Medical Solutions is Giving Away $8,000!

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Medical Solutions is giving away $8,000 to some of your favorite causes!

Last month Medical Solutions asked you to tell us the cause you care most about and why, so we could say THANKS for all your hard work by GIVING to some of your favorite organizations. Now, we are pleased to announce that Medical Solutions will donate a total of $8,000 to four of the causes you submitted!

Each of the nearly 100 causes submitted and the reasoning behind them were inspiring and meaningful — we really wish we could support all of them!

There were definitely trends in terms of the issues addressed by the causes you care most about, and we saw a lot of support for veterans, animals, pediatric cancer, and, of course, healthcare for those most in need.

In the end, our panel of judges chose four organizations benefitting those areas — each of which will receive a $2,000 donation from Medical Solutions in the name of the Traveler who submitted them! Oh, and those four Travelers will also each receive a $50 Amazon gift card to reward them for their kind, giving nature and for bringing these awesome causes to our attention.

Read on to learn about the causes, the people who submitted them, and why these organizations matter to them and so many others!

RAM logoLeigha C., whose Career Consultant is Travis P., submitted Remote Area Medical, an organization that brings medical, dental, and vision care to those in need in poverty stricken areas. She says RAM brings exceptional medical care to the uninsured and underinsured. And she knows firsthand!

“[RAM] sets up in public buildings such as schools in poverty stricken areas to offer dental, medical, and vision assessments to those who cannot afford it otherwise,” wrote Leigha in her submission. “I have volunteered in these clinics, and to see the number of individuals that line up hours before it opens is very eye-opening. RAM is an amazing organization and they offer something here in the states for people who otherwise would not be able to get medical attention.”

Cattaraugus County SPCAJennifer G., whose Career Consultant is Craig K., submitted Cattaraugus County SPCA (CCSPCA), a no-kill animal shelter. She described this as a poor, rural area, leading to the abandonment of many animals. The CCSPCA runs on a shoestring budget and is currently trying to “raise the woof” by collecting enough donations to repair their building’s roof.       

“They take in everything and adopt out everything they can,” wrote Jennifer in her submission. “The animals are treated with love and respect thanks to the fantastic volunteer cohort there. They survive on good will and donations. Right now they are desperately seeking donations for a badly needed new roof. I would love to see them get some extra cash in order to fix their building. They deserve it big time, and because Medical Solutions is so pet friendly, it would be highly appropriate.”

Cure Starts Now Logo-002Erica P., whose Career Consultant is Jessica S., submitted The Cure Starts Now Foundation, an organization fighting to help cure pediatric brain cancer. Erica shared the poignant story of Madelyn, a spunky 8-year-old she knows who was diagnosed with DIPG, a brainstem tumor with a low survival rate, in January 2015.

“The Cure Starts Now Foundation is dedicated to raising money for research in treating pediatric tumors,” wrote Erica in her submission. “For me, hope is essential to life. I cannot, in my right mind, imagine having to tell a child that all hope is lost. I cannot, as a medical professional, imagine telling a child’s parents, through tears, that all hope is lost. We need to do better. These children, these families … they deserve hope, even just a glimmer. The Cure Starts Now Foundation is using money with that very intention and I hope that Medical Solutions would support that intention as well.

WARRIOR_HOCKEY_LOGO_black_background_smallGabriel T., whose Career Consultant is Curt H., submitted Minnesota Warriors Ice Hockey, an organization that bolsters wounded veterans.

“The MN Warriors are very important to me,” wrote Gabriel in his submission. “Starting out with five players, including myself, in 2009 the roster has now expanded to nearly 60, with many more choosing to come to practice time only, rather than set games. The organization is designed to help veterans transition back to civilian life and experience the camaraderie that so many of us miss from our military service. The MN Warriors aim to heal the soul through one of Minnesota’s greatest traditions, hockey. Though they have many players from the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the roster includes men and women from 23 to nearly 70 years old, ranging in skill level from Junior A hockey, to fresh, new beginners who have never laced up skates. Many players join after a decade off the ice, and find a renewed love for the sport. All players are wounded or otherwise disabled through their military service. Players find confidence, friendship, and a sense of belonging that so many veterans lack. The organization means different things to each player. More than anything, the Minnesota Warriors represent home. They are the primary reason that I know I will return to Minnesota when my traveling days are up. The Warriors are dependent entirely on donations — they pay for player’s gear, except stick and skates, if they do not have it. They provide tournament entrance fees, league entrance fees, and even buses during games that require travel to outstate MN. They also provide ice time, which in hockey-crazy Minnesota goes for $200-$250 an hour in the winter. I ask you to contribute to Minnesota Warriors Ice Hockey because I know firsthand that it makes a difference in veteran’s lives. It introduces new friends and provides a support structure where, for some players, there was none before. It’s part of the veteran’s community. It’s more than hockey, it’s home.”

Thanks so much to ALL of you who shared the cause you care most about with us! We hope that the $8,000 donated across these four worthy organizations will help make a positive difference in the world — just like our Travelers do each day on the job.
To learn about more of the organizations the Medical Solutions Gives team has supported, click here.

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