Congrats Travelers and Recruiters of the Year!

Congrats to Quinn, Marla, Jenifer, and Jackie!

Congrats to Quinn, Marla, Jenifer, and Jackie!

We are so very happy to congratulate Medical Solutions’ four winners for Healthcare Traveler magazine’s Traveler and Recruiter of the Year awards for 2013.

Our Traveler of the Year winners were Quinn Anthony and Marla Preader.

The magazine wrote that it chose Travelers who exhibited “flexibility, dependability, loyalty, professionalism, and an adventurous spirit.” Marla and Quinn definitely fit that bill — as do so many Medical Solutions Travelers!

Marla-Preader-Medical Solutions


Marla is an RN whose specialty is Operating Room. Her Career Consultant, Jake Zoucha said, “Marla is a Traveler that I have developed a strong respect and admiration for over the past year. She’s an excellent nurse that has proven to me that she can come through on the other end with the same positive attitude.”

Quinn Anthony-Medical Solutions


Quinn is an allied healthcare worker whose discipline is Catherization Lab. His Career Consultant, Jackie Sleddens said, “[Quinn] consistently has a positive attitude and is a great representative of Medical Solutions.”

Healthcare Traveler magazine wrote about the importance of trust in successful Traveler-Recruiter relationship, adding that some good qualities for a Recruiter to have are a “willingness to listen, capacity to empathize, and the desire to help when things get sticky.” All Medical Solutions Career Consultants embody those qualities, but let’s hear it for the best of the best: Our Recruiter of the Year honors for 2013 went to Medical Solutions Career Consultants Jenifer Lyman and Jackie Sleddens.



One Traveler called Jenifer, “by far the best Recruiter I have ever worked with,” adding, “She is professional and personal.”



Another Traveler called Jackie “a step above the rest” and complimented her super organizational skills. This is Jackie’s third win in as many years!

Congrats to the Medical Solutions winners, and thank you all for the important work you do that all ends up in excellent patient care in the long run! Click here for the full Traveler list and here for the full Recruiter list.

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