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Congrats to March 2016’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Roberta T Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Congrats to the March 2016 Rising Star winner, Roberta T.!

Many thanks and congrats to the March 2016 Traveler of the Month, Patricia “Trish” W., and also our Rising Star winner, Roberta T.!

Medical Solutions December 2015 Rising Star Trish W.

Medical Solutions’ March 2016 Traveler of the Month winner, Trish W., also just won Rising Star in December 2015. Way to go, Trish!

Traveler of the Month Trish is an OR CST working with Career Consultant Todd L. She just wrapped up a contract in Minnesota and is taking some time off for summer 2016.

Trish’s Traveler of the Month win is extra special because she was just recently awarded the Rising Star win for December 2015! When her win was announced we shared on the blog that Trish has been a CST for 21 years, that she and her husband are avid Harley riders, and that she travels with her cat Spunky.

Trish also had this awesome advice for new Travelers: “Be confident but humble about what you know, admit what you don’t know, and be flexible. Take pride in the job you do!”

Trish’s Career Consultant Todd, who’s had the pleasure of working with Trish since January 2015, says she is honest, loyal, communicative, and sincere.

“Trish takes her job very seriously, and she always seeks to resolve issues with communication and understanding,” says Todd.

We hope you enjoy an awesome summer of long Harley rides and other wonderful activities, Trish!

Roberta T Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Rising Star Roberta is a total pro at adventuring!

Rising Star Roberta is an RN, BSN specializing in PCU/Tele who’s been in nursing for two years and traveling for one year. Her recruiter at Medical Solutions is Career Consultant Bobby J., and she’s in beautiful Seattle for her current assignment!

“The staff is beyond welcoming and friendly,” says Roberta. “There’s also a potluck every other Saturday!”

As you can tell from her awesome pictures, Roberta is a pro at adventuring — which is one of her favorite things about Travel Nursing.

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is meeting new people and exploring new places,” she says. “There’s always a new sight to see and an adventure to take! I’m able to network and build bonds like never before through Travel Nursing, and I’ve also gained more experience and have learned to adapt and adjust to change quickly.”

As a Louisiana native, Roberta has a Southern charm that she says allows her to “build a rapport with patients as well as staff to provide the best care possible.” Her advice to new or aspiring Travelers?

“Be kind and willing to be a team player, be willing to go the extra mile and help or pick up an extra shift for awesome pay, and utilize your resources,” she advises. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions or consult with other nurses if you need help!”

Excellent advice, Roberta!

Congratulations again to the March 2016 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Thank you so much, Trish and Roberta, for your amazing talent, hard work, and dedication to providing excellent patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Rising Star or Traveler of the Month? Travelers who get a perfect hospital evaluation are in the running to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to new Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to learn how you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card and get recognized for the great work you do!


Adventures in Travel Nursing: Lauren and Caleb’s Scrub Love

Lauren and CalebFor Medical Solutions Travelers Lauren C. and Caleb C., it’s all about love. Love of nursing, love of traveling, and the love they have for each other!

This dynamic husband and wife duo of nurses is living their dream through Travel Nursing — a journey they document on their awesome blog, Scrub Love.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Lauren and Caleb smiling big in Banff National Park.

“We are so grateful to this company for fueling our adventure,” says Lauren. “We are having the time of our lives!”

Lauren RN, BSN, is an ER nurse and Caleb RN, BSN, is an ICU nurse. Both Lauren and Caleb have five years’ experience in nursing and about 2 years’ experience in Travel Nursing. The couple met in nursing school in Ohio, moved to Lauren’s hometown of Maryland where they were wed, and then packed everything up and hit the road!

“We love traveling together,” says Lauren. “We are each other’s adventure buddies, roomies, co-workers, and each other’s piece of home. Traveling across the country is exciting, but sharing it with my husband makes it that much more special. Dreaming up mini road trips for our days off or grabbing breakfast together after working a night shift — it’s just the best.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

Caleb gets out the map for some adventure scheming.

In addition to all of the awesome traveling they get to do together, Lauren says that Travel Nursing has also helped her and Caleb grow and develop as nurses.

“The professional experience we gain is invaluable. At the end of the day, a STEMI is a STEMI, but each hospital teaches us a little something different,” says Lauren. “I’ve worked with incredible nurses and doctors that have taught me so much and just validate why I love this field. And after a few assignments, we find that we are able to bring a skill set that has taken the best things from each hospital. It feels great to know that you can bring that to each team of nurses that we meet.”

