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Snapchat Travel Nurse Takeover Videos

Travel Nurse videos

Learn from real-life Travel Nurses as you plan your next adventure!

Back in February, Medical Solutions partnered with our pal Ryan to do a Travel Nurse Takeover of our Snapchat. It was super cool to get this glimpse into real Travelers’ lives, because while there are many great resources out there to help you prepare for a career in Travel Nursing, being able to journey along with fellow Travelers as they navigate work and play was informative and fun!

The videos were so awesome that we saved them to a special Snapchat Travel Nurse Takeover YouTube playlist so Travel Nurses everywhere can still check them out and learn from them.

Medical Solutions Travelers Emily, Katie, Jock, Ally, Joslyn, Ryan, Kourtney, Melissa, and Jonny share their thoughts on everything from traveling with pets to traveling as a couple, recruiter recommendations, and tons more. The best part though is going along with them as they explore locations in Washington, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, and more!

Check our part of Ally and Kourtney’s takeovers below, and be sure to watch all of the awesome Traveler Takeover videos on our YouTube playlist!


Get Social with Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions Travel Nurse visits the Jefferson Memorial One of the most rewarding things for our internal team at Medical Solutions is being able to interact with all of our excellent Travelers. We love it when Travelers stop by one of our offices to say hi and we get the chance to shake their hands and thank them — like when Barb H. visited us in Omaha and we got to surprise her with the Traveler of the Month award.

Aside from face-to-face meetings, it’s also super fun to be able to follow the adventures of our Travel Nurses via social media, and we really enjoy the chance to connect via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. We love getting to know you all in this online way, and when you hashtag your posts #medicalsolutions it’s even easier for us to see your posts and live vicariously through your many amazing adventures. For three great examples, check out the posts from Medical Solutions Travelers that we’ve included in this blog.  Medical Solutions Travel Nurses


It’s a well-known fact that Medical Solutions Travel Nurses provide excellent patient care across the nation, so we love it when you send pics or share statuses about your very important work. Outside of the unit, it’s also really cool to get to know that so many of you are not only talented healthcare pros, but also mountain climbers, scuba divers, foodies, sports fans, pet lovers, and so much more — and that very often you’re out there sharing the fun with friends, family, and coworkers.

Medical Solutions Travel Nurses



Want to share your Travel Nurse adventures and get to see those of your peers? Be sure to follow, friend, fan, and like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. In addition to tales of adventures in Travel Nursing, you’ll also find awesome tips, tidbits, memes, and news across our social media channels.

Whatever social media platform you’re on, check the #medicalsolutions hashtag to get to know some of your fellow Travelers — and don’t forget to file your posts with #medicalsolutions to share all the fun from your exciting Travel Nurse assignments.


Best Spots for Summer Travel Nurse Assignments

Ah, those lazy, hazy days of summer. Well, maybe not quite lazy for hardworking Travel Nurses on summer contracts. You may have to work, but you want to enjoy the fairer season too. Luckily, populations in need of healthcare tend to flock to great summer states creating a need for Travel Nurses to follow. So what are some of the best spots for a summer Travel Nurse assignment?

North CarolinaNC Beach 2

The Tar Heel State has it all. From mountain-nestled, arts-centric Asheville in the west all the way east to Cape Hatteras and NC’s beautiful beach scene. Hop on the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, known as one of the U.S.’s most scenic drives — 469 miles through the Appalachian Mountains, from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Shenandoah Skyline Drive. Along whatever portion of the drive you take there are great stop-off points, from Mount Mitchell (the eastern U.S.’s highest peak) to scattered quaint towns with excellent Carolina BBQ. Beat the summer heat at Linville Caverns where you can explore the inside of a mountain and the temp is a cool 52 degrees year-round. Thirsty for more? Visit New Bern, NC, the birthplace of Pepsi. Click here to view North Carolina jobs.


