Congrats to September’s Nurse of the Month and Rising Star!

winning businessmanLet’s hear it for Medical Solutions September 2013 Nurse of the Month, Julianne D., and also for our Rising Star winner, Darlene K.!

Julianne is currently on assignment in Pennsylvania, has been in nursing for 13 years, and has completed 14 assignments with us with no terminations.

“I left the cardiac cath lab in Delaware to begin my travel adventure,” says Julianne. “A friend and I traveled to the same or close assignments for the first two years. The last 5 years I’ve continued exploring the country on my own. My favorite location was Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was beautiful in wintertime — snow covered mountains surround the city; plenty of skiing available.”

She also told us that her favorite thing about traveling is being able to pick up and change her location as needed, such as five years ago when her stepfather was ill and she was able to take an assignment an hour away from him and her mom. She also adds, “I love the mountains [and being] able to go where my interests and hobbies can be found.”

September Rising Star Darlene is being recognized for her first assignment in Kansas City where she fulfilled two 13-week contracts. She may be new to traveling but she got her first nursing license in 1985 in Illinois. She later went on to practice in Missouri for 10 years, among things.

Darlene says Kansas City is her favorite place to work: “My sister, her family, and many cousins live in the area and it was great being able to visit with them over the past six months. The excitement that a large city brings is exhilarating. I had ample time to explore the museums, fountains, drive-in movies, and go to a Royals baseball game.”

Her favorite thing about travel nursing is being able to live in areas she may not have been able to check  out as well just via a vacation.

“The ability to get to know the culture, the people, and the everyday things that makes each locale special becomes richer, than just being a tourist to the area,” says Darlene. “Having opportunities to work in different facilities enhances our nursing skills and leads to better adaptability to the ever-changing health care needs.”

Congrats to September’s Nurse of the Month and Rising Star winners — sounds like you are doing it right both on and off the job, and we appreciate your excellence!

For more details on our Traveling Nurse of the Month program, click here.

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