2018 Planet Water Update

Medical Solutions Project 24

Medical Solutions was proud to sponsor Planet Water’s Project 24 effort again in 2018!

Last March we told you about Medical Solutions’ 2018 sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 — an initiative that celebrates World Water Day by bringing clean water to communities in need worldwide. Just as when we sponsored Planet Water filtration towers in 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017, the Medical Solutions team was once again incredibly proud to be a part of this wonderful effort to provide 24 clean water filtration systems to 24 impoverished communities in just 24 hours.

Planet Water is a great fit with our Medical Solutions Gives initiatives. In fact, our internal team also passed the hat and pitched in on World Water Day, donating an extra $6,123 to support Planet Water’s important work!

The 2018 effort was a great success — with Medical Solutions’ sponsorship bringing clean water to the people of Buntog! (Click here to revisit last month’s blog and learn more about this small, rural village and the challenges its citizens face.)

The Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration tower went up Thursday, March 22nd, at Buntog Elementary School in the rural farm community of Buntog, Philippines. Students were trained in water health and hygiene, and, although the tower is located at the school, it will also benefit the entire community of 2,000!

The Medical Solutions team is inspired every day by our amazing Travel Nurses — which motivates us to help in this important effort to save and improve lives with clean water.

“We are inspired each day by the life-saving, life-changing efforts of our Travel Nurses, and being a part of Project 24 is a great way to honor them by doing our part to help make a real difference in people’s lives — just as they do every day on the job,” says Medical Solutions CEO, Craig Meier.

Thank you, Travelers, for inspiring us!

Planet Water shared some amazing photos of Buntog students and other community members before, during, and after the water tower was erected. These pictures tell an awesome story and reaffirm our commitment to support this good work — check it out!

PW6 300x232 - 2018 Planet Water Update

PW5 300x232 - 2018 Planet Water Update

PW3 300x232 - 2018 Planet Water Update

PW2 300x232 - 2018 Planet Water Update

PW1 300x232 - 2018 Planet Water Update

Medical Solutions Project 24

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