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Roundup River Ranch 2016: Adrienne’s Adventure

adrienne.picTravel Nurse Brings Fun to Summer Camp

All summer long, Medical Solutions has been following our Travel Nurses at Roundup River Ranch, a special summer camp for kids with serious illnesses. We’ve featured Kelli’s journey and Lisa’s story, and today we’ll take a final look at the Colorado-based camp with the adventures of Travel Nurse Adrienne C., BSN, RN.

Thanks for chatting with Medical Solutions, Adrienne. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been an ER nurse for the last 6 ½ years and started Travel Nursing a little over a year ago.

Adrienne C., BSN, RN believes Roundup River Ranch helps remind caretakers to have fun with their patients.

Adrienne C., BSN, RN helps her patients smile with a dose of pure fun. She believes Roundup River Ranch reminds caretakers that laughter can sometimes be the best medicine.

How did you hear about Roundup River Ranch, and what first inspired you to work there?

Last year, I worked for the last half of the summer at Roundup River Ranch. I couldn’t come up for the full summer because I was still on contract. When I first started traveling, I had Colorado on my bucket list.  So, after I read the Medical Solutions email introducing the camp, I thought about what an awesome opportunity it would be to have that experience.

The challenge of trying something new with a population I was not 100% familiar with intrigued me and inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. I looked forward to getting a break from the usual hospital scene, the chance to take care of people who, although they may have extensive medical problems, aren’t acutely ill and supporting their health, and enjoying a Colorado summer outdoors.

How has your camp experience at Roundup River Ranch changed your personal and professional outlook?

Camp has given me a renewed sense of compassion. Caring for these kids while they have the time of their life and simply being a part of the magic has done wonders for my general outlook on those with major or chronic illnesses. So often, I had thought of all the negative aspects, what they could not or ought not be able to do. Then, I witnessed what happens when they feel empowered — it’s amazing what they’re able to accomplish.

I’ve learned to honor their independence and to work with them on their terms to accomplish their goals. (Even if it sometimes takes the patience of a saint.) It’s worth it to see them succeed. It is these successes that enables them to come home with more confidence and a sense of normalcy. These children have definitely made me a better nurse — I am now a wiser, more patient, and more empathetic person. I needed to remember that it’s OK to be silly and have fun while providing care.

What types of memories from this camp will you take back to your life as an RN?

My most vivid memories include meaningful conversations with the campers — I enjoyed watching them light up as they made new friends, tried something new, or overcame a fear or obstacle. I’ll remember the early mornings, the late nights, and the satisfying exhaustion that comes with knowing you did everything to ensure your campers had the best experience.

For me, some of the most rewarding moments happened when my campers revealed they loved their time here so much that they hoped to come back as counselors, nurses, and doctors to emulate those they have met. The staff I’ve worked with here have been phenomenal and inspirational in their efforts to provide life-changing moments for these campers.Roundup River Ranch LogoWhat would you tell other nurses about this camp and would you recommend going back?

I believe every nurse should have the opportunity to come here. Assuming they have a passion for nursing, caring for children, and be willing to put in some long work days! I tell other nurses about the pure joy you get to see, the extraordinary level of dedication from staff and volunteers, and the opportunity to influence lives for the better. A dream of mine would be to continue coming back year after year.

What will you miss the most when camp is over?

In short, the atmosphere. Here is a place where everyone wants to do their absolute best and that creates an environment where one could believe in moving mountains. It is so uplifting and refreshing here. It makes it difficult to reenter the outside world of healthcare.

If you think you’d like to join Adrienne next summer at Roundup River Ranch as a Travel Nurse, contact your Medical Solutions Career Consultant today. You can also visit to learn more about this incredible summer camp experience.


Roundup River Ranch 2016: Lisa’s Story

Travel Nurse Bonds With Kids at Summer Camp

This month, we continue our inside look at the incredible work being done at Roundup River Ranch, a free summer camp for children with severe diseases. Medical Solutions, a longtime supporter of this cause, has donated more than $5,000 directly to the Colorado-based camp this year, helped recruit some of the nurses, and funded a portion of their pay for the summer.

One such Medical Solutions Travel Nurse, Lisa, S., RN, joins us today to explain why her Travel Nursing experience this summer has reinforced her desire to help children.