AZ SunsetArizona

Summer in the desert can be a sweaty affair, but Arizona has so much going it for it that with the modern wonder of A/C, the classic wonder of cold iced tea, and all the fun in store you won’t mind the heat. There’s actually a lot of aquatic fun to be had here in the desert, from Lake Havasu (known as “Arizona’s playground”) to Salt River (famous for its tubing trips) to fishing hub Lake Pleasant. A summer here practically requires you visit the Grand Canyon, one of America’s most amazing natural wonders. On the city side, visit the many museums, shops, sporting events and other attractions of Phoenix’s metropolitan hub. Arizona is also world-famous for its spas so you can relax there in style. And, Arizona’s brilliant sunsets are at their prettiest in summer months. Kick back after a hard day’s work and gaze at the orange-purple-pink sky splendor. Click here to view Arizona jobs.



If you prefer a slightly cooler climate, Washington State is a great bet for a summer contract. The Evergreen State boasts that iconic Pacific Northwest outdoor beauty, from Mount Rainier to Olympic National Park, and beyond. Use the ferry system to visit the various island communities off the coast, enjoying the journey across the magnificent Puget Sound. Seattle has it all when it comes to culture, concerts, sports, shops, restaurants. Spend a lazy day perusing the famous Pike Street Market and feast on some of the country’s best seafood. Don’t forget the Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Gasworks Park, and various botanical gardens, arboretums and museums like the hip Experience Music Project and the Museum of Flight. Click here to view Washington jobs.


Welcome to Georgia


The South is so much fun in the summer and there’s a reason why folks have Georgia on their minds. Atlanta offers big city excitement and a host of metropolitan attractions as well as being home to great athletics like the Atlanta Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, and, for racing fans, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, host to NASCAR, Friday Night Drags, car shows, and other races. As for the outdoors, Stone Mountain is the most popular destination with camping, amusement park rides, golf, a Swiss-style cable car skyride, historic tours, museums, a scenic railroad and more. Georgia’s landscape is also great for growing grapes and the state is dotted with wineries. Don’t forget to savor the simple pleasure of a perfectly ripe Georgia summer peach. . Click here to view Georgia jobs.



Happy Nurses Week to our Fabulous Travelers!

Welcome to VegasJoin us as we celebrate this year’s Nurses Week, May 6-12, in grand Las Vegas style. Roll the dice on one of our daily Vegas-themed contests for your chance to win prizes such as iPad Minis, 3-piece luggage sets, gift cards galore, and even a trip for two to Las Vegas in October to attend the 2013 Travelers Conference.

Make sure to get in on all the sin city fun with these entertaining daily Facebook contests: RN Roulette Sweepstakes, “Let’s See Your Poker Face” Photo Contest, Hunka Hunka Caption Contest, “Viva Las Vegas” Trivia Game, and the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” Instant Win Game. This year each contest will have two winners daily, so you can participate no matter which shift you’re on!

Career Consultants will be circulating details on how to win some of these great prizes, along with regular updates on all of the festivities. More details are available at We Love Our

We also present Nurses of Tomorrow, our second annual scholarship competition, in honor of Nurses Week. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate nursing students in need of a little financial relief on their paths to becoming part of the next wave of skilled nurses, leaders, and educators, and easing the nursing shortage. Applicants will be judged on several criteria, including a 250-word essay answering the question: “What do you feel are the most important components needed for quality nursing care?” Three lucky winners will receive $1000 scholarships. Be sure to share this great opportunity with aspiring nurses you may know. For the full criteria and fine print on the competition, click here. Applications are due by June 6, 2013. 

At Medical Solutions we like make a BIG deal this time of year, because recognizing and honoring hardworking nurses is a VERY BIG deal to us. Thanks so much for all you do!



Halloween Costume Photo Contest

travel nurse halloween costume photo contestWe want to see your most adorable, cute and scary costumes for this year’s Halloween Photo Contest. Enter a photo of your costume, your kids’ or even your pets’ photo for a chance to win a $200 Gift Card to!

We encourage you to share your photos and have your friends vote for your costumes.  Winner will be the photo with the most votes and Medical Solutions’ staff. The photo contest runs from Friday, October 26th to Friday, November 2nd. Please visit the Medical Solutions’ Halloween Photo Contest to enter.


RN to BSN Enrollment for Travel Nurses

Rn to BSN Program for Travel Nurses Medical SolutionsReady to upgrade your education from RN to BSN? Medical Solutions’ partnership with University of Saint Mary allows us to provide you with a full-financial assistance package (including books and tuition) to help you earn your BSN.

Curriculum is completed 100% online and is flexible, with no campus visits to attend (until graduation day). You are eligible for the program as long as you’re traveling with us and taking no more than two classes per term.

