Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015

Congrats to Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015. Great job Shannon, Marc, and Jenna!

Congratulations to Medical Solutions’ Nurse of Tomorrow Scholarship winners for 2015!

The three amazing aspiring RNs at the head of the class this year were:

Shannon H., Junior
Marc G., Sophomore
Jenna M., Senior

Shannon, Marc, and Jenna stood out amongst hundreds of scholarship applicants who answered the essay question: What does being a patient advocate mean to you?

Here are a few quick snippets from each of their contest-winning entries:

“ … [Patient advocacy] involves recognizing and responding ethically and compassionately to those needs and concerns that are voiced, as well as those that go left unsaid. A nurse not only treats physical pains, but also helps to heal emotional wounds. He or she must strive to develop true empathy, to share in the joys and sorrows of each and every person. In doing so, patients can find hope and meaning in their suffering. An advocate does not merely speak on behalf of the patient, but forms a connection with them. This includes relaying information, so that those being cared for have a complete understanding of their physical condition and what is involved in their treatment, as well as being a friendly and familiar presence, where patients and families will feel safe sharing their concerns. A patient advocate’s role is to treat the patient as an individual with unique needs, and essentially, putting a human face on healthcare.”

—    Shannon

“ … [Patient advocacy] means you fight. You fight for the health of those that are under your care. As a nurse, having a patient does not simply entail administering medication, applying wound dressings, or completing documentation. Being a nurse demands remaining ever aware of their patients’ well-being, and equally aware of the forces that are acting for and against each patient’s welfare. The nurse must promote the forces improving their patient’s overall health and must battle the forces that are impeding upon their patient’s well-being. … It takes knowledge and foresight to see when a situation can be potentially detrimental to your patient. It requires a measure of courage and strength to push for necessary changes. It often involves an enduring persistence against doctors, other nurses, family members, and, sometimes, the patients themselves.”

—    Marc

“ … I believe that successful patient advocacy begins with being knowledgeable about all aspects of the patient, including care, values, and beliefs. This makes nurses the perfect liaison between the patient and all members of the medical team, associated departments, and their families. … Furthermore, cultural and religious beliefs can change the course of care and it is of utmost importance to respect and uphold for the patient. … Care should always be provided unconditionally, and each patient’s rights and equality should be maintained with equal compassion and professionalism from the nurse. … Advocacy is unique to each patient, however it is a vital part of care and nurses have a unique ability to uphold the dignity and respect of all patients to provide a positive experience that many patients will hold in their hearts.”

—    Jenna

Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship contest is part of our annual Nurses Week celebration and is designed to help support the training of future nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators.

Congrats again to Shannon, Marc, and Jenna, our Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2015! Each winner was awarded $2,000 to put towards his or her educational expenses. That’s an increase from previous years’ awards, thanks to our partner Nebraska Methodist College.

Click here to learn more about Nurses of Tomorrow, and if you’re eligible be sure to return next year to enter the 2016 competition.

In the meantime, nursing students, check out YOUniversity.com where we offer all kinds of helpful info and a blog for nursing students and those who want to learn more about Travel Nursing.

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