Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners

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Congrats to the 2014 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners: Alonso B., Racheal D., and Amanda W.!

Medical Solutions would like to extend a major congratulations to our 2014 Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners! Drumroll, please …….

  • Alonso B., Sophomore, Carrington College in Reno, NV
  • Racheal D., Freshman, Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA
  • Amanda W., Junior, Houston Community College in Houston, TX

This trio of scholarly aspiring nurses has each won a $1,000 scholarship towards their academic expenses. In addition to meeting other contest criteria, Alonso, Racheal, and Amanda each had excellent answers to the essay question: “What will you do as a nurse to ensure you always provide exceptional patient care?”

Alonso wrote that he’d always strive to continue learning nursing skills and theory, adding: “I will never forget the value of compassion.” He continued, writing that he would “never forget that behind that stage 4 cancer, there is a human being. I will treat my patients with the same care and kindness that I would my own mother or brother. Being supportive and empathetic should be as high of a priority for nurses as washing their hands. As my nursing instructors have told me, ‘Remember, we are treating patients, not diseases.’”

Racheal echoed Alonso’s sentiment, writing: “Exceptional care is being part of a human interaction. … As a nurse and even now as a student nurse, my personal goal and purpose is to give efficient, competent care, in a holistic way. Not just caring for the disease process, or management of the problem, but being an ear to listen, a therapeutic touch on the hand to comfort, and clarify or reinforce when they felt overwhelmed with the news they received.” She continued, writing: “Exceptional nurses take an extra five minutes to listen, even if that means they chart off the clock,” also touching on the importance of caring for and comforting a patient’s family. “For me, providing care as a nurse is a responsibility that requires knowledge, advocacy, and a heart for the hurting,” she wrote.

Amanda detailed a horrific accident she suffered at age 18, which landed her in the ICU. Despite the trauma, she wrote that the accident was a pivotal moment through which realized she aspired to be a nurse. “As a patient,” she wrote, “I learned that exceptional care was not just in the form of medical orders, but in the form of interactive care.” She wrote about Mary, a nurse who served her, and who became her “nursing role model.” She wrote of Mary: “She was my biggest advocate, my constant friend, and my beacon of hope.” Amanda’s goal in providing patient care is to “be someone’s Mary.”

Congrats again to our three Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship winners, and we absolutely loved reading through all of the many impressive entries and essays!

Medical Solutions sponsors and hosts the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship as a part its annual Nurses Week celebration, in order to support the education and development of tomorrow’s nurses, nurse leaders and educators. In the face of a nursing shortage, training and educating future nurses is absolutely crucial.

Click here to learn more about Nurses of Tomorrow, and be sure to come back next year, if you’re eligible, to enter the 2015 competition for the chance to be one of next year’s Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Winners.

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