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Our traveler room is now dog friendly

If you thought about stopping by and visiting our travel nurse’s lounge aptly named the “ICU: Impressive Care Unit” but didn’t know what you would do with your dog, stop worrying and come on in. We would love for them to try out our new doggy bed. Just one more way we try to be the pet friendliest travel nursing company around.

travel nursing dog



Check out this week’s awesome traveler story

travel nurse“When I found Medical Solutions I knew I found a good friend in my recruiter. She has held my hand through the whole process of my journey into travel nursing.

I decided to go into travel nursing so I could see family in Washington state and Texas. What a great experience my first hospital was. Great nurses and wonderful doctors and all were so helpful and excited to have me.

On my off days I have been to most of the mountains in the area, walking on hiking trails which have taken me by breathtaking waterfalls and experienced the Columbia River Gorge. I even got in some skiing. With this present assignment I already have nurses and doctors telling me about other places I should go to before I leave. I had the time off to visit my daughter and help her pick out a wedding dress. Then I went on to my next assignment and my recruiter arranged the timing so I could do all this.

I am so happy I made the choice to travel.”

ER (Emergency Room)
Healthcare Traveler

Travel nursing with your family. Can it be done?

Travel nurse and son at beach
Have you considered travel nursing but weren’t sure it was going to work for you because you have a family? Then make sure you check out a series of posts we have done at Travel Nursing that give advice on how to be a traveler with a family, regardless of your family’s makeup.


Meet Doug, one of our great travel nursing Career Consultants

Doug“I have been a Career Consultant here at Medical Solutions for close to five years. It is the best place I have ever worked. I get a chance to speak and work with great nurses throughout the United States everyday and it makes my job very enjoyable. My family is full of nurses so it is kind of in my blood to work in the medical field. 

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors. Whether that being playing sports, hunting, fishing, and coaching my son’s t-ball team.”


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Our Traveler’s Lounge has an offical new name!

traveler's loungeAfter weeks of brainstorming (by us and you) our decked out traveler’s lounge has an official name:

“ICU: Impressive Care Unit”

And the winner is… Charity, congrats to her for coming up with the most brilliant name for our new Traveler’s Lounge.

Here is a link to the video of the ICU: Impressive Care Unit.


Check out this week’s awesome traveler story

DarleanI have been working with Medical Solutions since 11/2010. I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Allen, my Career Consultant, and he has been a wonderful resource to make my experience professional and prosperous. My experience has had its pros and cons, but no job is perfect. Always put on a professional face, positive attitude, and a smile. When you combine these three things together you will represent the agency and yourself well, and also get more offers from that facility. 

I have had moments where I was not happy with a situation with my assignment, but because I have proven myself to be a great asset to the facility, I have been able to turn the situation around to my advantage. Use travel to your advantage and enjoy the ride.”


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Stop by and visit Medical Solutions!

Is the drive to your assignment taking you through (or even close to) Omaha, Nebraska?

If so we would love for you to stop by on your way to your travel nursing assignment. Meeting our travelers face to face is one of our favorite things to do and we want you to feel like you part of our family.

Plus now when you stop by you can put your feet up and relax in comfort in our new Traveler Welcome Room. You can catch a movie, read a book, get a foot massage or just take a minute to stretch out on a couch before you finish the drive. If you have kids with you we have goodies for them too.

And if you have time you can even get a behind the scenes tour of what goes on at a travel nursing company and get a glimpse of what your Career Consultants day is like.

Oh yeah and our address is: 9101 Western Ave., STE 101 Omaha, NE 68114


Check out this article about one of our travel nurses

travel nurseIf you are just considering travel nursing or working with Medical Solutions then you should definitely read this article. It is all about her adventures and the life of a travel nurse.

Here is the link: It’s the nomad’s life for Gallatin native Shelly Taul


Deals for travel nurses at Travel Nursing

By now you have probably heard of group coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social. Sites like those are great for finding ways to have fun at a low cost during your travel nursing assignments and now over at Travel Nursing you can find them all in one spot in the city your assignment is in.

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