Travel Nurse Lisa

Lisa S., RN, won’t soon forget the lessons she learned from the kids at Roundup River Ranch.

Thanks for chatting with Medical Solutions, Lisa. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure, I’m an RN specializing in Emergency Room nursing, and I’ve been a nurse for 6 years. I started traveling about 15 months ago. This is my first summer at Roundup River Ranch.

What inspired you to work there for the summer?

I worked as a camp counselor each summer between the ages of 14-21 and loved it. I never expected that I’d be able to return to camp as an adult. At my last assignment at Children’s Hospital, I spoke with a number of nurses there who had volunteered at Roundup River Ranch. They all had wonderful experiences. The decision basically made itself. I feel incredibly lucky to work with an amazing cadre of medical professionals and absolutely awe-inspiring kids. Plus, it’s so fun to be in here in the Colorado mountains in gorgeous weather!

How did you hear about this opportunity? From my incredible recruiter Keahna W. at Medical Solutions (thank you Keahna!)

How has your camp experience at Roundup River Ranch changed your personal and professional outlook?

My time at Children’s gave me a peek at how incredible and resilient children with chronic illness can be. My time at camp has given me the chance to actually get to know them, care for them for a longer time, and appreciate their experiences so much more. This camp leaves me so much more excited for more experience working with children. I also have a better understanding now of what I’m capable of as a nurse and as a person.

What types of memories from this camp will you take back to your life as an RN?

I will remember numerous smiling faces, and kids of all ages conquering their fears in favor of fun and joy. I also won’t forget the incredible bond I made with my Roundup family.

Which ones stand out as the most rewarding and why?

The most rewarding part was watching these kids overcome their personal obstacles. I witnessed pure joy in the face of so many challenges. We all have obstacles we face, and the degree of grace that we approach them with varies. Personally, I know I have been guilty of making a small problem into a much larger one in my head. These children really put things into perspective, and I hope to truly draw upon these memories moving forward in my life.

What wouldRoundup River Ranch Logo you tell other nurses about this camp and would you recommend going back?

I would definitely recommend going back. I would tell other nurses that in some ways you will work harder and longer then you ever have before, but it will be so worth it!

What will you miss the most when camp is over?

I’ll miss the kids, the family we have here at camp, and the beauty of living in the mountains.

If you loved reading about Lisa’s summer, look for the final installment on Medical Solutions’ Roundup River Ranch series next month. You can also look back on Kelli C’s experience at the camp here or learn more about this amazing summer camp at


Roundup River Ranch 2016: Kelli’s Journey

Roundup River Ranch provides a safe space for children with serious illnesses to experience the joys of summer camp.

Travel Nurse Finds Inspiration at Special Summer Camp

Roundup River Ranch, initially envisioned by actor Paul Newman, is a free summer camp for children with serious illnesses. With medical support from healthcare professionals, these children can try activities they’ve never done before, build their confidence, and make new friendships.

Medical Solutions, a proud contributor to this amazing program, has inspired several Travel Nurses to work at the Colorado-based camp. You can read more about Medical Solutions’ past involvement here.

This summer, three Travel Nurses have shared their journeys of self-discovery at Roundup River Ranch. Take a second to read about Kelli C., NRP, RN, and her incredible experience at the camp so far:


Kelli C., NRP, RN, believes Roundup River Ranch rejuvenated her passion for nursing.

Thanks for taking the time to chat today, Kelli. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I am a Paramedic/RN. I am currently a flight nurse for Medical Air Rescue based in Rapid City, SD.  I was a Travel Nurse from 2012 until June 2015. Medical Solutions has kept in contact with me since my departure from travel life, and thus, I found my way to Roundup River Ranch this summer. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience. It was definitely God putting me right where I needed to be!”

What inspired you to work at Roundup River Ranch for the summer?

“This is my first summer at Roundup River Ranch. Honestly, what isn’t inspiring about this camp? After I submitted my application, I immediately went to their website. I fell in love with the kids and their stories.

I love working with kids, and unfortunately, I usually only get to see them in their most critical-life-threatening moments. I found myself smiling, and a little emotional as I browsed through the photo gallery, read testimonies, and reviews. I knew coming to Roundup River Ranch was exactly what I was looking for. The peace in my heart was overwhelming.”

