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Educational Resources Page on

Have you checked out the Medical Solutions’ Educational Resources page ?travel nursing

Our website is not only a good tool to learn about Medical Solutions, but it’s filled with great content to help you throughout your assignments. Learn travel nurse tips on orientation, perfecting your interview, questions to ask your recruiter, making the most of your new location and city suggestions for your next assignment.

Plus, there are several tools and social sites you can join to meet and keep in touch with fellow travelers. Don’t miss out on these great resources to make your travel nurse experience the best it can be.



14 Questions for Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

questions to ask your recruiter

Having a good recruiter is very important to your travel nursing career. They should be there for you through the good and bad assignments, helping you succeed each step of the way. But, how do you know which recruiter will be best for you?

Why not interview a few recruiters to get an idea of that will be like when you need them most. We’ve complied 14 questions for you to ask your future recruiter to make sure they are the right fit for you.

Download the PDf, “14 Questions for Your Travel Nurse Recruiter.”



Medical Solutions First Pinterest Contest “i heart traveling”

pinterest contest

We are very excited to launch the first Pinterest Contest in the Travel Nurse industry!

From June 11th through June 29th, Pinterest users are encouraged to create a board with pinned images that correspond to 7 travel-themed descriptions which will be provided. Boards will be judged based on uniqueness, creativity, travel spirit and adherence to the guidelines. The winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Please visit for official rules. You can also follow us on Pinterest @MedSolutions. Happy Pinning!



Tara’s Tips for Nurse Wellness: Getting Rid of Love Handles

nurse wellnessby Tara Trofholz, BS in Exercise Physiology, Team Manager at Medical Solutions

Summer is just around the corner and most people can find an area on their body they would like to see a little smaller, a little firmer, or a little gone.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to spot reduce body fat in any one area or to “tone” fat.  Therefore, in order to make those love handles or hippy hips disappear, we must create an energy deficit.

An energy deficit means that the amount of calories burned exceeds the amount of calories consumed.  Some may respond to this by simply consuming less food (calories),  but exercise not only burns up to 600 calories an hour, it makes us feel good and maintains our overall health.  The key to successfully seeing those hard worked muscles and shedding the pounds is to combine cardiovascular training designed to burn calories, calories and more calories with weight training and a balanced diet.

Fortunately, nurses have a fast paced job that happens to burn a lot of calories.  A 12-hour nursing shift can burn anywhere from 1,000-3,000 calories depending on the activities of that day and your weight. Burning this many calories usually results in you being famished by the end of your shift. It’s tempting to get off and fill yourself with poorly chosen and high caloric fast food, don’t.  Many nurses do not realize come dinner time, they are eating back all the calories they burned that day. Take the time to plan out healthy meals and monitor your calories.

The bottom line is this:  You must burn more calories than you consume in order to see changes in the way your body looks.



3rd Annual Nurses Week T-Shirt Design Contest


Have a funny T-shirt design you’ve been dying to make? Now’s your chance! We’ve just launched our 3rd annual Nurses Week Humerus T-Shirt Design Contest!

Big prizes on the line including an iPad3, iPod Nano and $100 iTunes gift card, plus vouchers to and provides a simple yet powerful design tool makes it easy to submit a t-shirt design for the Nurses Week Contest!

This is just the start to our Nurses Week celebration, which officially kicks off May 6th. Click on the link for details.


0 Discount for Our Travelers


Sick Dog Discount with Medical Solutions

We are proud to announce yet another pet friendly discount. All of our Travelers can now enjoy 10% off to keep their furry pals healthy. is a licensed pharmacy carrying all major brand medications sold at your veterinarian’s office. To see all pet benefits and why we continue to be the most pet friendly Travel Nurse company, visit Be sure to contact your Career Consultant so you can receive your 10% discount to


Student Guide to Travel Nursing


Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Medical Solutions Student Guide to Travel Nursing

Do you dream of  becoming a travel nurse after graduation,  but aren’t really sure where to start?

Let the adventure begin! We’ve designed an easy step by step Student Guide to Travel Nursing. Detailing topics from education and experience to finding a travel nurse company, we’ll send you on the right path for success.

Travel the country, meet new people, make great money and receive paid housing – all while helping others. The student guide is currently posted on the Medical Solutions website and is also available in a printable version. Happy travels!



Announcing Medical Solutions New Petnerships

Save 10% with Medical Solutions Petnerships

Save 10% with Medical Solutions Petnerships!

Great more news for our Travelers with pets! We have now partnered with two pet-centric companies that are offering our Travelers an exclusive discount.

The first, a 10% discount on all pet products at This online only store has anything from aquarium needs to dog food and even offers free shipping. What better way for our Traveler’s to shop for their furry, fuzzy, feathered, scaly friends, all from the comforts of home.

The second 10% discount is for pet relocation services. specializes in the safe and humane transport of live animals.  They work with all parties involved in the process ensuring the requirements are met properly and the pet’s welfare remains the primary concern throughout the entire relocation process.  We know there’s a lot on our Traveler’s mind when moving to a new city, and we believe their pet’s move should be one less thing for them to worry about!

Call a career consultant at 866.633.3548 or chat live today to take advantage of these great discounts.


New Profiles for Your Pets


We want to know! has added a new feature, your pet’s profile. We want to know all about your furry, feathered or scaly friends, so we can take care of them when you are traveling. What’s their name? What’s their favorite treat? And add a picture, so we can see just how darn cute they are.

Visit the pet profile page on Just another reason why we are the pet-friendlist travel nursing company. Oh! and if mom or dad hasn’t filled out their own profile yet, you get a free t-shirt just for telling us about your travel nurse experience.


The Superb Bowl Contest is here!

iStock_000010681073XSmallJoin us on Facebook to participate in the first annual Superb Bowl Contest. The person to answer each of the outcome questions to the big game this Sunday correctly (or the closest) wins a $250 TicketMaster voucher to attend any pro game they wish. In case of a tie, winner will be chosen at random. Like us Facebook and play!