Loyalty Program Carrying Over to 2013!

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusSince all of our Travelers have made our loyalty program such a success, we’ve decided to carry it over to 2013.  Any of the hours you have worked with Medical Solutions in 2012 carry over to the new year,  so you can keep accruing to reach your goal of 600 hours!

Not familiar with our loyalty program? It’s simple. 600 hours = $600.

We love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us, and we are excited we can reward them for that loyalty. If you have questions about your current hours or loyalty program status, contact your Career Consultant. 866.633.3548

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.



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My name is Jeannie Holmes. I’m the Social Media and Brand Cultivator at Medical Solutions, one of the leading traveling nurse companies. I'm so happy to work at Medical Solutions and think it is an awesome company that has a lot to offer nurses interested in a travel career. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. Have a great day!

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