How has your camp experience at Roundup River Ranch changed your personal and professional outlook?  Would you say you’ve become a better nurse?

“No one can prepare you for your experience at Roundup River Ranch. For me it began as a struggle. I grew up in an alcohol and drug infested family, and lived half of my life on the reservation. Working in emergency medicine had also hardened my emotions and the ability to feel those emotions.

Camp training seemed very similar to what I would call “group therapy.” I was reluctant to participate, and noticed an uncomfortable anxiety in myself. For so many years, I had not allowed myself to feel — I have always been the person in control, strong-willed, and the one people come to for support. Honestly, I didn’t know if I could do what was being asked of me. I was in my panic zone and shed many tears multiple nights.

As I continued to stretch myself in the efforts of “caring and sharing,” I realized there is a difference between feeling and feelings, and how disconnected mine had become. I came to realize that It was OK to be human and to feel. I have always viewed vulnerability as weakness, but it’s the exact opposite. Vulnerability takes immense strength.

Once session was in full swing, it finally came full circle for me. I embraced camp! I found myself putting on tutus, random costumes on a daily basis, dancing, being silly, and just being a kid again. Before, I didn’t know if I could take care of the campers, and still interact with them, laugh with them, cry with them. Through the “magic of camp” and God’s grace, I was able to do all of the above.

The support from my co-workers and staff at Roundup River Ranch was over the top. It was also something that has been missing from my adult professional life. It grieves my heart that the field of medicine has a difficult time embracing such a culture. For me, Roundup River Ranch has been a place of healing, and because of this, I am evolving into a new person and a better care provider.”

What types of memories from this camp will you take back to your life as an RN? Which ones stand out as the most rewarding and why?Roundup River Ranch Logo

“I will take all of Roundup River Ranch with me and empower others. I have learned and improved in multiple realms of life. The kids and their stories will be my biggest memory. Their struggle in life is like the challenge course. They have a 40-foot rock wall and 300-foot zip line towering over them, whispering “You can’t.” They nervously put their helmets and harness on, quietly express fears, and cling tightly to staff. But then, the constant cheering and clapping gets them started, and their determination finishes it. Watching this process can only be expressed through shared tears and hugs.”

What would you tell other nurses about this camp and would you recommend going back?

“I would tell other nurses, deep down inside, our professional path can weigh heavily on our souls, whether we want to admit it or not. Sometimes, we need to be a part of the healing process. River Ranch Roundup is that place. It is the place of escape from all that drains our strength and puts us on a destructive path of compassion fatigue. If one lets it, Roundup River Ranch can help begin the process of rejuvenation. I would come back in a heartbeat! Like I mentioned above, the support and enthusiasm is intoxicating.”

What will you miss the most when camp is over?

“I will miss the kids! Their smiles, laughter, dancing, and care-free, no-worries attitudes are refreshing. Their innate strength to fight every day with a positive outlook despite the challenges dealt them is inspiring. I will also miss the supportive environment, staff, and co-workers. Roundup River Ranch wants you to be the best you can be. They meet you right where you are, and help you grow … it’s the magic of camp!”

Stay tuned all summer to read more about Medical Solutions’ Travel Nurses’ amazing stories at the Roundup River Ranch. You can also visit to learn more about this incredible summer camp experience.


Adventures in Travel Nursing: Lauren and Caleb’s Scrub Love

Lauren and CalebFor Medical Solutions Travelers Lauren C. and Caleb C., it’s all about love. Love of nursing, love of traveling, and the love they have for each other!

This dynamic husband and wife duo of nurses is living their dream through Travel Nursing — a journey they document on their awesome blog, Scrub Love.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Lauren and Caleb smiling big in Banff National Park.

“We are so grateful to this company for fueling our adventure,” says Lauren. “We are having the time of our lives!”

Lauren RN, BSN, is an ER nurse and Caleb RN, BSN, is an ICU nurse. Both Lauren and Caleb have five years’ experience in nursing and about 2 years’ experience in Travel Nursing. The couple met in nursing school in Ohio, moved to Lauren’s hometown of Maryland where they were wed, and then packed everything up and hit the road!

