Roundup River Ranch 2018: Candais’ Story

Candais RRR

Roundup River Ranch 2018: Candais’ Story

In 2018, Medical Solutions partnered once again with Roundup River Ranch, a Serious Fun camp in Gypsum, Colorado, that offers a free camp experience to children with serious illnesses. Part of our contribution to Roundup River Ranch includes helping recruit talented healthcare professionals to support campers’ medical needs. That’s also good news and a great opportunity for Medical Solutions Travelers who’ve always wanted to do good and go back to camp!

This summer we helped recruit three amazing Travel Nurses to spend the summer at Roundup River Ranch, and over this past summer, we’ve been sharing their camp stories with you. We’ve heard from nurses Katie and Urvee, and now we’ll hear Candais’ story!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?

My name is Candais. I have been an RN for 29 years and just recently retired from the hospital in Tupelo, Mississippi where I worked for over 25 years. I have worked in many different areas, including oncology, pediatrics, and the NICU, and decided I wanted to end my nursing career with contract nursing and traveling to different places.

What inspired you to work at Roundup River Ranch this summer?

I had a job offer in New York but decided not to take it because I knew this job at Roundup River Ranch would be a God-given, door-opening, life-changing opportunity. Sharon with Medical Solutions called me one morning and told me about the need for a summer staff nurse in Colorado. She said the nurse that was hired for the job broke her ankle. (When my husband heard this part, he started calling me Tonya Harding, of ice skating misfortune!) I immediately read the email, asked her to submit my application, was interviewed within 15 minutes and was offered the job within two hours of applying … all that and I hadn’t even told my husband I had applied yet! When he came home from work, I had my laptop open to information about Serious Fun camps and pictures of the camp in Colorado. He listened, looked to see how far away it was, asked questions, heard the excitement in my voice, and saw the eagerness on my face. He asked “You really want to do this, don’t you?” I replied, “Yes, you know how dear to my heart camps are and this sounds like a wonderful job.” He assured me, “Then we will make it happen.”

How has your camp experience at Roundup River Ranch changed your personal and professional outlook? Would you say you’ve become a better nurse? 

If Paul Newman were alive, I would give him a great big Southern hug and thank him profusely. This place changes lives, not just the campers, but the volunteers and staff. It has changed mine. I have camp experience, but I wasn’t prepared for this one. What camp has chefs preparing all the meals and tempur-pedic mattresses on all the beds, including the campers?! One of the nurses I used to work with asked if I was at “Camp Hilton,” but Roundup River Ranch is even better than that! Watching the campers make new friends, laugh with others, and accomplish things that seem impossible is so awesome. “Challenge By Choice” is a new terminology I have come to respect. No camper is forced to do anything, and they are not bullied or made fun of if they decide not to do it. I have grown not only as a nurse, learning new skills, but as a person. And I thank Roundup sincerely for the opportunity to witness both the campers’ flourishing and my own.

What would you tell other nurses about this camp?

Camp is so rewarding but it goes by so fast. Remember to stop and enjoy each day, look around at all the faces, see the new friendships, and feel the happiness of camp.

What will you miss the most when camp is over?

I have so many rewarding memories of camp. All the hugs and high fives, smiles and tears are like photographs running through my mind. All the memories are precious, but watching the smiles of the campers as they made it up the rock wall and the shouts of joy as they ziplined are some of the most treasured.

I will miss so many things about camp. I know that I will miss all the hugs and smiles, not only from the campers, but from the best group of young adults I have ever had the privilege to work beside. I have made new friends and have watched these dedicated people make sure that camp is an experience none of these campers will ever forget, including myself. Roundup River Ranch — you rock and are totally awesome!

Roundup River Ranch

Everybody loves camp!

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