Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the News

Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the News

Read All About It!: Medical Solutions Travelers Cherisse, Amy, and Tracia have recently been featured in national publications.

It’s definitely not news to us that Medical Solutions Travelers are wise and wonderful. We’re lucky enough to get a regular peek at your selfless feats of nursing and daring acts of adventure, so that’s why we were really happy to see a few Medical Solutions Travel Nurses in the news recently.

There’s really no one better to share information about Travel Nursing than experts like you and your colleagues. So — extra, extra — here’s a bit about some of our Travelers who’ve recently seen their names in print.

USA Today’s article “Demand for Travel Nurses Hits a 20-year High” featured Medical Solutions Travelers Cherisse Dillard and Amy Reynolds. The article did a great job defining Travel Nursing and explaining it to readers who might not be aware of the industry and of all of the exceptional work done by Travel Nurses nationwide. It also presented information from hospital administrators, staffing firms, nurses, and even industry experts like Staffing Industry Analysts and Linda Aiken, all of which supports the point that the demand for Travel Nurses is at a 20-year high and expected to increase even more throughout 2015. Also mentioned is the importance of Travel Nursing to the quality of patient care.

The articles findings present a great picture for Travel Nurses: With demand up, Travelers have more options!

Traveler Amy Reynolds, whose husband travels with her, told the publication that her experience Travel Nursing had been “wonderful.”

“It’s given us a chance to try out other parts of the country,” she said.

Traveler Cherisse Dillard, who’s been Travel Nursing for almost a decade and was the June 2014 Traveler of the Month, echoed the article’s description of the current availability of great Travel Nurse jobs.

“When the economy crashed in 2008, hospitals became tight with their budget and it was tough to find jobs, but now it’s back to full swing and there are abundant jobs for Travel Nurses,” she said.

Traveler Tracia Hayes also saw her name in print recently, in a U.S. News & World Report story, 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Nurses, where she explained the ability that Travel Nurses have to hit the ground running.

“Most people don’t know we have four or five days of orientation to function independently,” she said.

The writer adds that, like many Travel Nurses, “Hayes enjoys the challenge, though, and the overall variety nursing offers, whether it’s working in the hospital or community, traveling to new places or teaching upcoming students.”

Kudos to Tracia, Cherisse, and Amy for being excellent Travel Nurses and such great Medical Solutions representatives — both in the hospital and in the news.

If you’re thinking about joining them in the field or you’re already a Traveler who’s ready for your next assignment, click here to search jobs now.

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