“We love traveling together,” says Lauren. “We are each other’s adventure buddies, roomies, co-workers, and each other’s piece of home. Traveling across the country is exciting, but sharing it with my husband makes it that much more special. Dreaming up mini road trips for our days off or grabbing breakfast together after working a night shift — it’s just the best.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

Caleb gets out the map for some adventure scheming.

In addition to all of the awesome traveling they get to do together, Lauren says that Travel Nursing has also helped her and Caleb grow and develop as nurses.

“The professional experience we gain is invaluable. At the end of the day, a STEMI is a STEMI, but each hospital teaches us a little something different,” says Lauren. “I’ve worked with incredible nurses and doctors that have taught me so much and just validate why I love this field. And after a few assignments, we find that we are able to bring a skill set that has taken the best things from each hospital. It feels great to know that you can bring that to each team of nurses that we meet.”

Lauren says Boise has been the couple’s favorite location so far.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

Lauren enjoys the Bavarian charm of Leavenworth, Washington.

“It was a total surprise to us! We were waiting for our Washington licenses to go through so our Career Consultant Eileen suggested Idaho,” says Lauren. “She totally understands our adventurous hearts so we just trusted her. So glad we did! It’s the best ‘little big city.’ All the big city fun with a small town friendly/walkable/safe feel. We lived right downtown. We biked everywhere, floated the river that runs through the city, hit all the breweries and made amazing friendships. It’s a three-hour drive from the Sawtooth Mountains, which quickly became our favorite place in the country to camp. All the raw beauty without the people! Kayaking and rafting are also an hour away. The active, outdoor mentality was just right for us. That why we are headed back for our second summer there!”

Lauren and Caleb document all of their awesome adventures outdoorsy and urban adventures on their blog Scrub Love. If you’re looking for some inspiration for Travel Nursing, then you will absolutely LOVE their vibrant photos and sweet storytelling, peppered with perfectly insightful quotes.

“We love sharing our adventures with our family and friends across the country,” says Lauren. “It’s also become a scrap book of our trips that we will be able to look back on one day.”

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

A beautiful day in Yosemite!

In addition to all of the gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes, and pictures of them with friends and family, the duo came up with a neat little initiative in 2015 called “The Foot Project.”

“We love taking pictures. But can you imagine how many pictures we’ll have after a few years of traveling to all these awesome places?! Too many to do anything with. So, I wanted to do something where at the end of this chapter in our lives, we could quickly flip through some highlights. The feet pictures seemed just right. We take them constantly. Every time we take a hike or explore a new city I am figuring out where to get the best shot. It takes a bit of skill too. Many involve us in a Pilates-esque V pose with our feet in the air. Good for the core. The other reason we decided on the feet — do you know what your face looks like after a 14-mile hike up a mountain?! Not the best! But our feet, sure that’s fine,” says Lauren.

Here’s a quick sampling of Lauren and Caleb’s Foot Project:

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Autumn in Boise.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Live from Red Rocks Amphitheater!

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Relaxing at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Having a hammock of a time in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Harvesting their own oysters on Quilcene Beach in Washington.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Dog sledding in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

If you share Lauren and Caleb’s love of taking amazing pictures to document your travels, be sure to enter Medical Solutions’ Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest, which goes through June 1, 2016, for the chance to win one of eight $250 Amazon gift cards.
And remember, if you need any photo or travel inspiration, you will find it in spades over at Lauren and Caleb’s Scrub Love blog. We wish many more days of happy traveling to this dynamic, happy couple!

Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest!

Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest

Attention, Travel Nurse shutterbugs! Enter the Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest for the chance to win one of eight $250 Amazon gift cards. The first 250 entrants will also receive a sweet Travel Nurse t-shirt just for playing!

Travel Nurse New York
The many sights and special moments you experience on your journey as a Travel Nurse are truly amazing. We love sharing Traveler stories on this blog and we hear great ones all the time from our network of awesome Travel Nurses.
We hope you’ve been gathering photographic evidence of all the beautiful sights you’ve seen, because now’s your chance to share your story and pictures from your adventures in Travel Nursing by entering Medical Solutions’ Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest.


Details and PrizesTravel Nurse Kayaks
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  • We want all kinds of photos in the four categories below — photos taken by you and photos of you. Show us your good side and get creative!
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  • The contest closes June 1, 2016, so there’s plenty of time if you need to ramp up your photo album.
  • This contest is a snap to enter. Simply enter your info, upload your photos, and share your story.

