to earn specialty certification.

Luckily, when you travel with Medical Solutions, we offer to reimburse you for state licenses or specialty certification. Sounds pretty great, right?

Here’s how it works:

If you incur expenses for your license because of your assignment, we will reimburse you for the cost of one license reimbursement per assignment!  Likewise, Medical Solutions will also reimburse the cost for you to earn certification in your specialty. Please note you must be a current Medical Solutions Traveler upon your successful completion of the certification program before costs will be reimbursed to you.

Plus, as a Medical Solutions Traveler, you’re covered for all health-related, pre-screening items needed before you start an assignment. That means you don’t have to pay for any flu shots, vaccines, physicals, and/or drug screening tests. Medical Solutions also pays for your background, employment verification and reference checks.

Medical Solutions is here to help you advance your Travel Nursing career, whether that means reimbursing you for a state license or specialty certification. Want to learn more about these amazing benefits? Click here for more information about the state licensure reimbursement or here for specialty certification reimbursement.


Medical Solutions Has You Covered with Voluntary Benefits!

Lady With Umbrella

No matter the weather, Medical Solutions has you covered with voluntary benefits!

What would you do if you suddenly became injured and weren’t able to work for a few months? What would happen to your finances if you suffered a heart attack or stroke? Accidents and illness are impossible to predict or plan, but with Medical Solutions’ voluntary benefits you don’t have to worry about the unexpected. Medical Solutions has you covered with voluntary benefits!

Travel Nurses are top priority at Medical Solutions. That’s why we took your feedback to heart last year, and are now offering you short-term disability and critical illness insurance in order to protect you financially should you be hurt or sick and unable to work.

So, what’s the difference between these two benefits?

Short-Term Disability Insurance

With short-term disability insurance:

  • You’ll be offered important financial protection in case you’re ever in an accident and suffer a disabling injury.
  • If you are hurt and cannot work, you will be paid cash benefits directly so that you can continue paying your bills and/or paying for medical costs.
  • The benefits are paid directly to you on a monthly basis and you can choose to use that money however you need.

Critical Illness Insurance

Likewise, with critical illness insurance:

  • Protects you financially should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, like a heart attack or stroke.
  • Cash benefits are paid to you in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, and you can use that money to cover your out of pocket costs however you see fit.
  • These benefits are also available for your spouse and/or child(ren).

So now that you’re informed on these new voluntary benefits, what’s the next step? Just like with your medical, dental, and vision benefits, you can enroll in both short-term disability and critical illness insurance within two weeks from the start of your contract to make your elections with a day-one effective date. The cost for each of these voluntary benefits varies based upon your age, the amount and level of coverage you choose.

Click here to see a full list of rates for short-term disability and here to see a full list of rates for critical illness. Please note that rates are subject to change.

Have more questions? Check out each of these quick videos on your voluntary benefits options. You can also contact your Career Consultant and ask them about getting enrolled today!


Important Reminder on Medical Solutions Insurance for Travelers

Get insured with Medical Solutions for as low as $10 a week for a basic, single policy.

Get insured with Medical Solutions for as low as $10 a week for a basic, single policy.

With the open enrollment deadline under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coming up on March 31, 2014, we wanted to send a reminder about the great, affordable medical insurance offered to Medical Solutions Travelers.

If you’ve checked Medical Solutions Traveler insurance rates in the past and thought they were too high, it’s time to check them again! Rates are so low now that a basic, single policy costs just $10 per week. This is great news for Travelers who are needing to enroll in coverage by the ACA open enrollment deadline.

Here are some important things to know about the ACA 2014 open enrollment:

  • With the rare exception of a qualifying life event, all Americans must be enrolled in coverage by March 31, 2014.
  • If you have not enrolled by this date you may have to pay a penalty.
  • If you are assessed a fine, you will have to pay it and it does not count as any sort of premium payment. You will still be responsible for 100% of your healthcare costs.
  • Depending upon your income, the penalty for not enrolling in coverage in 2014 is 1% of your annual household income or $95 per person. The penalty will increase each year.
  • You can visit to learn more or to shop for coverage. BUT, if you’re thinking about signing on to a new contract with Medical Solutions click here or call your Career Consultant to learn more about our super low insurance rates — $10 per week for coverage is an amazing rate!
  • If you’re only uninsured for part of the year, 1/12th of the annual penalty is assessed for each month you’re uninsured. And, there is a three-month grace period, so if you’re uninsured for less than three months you do not have to pay a penalty. This helpful to know for uninsured Travelers who may be unable to sign up for Medical Solutions’ insurance right away, or may have a lapse in coverage.

