Medical Solutions Gives Announces 2017’s Say Thanks By Giving Winners

Medical Solutions Gives is donating $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Medical Solutions Gives is donating $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

For the third year running, Medical Solutions Gives is donating $8,000 to some of our Travelers’ favorite causes … and we’re so excited to announce 2017’s Say Thanks By Giving Winners!

In November, we asked our amazing Travelers to nominate their favorite charity/nonprofit and express why the organization they love is so amazing and impactful. We sorted through about 100 incredible submissions and our team was so grateful to learn about all of these amazing charities and to read stories that mean so much to our Travelers.

Despite the outpouring of support for so many worthy organizations, we had to settle on just four deserving winners. Read on to learn more about the four charities that will each receive a $2,000 donation from Medical Solutions and the four Travelers who nominated them and got to take home a $100 Amazon gift card as an added bonus!

Medical Solutions give Sean CooleyLaura C., who works with Career Consultant Brad B., submitted Sean M. Cooley Citizen Soldier Nursing Scholarship Inc. as the cause she cares most about. Her submission had us all seriously misty-eyed. Laura wrote:

“This organization honors Sean M. Cooley, who was a member of the Army National Guard in Mississippi and was killed in action while serving in Iraq. Sean loved nursing and was a nurse in his local emergency room. He loved helping people in his community, and the scholarship is a way for him to keep on giving to his community. This non-profit is important to me because Sean was my husband and coworker. I have never met a more respected, kind, caring, and compassionate nurse and soldier.”

Thank you so much, Laura, for sharing your incredible story and letting us support this amazingly worthy cause in your name.

Medical Solutions Gives Rainbow House Barbara B., who works with Career Consultant Ava L., submitted Rainbow House, an organization that serves domestic violence survivors. In her submission Barbara wrote:

“Domestic abuse does not discriminate based on sex, age, income, education or race. It is prevalent in all geographic areas. Funds are always needed. It is more difficult to fundraise in rural areas with aging populations. Rainbow House serves a large geographic area and provides services to two Wisconsin communities and the adjacent Michigan county, which provides no funding for these services. This shelter believes in doing the right thing for all who suffer from abuse regardless of state lines or funding. They are near and dear to my heart. I was on the board of this organization until my Travel Nursing journey began and I found I was unable to fulfill my commitment. This funding would provide needed services to my home community.”

Thanks, Barbara, for your commitment to this important issue! We are elated to support this organization on your behalf.

Medical Solutions Gives Rainbow DSAWJennifer G., who works with Career Consultant Roy B., nominated Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin.

“The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) matters to me because I have had people with Down Syndrome affect my life in many ways. I had a brother who had Down Syndrome but died as a baby when I was five. Even as a small child, I loved when the physical and speech therapists would come to our house to do therapy with him and would help out. When I was in grade school, my school had a St. Coletta Day School for children with developmental disabilities within our school. I had the opportunity to volunteer as a classroom aid for the art classes they held. I enjoyed being able to work with these special children and I’ve continued to work with people with disabilities as an adult through Special Olympics. This past year I was given the opportunity to help support DSAW through my friend Kim’s daughter who has Down Syndrome. We were able to raise more than $10,000 for Kitty’s Krew for their annual walk at the Milwaukee County Zoo. This organization helps families who have children who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. They remind families and parents that they have been given a gift of a child and a community that will support them through all of their troubles and cheer them on for all of the triumphs their children make.”

Thank you for everything you do, Jennifer, and for helping us support this awesome organization in your name!

Medical Solutions Gives Rainbow Rally Foundation Jenny W., who works with Career Consultant Austin B., submitted Rally Foundation,  

“When I started my Travel Nursing adventures I never thought it would lead me to where I am today. After just one week at an assignment, I met my now-husband and three stepchildren. Thankfully, pediatric cancer has never been a thought in my mind, however, I quickly learned how desperately funding is needed for this cause.

My stepson is now eight years old, but at a mere three years of age he had to endure chemotherapy and a cadaver bone transplant for Ewing’s Sarcoma. This normally occurs in teenagers, but Jake, in true fashion, had to be the anomaly. The chemotherapy medications he received were outdated. My husband dedicated every ounce of energy he had into gathering donations, but pediatric cancer doesn’t receive funding like other cancers do.

Jake is a fun-loving kid with an infectious smile. He became the face for the Rally Foundation, and touched so many lives. As we sat down this past Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help but thank the Rally Foundation and all of the help that Jake received. Jake’s cancer returning is a fear that we all live with. No family should have to live that fear. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Pediatric cancer needs funding. It needs research. Jake and other children deserve more than a few years on this planet.”

Thank you, Jenny! We appreciate you sharing your story and giving us the chance to support this important foundation. We are all rooting for Jake and every kiddo with pediatric cancer!

Congratulations to the winners and all of the AMAZING Travelers who submitted the causes you care so much about and shared your stories! If your cause was not chosen this year, we hope to see you back again in 2018. Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions Gives.

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