Travel Nurse FriendsTwo $250 Amazon gift cards will be awarded per each category.

Cityscape/Landscape: You’ve seen it all — from peaceful mountain hikes to bustling city scenes, riverside restaurant patios to picnics in national parks, wildflowers to Willis Tower. Show us the best of nature’s beauty and metropolitan marvels.

Adventure: Let the camera catch you in the act of adventure. Kayaking, zip-lining, snorkeling, riding a rollercoaster, attending your first opera, or maybe even trying sushi for the first time — no adventure is too big or too small for this category.

People: Gosh, you’re good lookin’! Nothing thrills us more than the stunning smiles of happy Travel Nurses. So say “cheese” and show us some great pics of yourself, your traveling companions, and/or new friends you’ve made on the road.

Pets: Make it rain photos of cats and dogs! We know the big picture just wouldn’t be complete for many of you without being able to bring your fur family on the road.

Visit to enter the Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest now!

Dog and Travel Nurse



Adventures in Travel Nursing: Meet Nurse/Author Kelly Moore

Travel Nurse Kelly Moore Broken Pieces

Medical Solutions Traveler/Author Kelly Moore’s book Broken Pieces. A sequel is coming this Spring!

You know that cool moment when newspaperman Clark Kent steps into a phone booth and emerges ready for his second shift as Superman? Well, that’s basically what life must be like for Travel Nurse/Author Kelly Moore.

Kelly is an RN of 12 years and a Traveler since June 2015. Her specialty is in Neuro ICU, but she says she’s learned to work in any ICU through her experiences as a Travel Nurse with Medical Solutions. She’s currently on assignment in Idaho and works with Career Consultant Jen B.

“Oregon, by far, is my favorite place that I have ever been, period,” says Kelly. “I worked in a small hospital in southern Oregon and I fell in love with the people and the state of Oregon. Being an outdoorsy person, I loved the camping, hiking, beaches, lighthouses, and chasing waterfalls.”

Travel Nurse Author Kelly Moore

Kelly is a big fan of the great outdoors.

After her first assignment, Kelly and her husband of 30 years, Roy, bought a fifth wheel. They travel with their 8-year-old lab Cy.

“The dog loves the adventure part as much as my husband and I do,” she says.

But while Kelly is an accomplished Travel Nurse, here’s where the Clark Kent/Superman comparison comes in: She is also author of Broken Pieces, an adult romance novel that tells the story of nurse practitioner Brogan Milby and ex-military yacht builder Kyren Nolan.

“This book moves fast, has some suspense, and lots of steamy scenes with a cliffhanger that left me speechless,” reads one review of the book that garners comparison to the famous 50 Shades of Grey. “Dying to read the rest of their story!”

Cy Broken Pieces

Cy loves reading as much as he loves to travel!

“I’ve always kept journals and I have always had stories in my head — no, not voices, stories,” says Kelly, who had a complete copy of the book done for about a year before she attempted to publish it.

A friend of mine actually encouraged me to send it in, so I did,” she says. “It was only a week later that I received a call that Page Publishing wanted to publish my book.”

Kelly’s sequel to Broken Pieces, Pieced Together, is slated for release in early Spring 2016. In order to better control pricing for her readers, Kelly elected to self-publish Pieced Together, rather than publish again through Page.

“This process has really been a lot of fun,” says Kelly. “I got the chance to interview several editors and ended up with one that I absolutely love. She tells me how it is and has taught me so much about writing. The other fun part was designing my cover. I hired an awesome graphic designer who has worked with me on the ideas that I wanted to convey on the cover. It is not your traditional cover with a hot couple on the front. The message of the book is on the cover.”

Travel Nurse Kelly Moore with Family

Kelly and Roy soak up nature’s beauty with their son Colton and his girlfriend Savannah.

Kelly also says she has learned a lot about promoting her books, and, in the meantime, she has literally kept on truckin’ in her fifth wheel in her other role as a Travel Nurse.

“My husband and I would have never had the chance to see our country without Travel Nursing,” says Kelly. “The memories and the friends we have made we will carry with us the rest of our lives.”

While we didn’t ask her for any writing tips, Kelly was kind enough to share her advice for new Travel Nurses.

