Announcing 2016’s Say Thanks By Giving Winners …

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

For the second year running, Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of our Travelers’ favorite causes!

Throughout November we asked Medical Solutions Travelers to nominate their favorite charitable organizations and share what makes each of them so awesome. After combing through nearly 100 submissions, we chose four amazing winners. It was a joy to read all of the awesome stories and submissions, but it can’t be overstated that choosing the winners was a very hard task because there were just so many awesome submissions and causes!

Read on to learn about the four charities that will each receive a $2,000 donation from Medical Solutions, as well as the four Travelers who nominated them and who will each get a $100 Amazon gift card!

Children's Hospital Colorado Burn Camps ProgramMichael C., whose Career Consultant is Curt H., submitted Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program, an organization that works to “improve the lives of burn-injured children through the use of enriched curriculum and path of adventure in a safe environment.”

“I was burned at age 12, along with my brother,” writes Michael in his submission. “In a time which could have been the most difficult in our lives, we were fortunate enough to attend this camp and meet with other survivors of a similar injury. The foundation teams up with Camp Cheley in Estes Park Colorado to create an incredibly unique and transformative experience for burn victims from all across the nation in their struggle to adapt with their new injuries, and oftentimes, changed body image related to burn scars. They integrate firefighters, nurses, PT/OT, and clinical psychologists combined with handpicked counselors from the traditional summer camp, all on a volunteer basis to create a weeklong summer camp which continuously proves to be positively life-changing … One must almost witness firsthand to fully understand the tremendous amount of good and uplifting spirit this program pushes out into our world. Burn victims face a very specialized need in their mental and physical rehabilitation process, and this foundation successfully manages those needs in beautiful confidence and with open heart. It has changed my life, helped me decide not to be a burn victim but instead a burn survivor, and now thriver. I see it doing the same for dozens of other children every year that I return.”

Puppies Behind BarsKaren G., whose Career Consultant is Brad B., submitted Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that “trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and explosive detection canines for law enforcement.” According to PBB, “Puppies enter prison at the age of eight weeks and live with their inmate puppy-raisers for approximately 24 months. As the puppies mature into well-loved, well-behaved dogs, their raisers learn what it means to contribute to society rather than take from it. PBB programs bring the love and healing of dogs to hundreds of individuals every year. The dogs bring hope and pride to their raisers, and independence and security to those they serve.”

“This charity is meaningful to me in two ways,” writes Karen in her submission. “One, it recognizes the importance of rehabilitation in prisoners rather than just biding time of a sentence, and two, it helps veterans suffering from PTSD and other psychological and physical ailments directly acquired through service. As a child of a veteran with PTSD, I would have loved if this service was available to the veterans of my father’s generation.”

Team Jack FoundationFrances B., whose Career Consultant is Ted M., submitted Team Jack Foundation, an organization that works “collaboratively with families impacted by pediatric brain tumors and other childhood cancer foundations” with the objective of funding [pediatric brain cancer] research at the top research centers in the world as swiftly as possible.

“Team Jack Foundation started with my friend Jack who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011,” writes Frances in her submission. “Back in 2011 there had been very little research for pediatric brain cancer and Jack was treated with ancient drugs and therapies, so it became a goal for his parents to raise funds for further research. To date, Team Jack has raised 2.6 million for research, with Jack himself involved in experimental drugs. Many of the kids have to travel a great distance to get the care needed. For example, Jack’s made many trips to Boston away from friends and family. One of the first things Jack asked me when we met was if I had flown in an airplane. When I replied “yes” he confirmed that he had also, but his eyes did not display the joy of flying to Disney World or Omaha Zoo — more like the fear of the unknown: the fear of more surgeries, more tests, more needles, more scans, more drugs, more pain. Help me stop that fear for kids with cancer. No kid should die from cancer. Help that become a reality.”

CASAKathy G., whose Career Consultant is Jon L., submitted CASA of Ohio Valley, an organization that recruits, trains, and supervises community volunteers to “represent the best interests of children who enter the Daviess and Ohio County Court systems as a result of dependency, abuse, or neglect.”

“There is strong evidence that suggests children who have experienced abuse, neglect or trauma will have altered brain development,” writes Kathy in her submission. “Abused children are at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, mental illness, suicide, drug abuse, promiscuity, and criminal activity. Positive adult influences can make all the difference in a child’s life … Children need love and care, and if their parents aren’t able to provide it, they will look for it elsewhere. Sometimes all they have is a CASA advocate to provide this. It takes money to provide the training necessary to educate and train these volunteers. As a past CASA volunteer from 2001 to 2005, I can attest to the influence that these volunteers have on the lives of these children. I currently stay in contact with a past child that I was fortunate to advocate for. Through this organization, she was able to see that there are adults who do care and are not there to hurt you. She now has a family of her own and I’m proud to say is a wonderful mother.”

Congrats to our winners and thanks so much to ALL of our wonderful Travelers who submitted their causes and beautiful stories! Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions Gives.

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