Lauren says Boise has been the couple’s favorite location so far.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

Lauren enjoys the Bavarian charm of Leavenworth, Washington.

“It was a total surprise to us! We were waiting for our Washington licenses to go through so our Career Consultant Eileen suggested Idaho,” says Lauren. “She totally understands our adventurous hearts so we just trusted her. So glad we did! It’s the best ‘little big city.’ All the big city fun with a small town friendly/walkable/safe feel. We lived right downtown. We biked everywhere, floated the river that runs through the city, hit all the breweries and made amazing friendships. It’s a three-hour drive from the Sawtooth Mountains, which quickly became our favorite place in the country to camp. All the raw beauty without the people! Kayaking and rafting are also an hour away. The active, outdoor mentality was just right for us. That why we are headed back for our second summer there!”

Lauren and Caleb document all of their awesome adventures outdoorsy and urban adventures on their blog Scrub Love. If you’re looking for some inspiration for Travel Nursing, then you will absolutely LOVE their vibrant photos and sweet storytelling, peppered with perfectly insightful quotes.

“We love sharing our adventures with our family and friends across the country,” says Lauren. “It’s also become a scrap book of our trips that we will be able to look back on one day.”

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travelers

A beautiful day in Yosemite!

In addition to all of the gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes, and pictures of them with friends and family, the duo came up with a neat little initiative in 2015 called “The Foot Project.”

“We love taking pictures. But can you imagine how many pictures we’ll have after a few years of traveling to all these awesome places?! Too many to do anything with. So, I wanted to do something where at the end of this chapter in our lives, we could quickly flip through some highlights. The feet pictures seemed just right. We take them constantly. Every time we take a hike or explore a new city I am figuring out where to get the best shot. It takes a bit of skill too. Many involve us in a Pilates-esque V pose with our feet in the air. Good for the core. The other reason we decided on the feet — do you know what your face looks like after a 14-mile hike up a mountain?! Not the best! But our feet, sure that’s fine,” says Lauren.

Here’s a quick sampling of Lauren and Caleb’s Foot Project:

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Autumn in Boise.

Lauren and Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Live from Red Rocks Amphitheater!

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Relaxing at Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Having a hammock of a time in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Harvesting their own oysters on Quilcene Beach in Washington.

Lauren Caleb Medical Solutions Travel Nurses

Dog sledding in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

If you share Lauren and Caleb’s love of taking amazing pictures to document your travels, be sure to enter Medical Solutions’ Share Your Snapshot Photo Contest, which goes through June 1, 2016, for the chance to win one of eight $250 Amazon gift cards.
And remember, if you need any photo or travel inspiration, you will find it in spades over at Lauren and Caleb’s Scrub Love blog. We wish many more days of happy traveling to this dynamic, happy couple!

Medical Solutions Has You Covered with Voluntary Benefits!

Lady With Umbrella

No matter the weather, Medical Solutions has you covered with voluntary benefits!

What would you do if you suddenly became injured and weren’t able to work for a few months? What would happen to your finances if you suffered a heart attack or stroke? Accidents and illness are impossible to predict or plan, but with Medical Solutions’ voluntary benefits you don’t have to worry about the unexpected. Medical Solutions has you covered with voluntary benefits!

Travel Nurses are top priority at Medical Solutions. That’s why we took your feedback to heart last year, and are now offering you short-term disability and critical illness insurance in order to protect you financially should you be hurt or sick and unable to work.

So, what’s the difference between these two benefits?

Short-Term Disability Insurance

With short-term disability insurance:

  • You’ll be offered important financial protection in case you’re ever in an accident and suffer a disabling injury.
  • If you are hurt and cannot work, you will be paid cash benefits directly so that you can continue paying your bills and/or paying for medical costs.
  • The benefits are paid directly to you on a monthly basis and you can choose to use that money however you need.

Critical Illness Insurance

Likewise, with critical illness insurance:

  • Protects you financially should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, like a heart attack or stroke.
  • Cash benefits are paid to you in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, and you can use that money to cover your out of pocket costs however you see fit.
  • These benefits are also available for your spouse and/or child(ren).

So now that you’re informed on these new voluntary benefits, what’s the next step? Just like with your medical, dental, and vision benefits, you can enroll in both short-term disability and critical illness insurance within two weeks from the start of your contract to make your elections with a day-one effective date. The cost for each of these voluntary benefits varies based upon your age, the amount and level of coverage you choose.

Click here to see a full list of rates for short-term disability and here to see a full list of rates for critical illness. Please note that rates are subject to change.