“Go into each job with a heart to learn and help your coworkers,” she says. “Just be friendly. Even if I have not liked a facility, I have always liked the people. The people will make all the difference in the world.”

Thanks, Kelly, and best of luck with your exciting double career!

Visit to learn more about this multi-talented Traveler.


Signs You’re a Travel Nurse

The Medical Solutions team created Travel Nurses Day in 2013 as one more way to honor all of the amazing Travelers out there. Once again this year, we had an awesome time celebrating the holiday with you leading up to Travel Nurses Day, October 9, 2015.

One of this year’s contests was the “Signs You’re A Travel Nurse” Instagram contest, and let me just say, many of you and your fellow Travel Nurses totally brought it! There were so many great pics posted on the Instagram hashtag (click here to see them all) showing off the fun and adventures Travelers have while on assignment. Whether it was a literal sign from your travels or a more figurative sign like being on the beach or inside of a glacier (for real; see below!), we want to extend a big thanks to you for sharing your awesome pics. It may sound corny, but you’re all winners to us!

Click here and scroll down to see the names of all the winners from this year’s Travel Nurses Day contests, but in the meantime, check out some of our champs and faves from the “Signs You’re A Travel Nurse” Instagram contest.

Drove through a tree!! #redwoods#bigoldtree #friends #sightseeing#SignsYoureATravelNurse

Drove through a tree!! #redwoods#bigoldtree #friends #sightseeing#SignsYoureATravelNurse

Signs Youre a travel nurse

A day on the ocean, led by captain @kennysteck … A day well spent. Collecting star fish with@janisblessed checking off bucket list items we never knew we had. Dreams come true on 80 degree days in the Prince William Sound. Thank you @kennysteck for such a glorious day taking family out to places we love… I loved my starfish boat!@myhammockplace @leah_carlson@naomicarlson @samcarlson5#medicalsolutions #signsyoureatravelnurse


Love travel nursing #SignsYoureATravelNurse#medicalsolutions




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Last night firsts: first friends over for dinner, first time checking our own crab pots, first time holding a King crab. Shout out to captain@kennysteck ! What a night! We love our new, adventurous friends who rowed out to our crab pots before dinner to see what we could find. #juneauak#ilovecrabbing #signsyoureatravelnurse#medicalsolutions


Words cannot truly express my emotions that I have felt within the last month. With my last day as an employee at Blount Memorial, I have been able to look back and cherish all the memories. I will always hold the happiness, tears, stress and pride that each patient, employee and mentor has instilled in me. It’s hard to believe this small town girl is headed to the big city, but I can’t wait to further my career. Blount Memorial has given me an incredible base as an individual as well as an RN. Please know that I love each and every one of you, you have all influenced and shaped me. I’m taking you all to Atlanta with me.#signsyoureatravelnurse#firsttimetraveler #bigcitylivin#atowndown #medicalsolutions





Sign You're a Travel Nurse

Dreams really do come true#Sprinkles #cupcakeATM #fatkidatheart#thesecondoneisformypup#doggieslovecupcakestoo #Dallas #Texas#travelnurselife

signs youre a travel nurse


Signs Youre A Travel Nurse

Another day in the office#SignsYoureATravelNurse

signs youre a travel nurse

I met some of my ancestors from the 1620’s at Plymouth Plantation today.#signsyoureatravelnurse #medicalsolutions

signs youre a travel nurse

An evening sunset over the harbor after work… Life jacket? Check. Ready. #juneauak #medicalsolutions#signsyoureatravelnurse#alaskaadventures

#signsyoureatravelnurse #medicalsolutions

#signsyoureatravelnurse #medicalsolutions

#signsyoureatravelnurse #medicalsolutions

#signsyoureatravelnurse #medicalsolutions


Adventures in Travel Nursing: Adrienne’s Roundup River Ranch Camp Diary

Roundup RIver RanchTravel Nurse “Dreams Big” at Very Special Summer Camp  

With summer drawing to a close and new Wet Hot American Summer happening on Netflix, it’s totally understandable to be feeling wistful for the good ol’ summer camp experience.Roundup River Ranch Logo

Medical Solutions has had the summer camp bug since this spring, when we learned about Colorado’s Roundup River Ranch — the amazing work they do and the help from nurses they require to do it. We fell in love with this free camp for children suffering from serious diseases and decided to donate $10,000 to support the camp’s efforts and to help them recruit the nurses they needed for a successful summer 2015.

