Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners for 2016

Congrats Isabelle!

Congrats, Isabelle L.!

Let’s hear it for Medical Solutions’ Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners for 2016!

The lucky and hardworking nurse scholars who aced this year’s competition are:

  • Katherine W., Junior, UNMC College of Nursing in Nebraska
  • Isabelle L., Senior, Alma College in Michigan
  • Katelyn S., Junior, Concordia University in Wisconsin

Medical Solutions hosts the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest as part of our annual Nurses Week celebration. We believe this is an important way for us to help support the nursing pipeline in the face of a national nurse shortage and ensure the development of the next generation of nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse educators.

In addition to other scholarship criteria, each entrant wrote a 250-word essay answering the question: “How do you feel that being a Nurse will change your perspective on life?”

Medical Solutions received SO many amazing entries — thank you to everyone who entered! In the end, our team of judges determined that Katherine, Isabelle, and Katelyn were at the head of the class. Here are their awesome essays.

Congrats, Katherine W.!

Congrats, Katherine W.!

“When I began nursing, I thought I knew what compassion was. Compassion is a nice word and the word prompted me to envision Clara Barton mopping up the bloody wounds of a union soldier. But now I see that compassion runs far deeper. Compassion is treating the patient calling you every name in the book with respect and dignity. Compassion is answering the call light that just went off even though you haven’t sat down all day. Compassion is taking the time to talk with your patient diagnosed with a terminal illness. Compassion is loving in the face of difficulty and sacrificing the needs of oneself for the sake of another. Not only has nursing redefined the meaning of compassion for me, it has taught me so much about how great the impact of ones’ actions can be. Who would have known that a respectful bed bath is able to provide a person with dignity? Who would have known that a nurse’s confidence and knowledge would reassure a patient frightened to their wit’s end? Who would have known that the nurses’ smile would be a person’s last memory before they pass away? It is both a privilege and a responsibility that nurses are in a prime position to have an enormous impact on the lives of those around them. Nursing is redefining what I thought I knew about life. Nursing changes the way I view the world. Nursing changes the nurse forever.” — Katherine W.

“Nearing the end of my studies, my exposure to nursing has changed my perspective on a number of practical things: I can now hold my pee longer than any human should and obsessively make beds with hospital corners, even at home when I don’t need to. Triviality aside, nursing has made monumental and fundamental changes to the way I perceive life. I thought I knew what love was, yet what I knew as love cannot compare to the emotion I’ve seen in a woman, back bent with advanced age, saying goodbye to her only sister. Companions since birth, she reassures her sister it’s OK to go, with the faith that they’ll both be OK. I thought I knew what it was to be fearless. But in truth, I have only begun to understand what it is to be unafraid, whether it’s of blood, vomit, or finding the courage to care for an individual in need of compassion and understanding as much as nursing expertise. I thought I already knew what it was to be an advocate, yet my experience of nursing has shown me the fierceness needed when advocating for patients, as well as for myself. I thought I understood gratitude. This profession will show me great sorrow, and sometimes great joy. How can I not be grateful for all of my advantages: good health, education, a supportive family? Nursing has and will make me wise beyond my years. It will make me a more committed and compassionate individual.” — Isabelle L.

Congrats, Katelyn S.!

Congrats, Katelyn S.!

“Laryngotracheobronchitis. Epistaxis. Easy medical terminology, right? But define this term: servant leadership. Sure, check my giant nursing textbooks but I am fairly certain servant leadership will not be mentioned. It is not a body part or pathological process, but rather, the simple yet significant philosophy that is transforming into the core of not only my nursing education and career, but my life. In the rawest form, servant leadership means putting other’s needs above mine. It embraces selfless caring and a dedicated attitude of compassion to fuel the vigilant care I provide. However, the real challenge rises as servant leadership carries me from clinics into communities where I can make a positive impact daily. I see servant leadership guiding how I treat my neighbors, friends, family, and even individuals who are deeply difficult to care for. Committing to servant leadership will change my life perspective as I move beyond listening not just to heart and lung sounds, but auscultating patient’s unspoken needs. Sadly, these needs are not easily met. To nurse leaders, holistic care means considering abuse, poverty, racism, addiction, malnutrition, and depression as broken parts of individuals that need just as much care as a broken bone. In my future as a nurse, I feel called to alleviate these tragedies like never before. Even when the only treatment available is my smile, my hand to hold, my shoulder to cry on, or better yet, a selfless presence. I thrive off the purpose nursing has and will give my life. — Katelyn S.

Congrats to Katherine, Isabelle, and Katelyn, our Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners for 2016!

As we wait for Nurses Week and the scholarship to roll back around on the calendar, aspiring nurses and Travel Nurses to be are welcome to visit YOUniversity.MedicalSolutions.com, where we offer you all kinds of resources, info, and fun that can help you unlock the wide, wonderful world of Travel Nursing!

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