Have more questions? Check out each of these quick videos on your voluntary benefits options. You can also contact your Career Consultant and ask them about getting enrolled today!


5 Fantastic Summer Locations for Travel Nursing Jobs

Summer Travel Nurse

Where will summer 2016 take you? Check out these 5 fantastic summer locations for Travel Nursing jobs!

Ahhh, summer! One small word with a myriad of magical possibilities.  Where will your summer adventures take you? With so many great Travel Nursing jobs from coast to coast, the answer might just surprise you. Read on to discover Medical Solutions’ top 5 fantastic summer locations for Travel Nurses.

North Carolina Mountain

Gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, and vibrant vineyards make North Carolina summers stand out.

North Carolina

Sandy beaches, award-winning vineyards, and mountain views make North Carolina the perfect summer escape. Along the sandy beaches of the Crystal Coast, you’ll discover pirate shipwrecks, watch wild horses race, and climb lighthouses near Cape Lookout. With more than 400 vineyards across the state, don’t forget to tour the wine trails in the Yadkin Valley. Savor the different flavors of wine while drinking in the mountain scenery.

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in North Carolina.


Boston Boating

Spend your Massachusetts summer boating, whale watching, touring historic places, cheering at a Red Sox game, and so much more!

The birthplace of the American Revolution is also an awesome getaway for weekend warriors. Massachusetts is one of the top 10 whale watching spots in the world, so you can experience a close encounter with one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures in Cape Cod or Boston. In the heart of Johnny Appleseed Country, Leominster State Forest provides an ideal haven for rock-climbing and trail-hiking enthusiasts. For all you history buffs, Boston is also full of historical tours and breweries. Sam Adams, anyone?

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in Massachusetts.

Wisconsin kayaking

Cool off this summer in one of Wisconsin’s many lakes! The Badger State also hosts many summer music fests and offers tons of scenic views.


During the summer months, Wisconsin really knows how to rock with more than 25 outdoor music festivals. There’s nothing better than enjoying an awesome concert on a hot day with a cold drink in hand. Plus, with such an array of music fest choices, you’re sure to find one that floats your boat. Speaking of boats, Wisconsin is also known for its 15,000 lakes and ample water park attractions. It’s a hotspot for kayaking, tubing, boating, fishing, swimming, or, if you prefer kicking back to kicking it into high gear, lazily sunning yourself on the dock or shore. Wisconsin’s natural beauty also shines in the summer with state parks like Copper Falls State Park, and the awe-inspiring rock formations at Devil’s Lake State Park.

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in Wisconsin.

North Dakota Rodeo

North Dakota offers country appeal, scenic gems, and peaceful wide open spaces.

North Dakota

North Dakota promises its visitors their experience there will be legendary, and it doesn’t disappoint. For an example, look no further than the Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway. Listed on National Geographic’s Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways, this 63-mile winding road runs alongside the Sheyenne River with breathtaking views. In addition to nature and scenery at its best, recreation, history, and culture are all found along this byway. In fact, the legends of the American West are at the heart of North Dakota culture. Stop by the United Tribes International Powwow in Bismarck to soak up a Native American cultural celebration, or cowboy up at the Fort Ransom Fourth of July Rodeo. Boots and cowboy hats aren’t mandatory, but you won’t look out of place if you wear them.

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in North Dakota.

Golden Gate California

San Francisco’s not the only treat California has to offer! Enjoy the Golden State’s stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, and city centers hotspots like LA, San Diego, The Bay Area, and so many more.


Isn’t living in California (even temporarily) on everyone’s bucket list? There’s a reason California is a popular Travel Nursing destination; there’s so much to see and do. You could learn how to surf in the ocean one day, and then walk amongst the impressive redwoods in the Redwood National Park the next day. California also offers the best of both urban and rural settings, with tons of great city perks like the arts, concerts, shopping, pro sports, dining, and more as well as an abundance of picturesque towns. What are you waiting for? California is the perfect place for a summer adventure!

Click here to see Travel Nursing jobs in California.

Did these 5 fantastic summer locations for Travel Nursing Jobs skip over your desired destination? Not to worry — there are plenty of great jobs across the nation to choose from!

Click here to search by state, specialty, and/or job title to find your perfect 2016 summer adventure.


Clinical Corner: Needlestick Injuries

Nurse Needle

Clinical Corner: Find out how safety practices can help you prevent accidental needlesticks.

By Chris Vinton, Medical Solutions Quality Assurance Specialist

There are many occupational hazards working as a nurse. One of the most dangerous work hazard nurses face daily, are accidental needlesticks. These types of injuries are preventable and are one of the more serious injuries a nurse can face.