As a result, one lucky, hard-working Medical Solutions Traveler is living the summer camp dream in 2015 at Colorado’s Roundup River Ranch, which was originally the brainchild of actor Paul Newman. Adrienne C., BSN, RN, specializing in ER, has been an important part of the camp’s staff this summer. Her Career Consultant is Danielle A., who worked with the Roundup River Ranch and Medical Solutions teams to make this experience happen for Adrienne.

Who better to explain what an important, amazing experience this can be for nurses than Adrienne herself? Here’s her first dispatch from camp:    

Adrienne’s Roundup River Ranch Camp Diary, Part 1

July 27, 2015

Travel Nurse Adrienne

Adrienne at work. Thanks for sharing your story, Adrienne!

When I first heard about the opportunity to work at Roundup River Ranch I immediately thought of how amazing it would be … for me. A chance to get out of the hospital setting for a time, living it up in the beautiful Colorado summertime, and so on. This initial focus, although accurate, was far from the truth I should have realized. This is about a camp for kids with chronic or serious illnesses wanting to feel like children again and not defined or limited by their disease. My job consists of providing routine medical care, staffing the medical building, and having an active presence as a first responder in the more high risk areas. However it is what my job description doesn’t include that I will treasure most.

Never in my life have I worn so many crazy costumes as a normal part of my day! Even if it is simply a funny hat, if I bring one smile or giggle out of anyone I consider it a success. These campers have had more than their fair share of seriousness, and somber adults are the last thing they want at camp. Some have defied odds most thought were insurmountable, and one would never know by merely looking at them. This is why I cheer, dance, play, and encourage just like their counselors when I’m not needed in my nursing role. They have overcome great obstacles, and I honor that feat by giving every last ounce of energy in whatever form best serves them.

Before campers arrive for the first day there is a session where the medical team presents basic information to all staff about some of the diagnoses to be encountered and how best to support them. This is taken quite seriously, often with notes taken, as sometimes the counselors may notice something before anyone else. The nurse assigned to the cabin will go over each camper with their counselors regarding any specifics that may need to be watched for or considered. This includes procedures that may need to be done and when the best time would be to do them so that they do not miss out on activities. These counselors and all the support staff and volunteers deserve so many accolades for their efforts to make this a successful experience for every single child.

It has been incredible to see how efficiently the medical team operates and how the influence has been integrated. The kitchen staff diligently works to provide safe and delicious meals for everyone. It is adapted to the week so that for kidney week, every single person ate a renal diet. For liver and GI week coming up the entire camp will be gluten free. Every effort is made to normalize any special restrictions, and it is heartwarming to see how relieved some are when they don’t have to worry if something is safe to eat. All the activities around camp have modifications to boost the chances of all campers having the ability to try them. For example, the challenge course has a canvas seat that can hoist a camper to the top of the rock wall so that they can go down the zip line despite being in a wheelchair.

This is such a small glimpse into camp life, but let it be known that I am proud to be here and stand alongside such a phenomenal team. I hope that others have a chance of being a part of something so profound yet simple. This is camp, but for some it is an escape from the confinement of a disease, it is hope for a brighter future, it may even become their happiest memory. It may be all about the campers, but it absolutely makes my heart full to be here with them. And so, for selfish and not-so-selfish reasons I will seek more opportunities like this. There truly is nothing quite like it, and I will miss it once summer comes to an end. As is often said around here though, I’ll continue to dream big.

—    Adrienne C.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Adrienne. Sounds like a pretty unparalleled experience. Medical Solutions is excited about the relationship we’ve built with Roundup River Ranch and we hope to provide more support come summer 2016!

Click here to learn more about Roundup River Ranch.

Adventures in Travel Nursing: A Snowy Boston Winter and the Aggiepalooza That Followed

Traveler Mary Agnes "Aggie" P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. (center) and the Aggiepalooza crew take Boston!

There are tons of reasons to take a Travel Nursing assignment in the beautiful Boston area. The amazing history of the Freedom Trail. The deliciousness of the North End’s many Little Italy eateries. The quaint European streets of Beacon Hill. The roar of the crowd at iconic Fenway Park. And, it turns out, the very wonderful nurses that Traveler Mary Agnes “Aggie” P. met while on assignment there.