Medical Solutions made these huge changes to our insurance rates based upon resounding Traveler feedback. You asked for lower rates, and we listened. Check out this blog from 2013, when we majorly overhauled our Traveler insurance rates, to learn more about why we made this change.

Update, posted 2.10.15: As of April 1, 2015, medical insurance rates through Medical Solutions will start at $15 per week. Rates are subject to change annually upon open enrollment.  


Wouldn’t a BONUS Be Nice?

Find out how you can earn a Loyalty or Referral bonus from Medical Solutions!

Find out how you can earn a Loyalty or Referral bonus from Medical Solutions!

As we welcome February, many of us are still paying off December’s Christmas gifts, January’s new gym memberships, and winter’s high heating bills (thanks, polar vortex!). So wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra money come your way?

Luckily, you can put a little extra padding in your wallet with Medical Solutions’ Loyalty and Referral Bonus Programs.

We are continuing our Loyalty Program in 2014, allowing all of our Travelers the chance to earn an extra $600 for every 600 hours worked with us. Another great thing about this program is that there is nothing for you to register for or keep track of. We automatically tally all eligible hours worked, and when you hit 600 hours you’ll be paid a $600 bonus. Then, the clock starts over and when you hit another 600 hours you get another $600! And so on … Click here for full details on the Loyalty Program.

Our Referral Program is another great opportunity to earn some extra cash and help get your friends working with a great Travel Nurse company. Plus, you can refer as many people as you like and you don’t even have to be a Medical Solutions employee to refer someone and claim the bonus! For every successful referral you send us — that’s a nurse who signs a contract with Medical Solutions and works at least 30 days — you’ll get $500, a laptop, or a $500 Apple gift card. Click here for full details on the Referral Program.

Remember, both the Loyalty Program and Referral Program allow you to earn multiple bonuses. There is no limit on how many times you can earn either of them!

So, what will you spend your Loyalty or Referral Bonus on? Share your ideas in the comments.


Improving Technology for You

medical solutions nurse portalAs you may know, it’s our goal to give you the best customer experience possible. Your time as a healthcare professional is valuable, that’s why we want to make sure we make things easy and convenient. With that in mind, we’re designing a… tah-dah! Nurse Portal (still thinking of a cool name for this.)

Ultimately, the nurse portal will be an online personal profile you can login to from your home computer, mobile phone or tablet. The goal is to be a tool where you will be able to track all of your paperwork, timesheets or anything you would like to see about an assignment.

But, we need your help! Please tell us what YOU would like to see in the nurse portal. Any suggestions are welcome, be creative! You can leave your suggestions and ideas here.


Loyalty Program Carrying Over to 2013!

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusSince all of our Travelers have made our loyalty program such a success, we’ve decided to carry it over to 2013.  Any of the hours you have worked with Medical Solutions in 2012 carry over to the new year,  so you can keep accruing to reach your goal of 600 hours!

Not familiar with our loyalty program? It’s simple. 600 hours = $600.

We love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us, and we are excited we can reward them for that loyalty. If you have questions about your current hours or loyalty program status, contact your Career Consultant. 866.633.3548

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.




Goodbye Tube TV, Hello Flat Screen.

Medical Solutions now Offers 32" Flat Screens in Housing

Medical Solutions Now Offers 32

No more 19″ tube televisions!  Medical Solutions is now offering 32″ inch flat screen TVs when travelers take our housing. This option had been offered in the past on request, but is now a standard at no additional cost.

Along with the new and improved technology, Medical Solutions housing is always paid, private, fully-furnished and pet friendly. We also offer paid utilities and provide a $50 reimbursement per month for phone and cable service, a total of $100 monthly, unless provided by housing unit.

Visit our housing page to learn more.



We have launched a new travel nurse loyalty program

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusWe love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us so much that take assignment after assignment. And now we are excited to be offering our new 2012 Loyalty Program so we can reward them for that loyalty.

The program is super simple. We made it that way for two reasons.

First, you have enough to worry about while you are a travel nurse so we did not want to add to that.

And second, we wanted a program that didn’t take a magnifying glass and calculus degree to figure out if you qualified or what your hours were.

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.

Click here to read the press release.