Every year, more than 385,000 needlesticks and other sharps injuries occur — 40% of the injuries occur before use and another 41% of injuries occur during the use of the sharp device on patients. While everyone in a hospital is at risk for needlesticks, the most at risk are the nurses and technicians. A person who is accidently stuck with a needle, has a chance to be exposed to and develop HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C, as well as other bloodborne pathogens.

Nurses and Technicians are most at risk when performing the following actions:

  • Manipulating needle into the patient
  • Disposing needles with tubing attached
  • Recapping needles
  • Failure to dispose of needles in sharps containers
  • Working too quickly
  • Bumping into a needle or another worker while either person is holding a sharp

Be especially aware of your surroundings and your work when you’re doing any of the above actions. About 80% of all needlestick injuries will be prevented by being more careful performing those actions. Needlestick injuries are entirely preventable, that cannot be stressed enough!


Only you … can prevent needlesticks!

The best way to prevent needlestick injuries is to use needles that have a safety device and to use the safety device. A safety needle is just a regular needle if you don’t use the safety device. Engaging the safety device reduces sharps injuries by 88%. Secondly, be aware of your surroundings and don’t work too quickly. Remember, you are most at risk during and after use of a needle. Avoid recapping needles, but use the one-handed scoop method if you absolutely have to.

If you do suffer a needlestick injury, wash the immediate area with soap and water. Report the injury to your supervisor and seek immediate medical attention. A number of blood tests need to be completed, some tests will even be months from the first exposure and these tests are just as necessary.

When using needles, remember to use the safety device, be aware of your surroundings, don’t work too fast and always dispose of needles in proper containers. Needlestick injuries are much like forest fires. Only you can prevent them!

For more information about the prevention and treatment of needlestick injuries, click here.


Celebrate Nurses Week 2016 with Medical Solutions!

Celebrate Nurses Week 2016 with Medical Solutions!

Yippee! Celebrate Nurses Week 2016 with fun contests, shareable eCards, and more!

April showers will soon give way to May flowers, which also means it’s almost time for Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week is celebrated May 6-12 each year, ending on nursing icon Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Medical Solutions thinks nurses are a BIG deal, so naturally, we like to make a really big deal out of celebrating the selfless, talented, dedicated, amazing, unsung heroes of healthcare. We hope you’ll celebrate Nurses Week 2016 with Medical Solutions — or rather, allow us to properly celebrate YOU! Here’s what we’ve got going on over at our Nurses Week site

We Heart RNs Tribute Video

It’s true: We LOVE RNs. And CNAs, LPNs, NPs — ALL of the amazing nursing professionals who are out there giving their all in the name of excellent patient care. So this year, Medical Solutions gathered together our team, members of the community, and some very special guests to honor nurses by creating a very special tribute video which will be revealed on May 6 to kick off Nurses Week festivities.

#NurseLaughLove Instagram Contest

We know our Travel Nurses love the work they do, which got us curious about their other passions in life. Nurses are welcome to enter this contest by sharing pictures of whatever they want to profess their love for to Instagram with the hashtag #NurseLaughLove. Profile must be public for entry to count and entrants are eligible to win one of 10 Amazon gift cards varying in amounts from $50 to $100 to — grand prize — $250! Get creative and show us the love, nurses!

The 5th Annual Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship

For the fifth year running, Medical Solutions will host and fund the Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship Contest. In light of the ever-growing nationwide nurse shortage, our team wants to support the education and development of future nurses and nurse leaders. Three lucky nurse scholars will each win a $2,000 scholarship to put towards their education costs!

Show ’em the Love Mentor Contest

Strong nursing mentors help create strong nurses and nurse leaders. Most nurses have a mentor or two who really stand out as having helped make them the nurse they are today. So, tell us: Who is your beloved mentor — the wind beneath your nursing wings — and why? Three mentor/mentee pairs will be randomly chosen as winners. All six will win a $100 Ulta gift card and the three winning mentees will also each win a $50 Tafford Uniforms gift card!

Nurses Week eCards

Choose from three fun Nurses Week eCards. Download and/or share via Facebook to give to friends and colleagues, or to celebrate yourself this Nurses Week!

All nurses are welcome to visit to enter these contests, win prizes, share eCards, watch the nurse tribute video, and generally join in the fun celebration with your fellow nurses!

Happy Nurses Week! Love, Medical Solutions.