It’s hard to imagine now, from the poolside vantage point of July’s heat, but Boston’s 2014/2015 winter was a record-breaking doozy with more than 110 inches of snowfall, according to For perspective’s sake, Boston’s average seasonal snowfall is a mere 43 inches, and the city saw much more than that in February 2015 alone.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

The famous Boston Swan Boats that inspired Aggiepalooza.

You probably saw the unbelievable mounds of snow on the national news, but Mary — who was born and raised in Miami Beach, by the way — was on a Travel Nurse assignment in Boston and got a front-row seat to the whole frosty debacle. Luckily, she had a wonderful team of nurses at her hospital who helped keep her warm throughout winter with their welcoming attitudes and even created an event in her honor when spring finally came.

That event would be known as Aggiepalooza.

“One night in the middle of the worst winter in the history of Massachusetts, I asked the evening shift nurses ‘When can I ride on the swan boats in Boston?’” recalls Mary. “They all laughed and stated that the Charles River had to thaw first! Justine said sometime in May.”

Justine, the charge nurse on the evening shift, who Mary calls “a lovely person,” made it her mission to see that Mary would get her swan boat ride — and then some.

"Can you believe it??" An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary's big day!

“Can you believe it??” An Aggies fan was at the Red Sox game on Mary’s big day!

“She brainstormed, made reservations, and [created] a sign-up sheet for this all-day event,” says Mary. “She made t-shirts, a bag of party favors, and so on. She is so amazing and a great party planner!”

Originally dubbed “Aggathon” and later renamed Aggiepalooza, the big day was May 6, 2015. A whole group of nurses from the hospital donned their Aggiepalooza t-shirts for an agenda that included the Swan Boats, Duck Tour, lunch, strolling throughout the city, dinner, and a Red Sox game.

Mary, whose Medical Solutions Career Consultant is Jackie S., says that Aggiepalooza made her feel very fortunate.

“Very nice nurses. They spoiled me,” says Mary. “It was a non-stop, awesome day!”

I absolutely love this story, because it shows how Travelers can be so accepted — and in this case, even honored — by the perm staff at their hospitals. And Mary, I’ve got a feeling that you must be a pretty special nurse and person to have inspired Aggiepalooza!

If you, like Mary once was, are itching to ride the Swan Boats and discover all the other sights that make Boston a fantastic location, check out our Massachusetts job opportunities here. You’re bound to have a great time exploring the city and surrounding areas, but of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll inspire your own holiday!


Shine On, Brian H.!

Congrats to Medical Solutions Traveler, Brian H.!

Congrats to Medical Solutions Traveler, Brian H.!

We’re always saying Medical Solutions Travelers are the best, and we know that it’s indubitably true. We love to recognize our hard-working Travelers with awards like Traveler of the Month and Rising Star, but it’s also so cool when Travelers are recognized by their facilities for exceptional performance.

Case in point: Medical Solutions Traveler Brian H., who in April won the STAR (Service & Teamwork Achieve Results) Award while on assignment at a facility in New York State. The award recognizes “exemplary service” and a “commitment to providing a higher level of patient care and customer satisfaction.”

A patient said of Brian: “Brian helped calm my nerves before m cesarean in the OR. He provided me with calming feedback and me through a very difficult surgery. He took photos for me and even visited me the next day to check on me. He went above and beyond to make me feel safe and cared for. He deserves special recognition for his outstanding kindness and bedside manner.”

Excellent work, Brian! That kind of personal, compassionate care and attention to follow-up with patients is exactly why we are so proud to be able to call you a Medical Solutions Traveler.

Despite the relatively close proximity to The Big Apple, Brian notes the cool, quaint, country vibe of his assignment, adding that his award came with a handmade chocolate “gold star” from a regional dairy farm. Yum!

“I am happy that I was able to represent Medical Solutions in a very kind light once again,” says Brian, humbly, of the award.

Thank you, Brian, for your consistent delivery of excellent patient care on Medical Solutions’ behalf! You really are a Travel Nursing superstar.

If you’ve been recognized while on assignment for Medical Solutions, we would love to hear about it! Email to tell us all about it.