The admission process is similar to other traditional collegiate institutions, the main difference being there are six different start dates, allowing you to schedule around your own time. Next enrollment start date is October 22, 2012!

Read more about our RN to BSN program.


Find the Football Scavenger Hunt!


Are you ready for football season? We sure are!

contests for nurses

Kicking off Wednesday Sept 5th, we will be placing 15 Medical Solutions footballs throughout our website. Those that find the footballs and correctly identify the website page title that it is on, will be entered to win the First Prize of $200 to Football Fanatics or the second prize of $50 to Football Fanatics.

For complete details on how to play, visit Find the Football.



Ask A Travel Nurse Recruiter: How negotiable are travel nursing contracts?

Travel Nursing Contracts


How negotiable are travel nursing contracts?


A good contract will lay out everything in writing that was discussed about the position when you and your recruiter were in the early stages of submitting your profile for the position. There shouldn’t be any surprises once you receive your contract, and you will want to make sure to read through it thoroughly to ensure the verbiage makes sense to you.

You may or may not have the option to negotiate certain terms of your contract once you have received it. Certain parts of a contract are legal obligations that the company or hospital has in place that cannot be negotiated. Examples of these may include confidentiality agreements, breach of contract, incident reporting, etc. Some facilities have cancellation policies or other requirements for background testing, medical documentation, etc. that are also non-negotiable.

Many travelers want to negotiate the pay once they have received their contracts. Depending on the relationship you have with your recruiter, ideally you should know before receiving the contract what your hourly pay, stipend amounts (if applicable), and overtime pay rate will be. I would definitely encourage you to have an open discussion with your recruiter about your pay and benefit expectations before getting too far into the submittal and interview process. If you wait until you are getting interviews, only to find out that the pay is not going to meet your expectations, it will have been a waste of your time, not to mention the company’s and hospital’s time.

Bottom line, it never hurts to ask for more. But, if you did agree to the terms of the pay before receiving the contract and the company is unable to give you more money after you receive the contract, it would not be professional at that point to turn down the contract for that reason. It’s a different story if the company verbally committed to pay terms before you received the contract and the contract shows something completely different. That’s why it is very important to choose a good recruiter & company early in the game so you have a trust and rapport developed, the lines of communication are completely open, and you know that your best interests are being met.

Saving money tip: The IRS allows for non-taxable meals and incidentals when traveling based on defined IRS guidelines. That information can be found at their website and I encourage all travelers to review it.



Recruiter of the Year

recruiter of the yearIs your recruiter beyond amazing?  Why not show them some love? Healthcare Traveler is hosting it’s 11th annual “Recruiter of the Year” Award.

To vote you must have worked with the recruiter during the 2012 year. Also, the recruiter must currently be employed at a professional placement capacity at a travel staffing agency or travel division. If you would like to nominate your recruiter, click here.



Tara’s Tips for Nurse Wellness: Water Water Water

Water. This clear, tasteless liquid is vital to our health. It is the main component of the human body with approximately 2/3 of the human body consisting of water. Consuming an adequate amount of water benefits the body in numerous ways, below are just a few of those benefits:

  • Moisturizes the air in lungs
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Protects our vital organs
  • Helps our organs to absorb nutrients better
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Detoxifies
  • Protects and moisturizes our joints
  • Fluid retention is alleviated
  • Liver functions improve, which increases the percentage of fat used for energy(fat loss)
  • Appetite decreases significantly
  • Metabolic functions improve
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen into cells

The sum of all of the previously stated benefits can equal a much improved state of health and fitness. Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. That is why it is so important to drink enough fluid. An individual should drink at minimum 64 ounces of water a day. Individuals who are trying to decrease body fat should up their water intake by an additional 8 or more ounces per day. Increased exercise levels, especially in hot weather, also create a need to increase water consumption. Overall, the human body performs daily functions more efficiently with adequate amounts of water intake.

It is especially important for nurses to consume plenty of water so that they can perform at optimal levels no matter what shift they are working. Fatigue and headache can be a sign of dehydration. Drink water at every break and throughout your shift so that you stay hydrated and keep your body and your mind functioning at its best.



by Tara Trofholz, BS in Exercise Physiology, Team Manager at Medical Solutions