Special Oregon and Georgia Licensure Reimbursement Offer

Travel Nurse exploring in Oregon

Take in all of the gorgeous sights while you’re working in Oregon!

Would you like to land in Portlandia or otherwise embark on the Travel Nurse Oregon Trail? Of course, nowadays you don’t need a covered wagon to get there, but you do need Oregon licensure, and Medical Solutions wants to help you get it!

Oregon Stamp

Click here to find out how you can get reimbursed for your Oregon licensure.

How about sweet-as-a-peach Georgia? Has it been on your mind? It’s been on ours too, and we’d like to help you get your Georgia licensure as well.

We are currently offering full reimbursement for Oregon and Georgia licensures to Travelers who’ve completed at least two assignments with Medical Solutions.

Yes, Medical Solutions always reimburses licensure fees for the state you’re about to take your next assignment in — but this offer is extra special! Even if you do not plan on taking an Oregon or Georgia assignment right now, we will still reimburse the full cost so you’re prepared in case you need it for future assignments.

We have lots of great Travel Nursing jobs available in Oregon and Georgia, and are the top provider for several outstanding facilities in these states. This special Oregon and Georgia licensure reimbursement offer gives you a competitive advantage if you do choose to apply for any of the excellent jobs at fantastic facilities that are available in these two gorgeous areas.

Travel Nurse in Georgia

Assignments in Georgia are totally peachy!

You can choose to get your Oregon licensure, get your Georgia licensure, or get both — and Medical Solutions will reimburse your costs.

Georgia Stamp

Click here to find out how you can get reimbursed for your Georgia licensure!

Again, taking advantage of this special Oregon and Georgia Licensure reimbursement offer puts you under no obligation to take an assignment in Oregon or Georgia — next month, next year, or ever — but if you ever do decide to journey to Georgia or to hop on the Travel Nurse Oregon Trail, you’ll be as covered as an old-school pioneer wagon!

Act quickly to take advantage of this special opportunity — it won’t be around for long!

Click here to learn more about Georgia licensure reimbursement.

Click here to learn more about Oregon licensure reimbursement.  

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