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300x200Our very own Senior Career Consultant, Greg Allen, was an expert source for an article in the July 2013 issue of Healthcare Traveler magazine. Yay, Greg!

The piece was called “Choosing the Right Staffing Firm,” with a subhead reading “When travelers are scouting assignments, the best recruiting firm relationships begin with communication.” Greg was a fantastic source for the piece, as communication and relationship building are two areas that he is truly an expert in. In fact, these are two areas that all of our Career Consultants work to excel at.

In the article Greg stresses the importance of a timely response time from a Career Consultant, adding that even if he gets a question he doesn’t immediately know the answer to he will reply right away anyway, just to let his Traveler know that he got their message and is on the case. This approach has won him the favor of people like Susan Pruitt, RN, one of Greg’s Travelers who was also quoted in the piece. She has been with Greg for three years and commends him on his excellent service.

Greg talks service before, during, and after an assignment. If someone is new to traveling and unsure exactly how they’d like to proceed, Greg works with them to “help them weigh their pros and cons” and narrow down to the best experience for them. Concerns at this stage, he says, often include “finding new and interesting challenges, increasing earnings, and venturing into different parts of the country.”

Once an RN is on assignment, Greg can help troubleshoot any unexpected on-the-job issues, like incomplete orientation, unfamiliar computer systems, higher than expected nurse to patient ratios, and more. Bottom line: “We encourage our Travelers to call us any time for any reason,” he tells Healthcare Traveler.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Greg, who’s been with us since 2008, you already know that he is one of the best of the best here at Medical Solutions. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, which makes him a fantastic advocate for his Travelers. But even beyond all of his experience and industry savvy, Greg is a downright super nice guy! Always willing to chat and eager to help in any way he can, Greg is definition “Service That Inspires.”

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Greg! Read the full article featuring Greg here.


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