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Medical Solutions is one of the "Best Places to Work" for the sixth time in seven years!

Medical Solutions is one of the “Best Places to Work” for the sixth time in seven years!

As you may know, Medical Solutions’ flagship Omaha office recently won one of Omaha’s “Best Places to Work” for the sixth time in seven years.

We are so honored by this award, as our company really works hard to cultivate a great internal culture as well as a wonderful extension of this culture to our Travelers. We believe this all adds up to a great customer experience for our hard-working Travelers!

We wanted to share a story done by the Omaha World-Herald on Medical Solutions and our sixth of seven wins for Best Places to Work.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Discussing benefits such as the company concierge, Medical Solutions President and CEO, Craig Meier, said, “It doesn’t make sense when you have work Craig and personal Craig, and they are completely different people. “Work is our vehicle to reach personal goals.”

This is something that Medical Solutions definitely considers about our Travelers as well. We see Travelers as whole people and care about their quality of life both on and off the job!

  • Medical Solutions Career Consultant, Joel Pilka, commented on Medical Solutions commitment to hiring the right folks: “What really helps is the way they hire,” he said. “They hire just the right people.”

We know that this translates to our Travelers being able to build important with relationships with friendly, trustworthy Career Consultants.

  • Meier also touched on Medical Solutions’ commitment to volunteering with charities in the community, such as the Nebraska Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, The Siena/Francis House, and The Hope Center for Kids. Each Medical Solutions employee spends an afternoon out of the office and helping at a charity twice per year.

“We think that’s an important part of being in the community — making a difference. They love doing it, and it’s a responsibility that we all have, as companies, to really try and make a difference,” he said.

As a company we would only hope to give back even a fraction of what our Travelers contribute each and every day on the job!

Click here to read the full OWH story.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a Travel Nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!

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