Hey You, Show Us Your Scrubs!

scrubspresreleaseAs a nurse you spend a lot of time in your scrubs, and we think you ought to get something out of it … like more scrubs! Enter our latest contest and you could win one of four $100 gift cards to Scrubadoo.com.

Today, Medical Solutions is kicking off our “Show Us Your Scrubs” Instagram Contest. It’s fun and super easy to enter: Just take a picture of yourself wearing your favorite scrubs and post it to Instagram with the hashtags #medicalsolutions and #showusyourscrubs. That’s it, you’re entered! Now just sit back and enjoy the scrubalicious feed.

We’ll be judging entries in four categories: Best Themed Scrubs (holiday, sports, etc.), Craziest Print Scrubs, Most Creative Scrubs, and Best Character Scrubs. One winner in each category will win a $100 gift card to Scrubadoo.com.

If you aren’t on Instagram, you can still participate by sending your photo to jeannie.holmes@medicalsolutions.com and we’ll get it entered for you.

The contest runs today through Monday, September 9, 2013, at 12:01 a.m. CST, and winners will be announced by Friday, September 13. Click here for full “Show Us Your Scrubs” Instagram contest details and be sure to follow us at Instagram.com/MedicalSolutions.

We can’t wait to see all of your fly scrubs fashion and big, happy smiles. Say “cheese”!

First time bonus!

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