2016 Planet Water Project 24 Update

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Students from Paciano Rizal in Cambodia try out their new clean water filtration system!

In March we told you about Medical Solutions’ 2016 sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 — a celebration of World Water Day and an initiative to bring clean water to communities in need. After sponsoring Planet Water filtration towers in 2012 and 2015, the Medical Solutions team was once again extremely proud to be a part of this amazing effort to provide 24 clean water filtration systems to 24 impoverished communities in just 24 hours.

Now we can happily report that this year’s effort was a success — with Medical Solutions’ sponsorship bringing clean water to the people of Paciano Rizal! (Click here to revisit last month’s blog and learn more about this small Cambodian village.)

The Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration tower went up Tuesday, March 22nd, at 12 a.m. EST, at Paciano Rizal Elementary School in the Cambodian Village of Paciano Rizal. Students were trained in water health and hygiene, and, although the tower is located at the school, it will also benefit the entire community of 5,540!

The Medical Solutions team is inspired by our amazing Travel Nurses to help in this important effort to save and improve lives with clean water.

“We are inspired each day by the life-saving, life-changing efforts of our Travel Nurses, and being a part of Project 24 is a great way to honor them by doing our part to help make a real difference in people’s lives — just as they do every day on the job,” says Medical Solutions CEO, Craig Meier.

Thank you, Travelers, for inspiring us!

Planet Water shared some amazing photos of Paciano Rizal students and other community members before, during, and after the water tower was erected. These pictures tell an awesome story — check it out!

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Paciano Rizal Elementary School is the site of the Medical Solutions-sponsored clean water filtration system.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Students learn about waterborne illnesses and bacteria.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Two students share their drawings of bacteria.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

The class had fun learning about water health and hygiene. Rawrr, goes the scary bacteria!

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

The Planet Water team huddles up before starting to build the water tower. Ready, set, go!

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

The team works away on the Paciano Rizal tower.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Almost there!

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Mission accomplished!

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Students, parents, and community members celebrate the new clean water filtration system.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Students happily practice washing their hands with clean water.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

More classmates test out the new clean water source.

Planet Water Project 24 Medical Solutions

Thank you, Planet Water, for letting us support your amazing mission!


Clinical Corner: Preventing Patient Falls

Clinical Corner Preventing Patient Falls

Patient falls are the cause of lots of injuries and deaths each year in the U.S. Learn how you can take steps to prevent patient falls whenever possible.

By Chris Vinton, Medical Solutions Quality Assurance Specialist

One of the biggest safety concerns for inpatient care is falling. In the United States, falls cause more than 30,000 deaths per year. Falls are always very serious and are the most frequently reported adverse patient event, across all age spectrums. Preventing falls is paramount for good patient care. So, how do you prevent patients from falling or tripping?

First, if you ever come across something on the ground and think, “Huh, someone could trip over that.” Do take the time to stop and clean or pick it up — even if it isn’t your job. Oftentimes, many fall injuries happen because someone saw a tripping hazard (like a puddle or a box on the floor) and did not clear it. Keep items out of walkways and an eye on patients who often spill or drop things. Also, keep a special eye on patients who are incontinent, because nothing ruins a day faster than slipping in a puddle of chocolate pudding, so to speak.

Clinical Corner Preventing Patient Falls

The GOOD kind of chocolate pudding!

When patients are in bed, be sure to pull up the safety rails on both sides. Have a nightstand within reaching distance, so patients don’t have to get up to get their phone, medication, or other important items. Have the call button either on the bed with the patient or on the close nightstand. The less a patient is standing up, the less likely they are to fall!

Be sure to know your patients for each shift. Patients that are older than 65, are weakened, have altered mental status, or are on a combination of drugs are more likely to fall. Try to take special effort in preventing these patients from falling.

Finally, if your patient happens to fall, do not try to catch them. More often than not, trying to catch a falling patient will only get you hurt. Instead, try falling with the patient to slow them down and protect their head. If you are near a wall, you can try guiding the patient’s fall into the wall to slow them down. However, do not body slam your patient into the wall, as this will likely cause more injuries and, unlike in the world of professional wrestling, you will not get a sweet championship belt for doing so! Once the patient is on the floor, assess the patient’s status. If they are well enough to stand up, call for help and get an additional person to help lift. Do not try to stand a patient that has recently fallen on your own.

As always, every hospital is different and every hospital will have different measures to prevent patients from falling. Falls will only cause more problems for you and your patients. Be sure you are doing everything in your power to prevent yourself, your coworkers, and your patients from falling. Just remember, if you see something that could potentially hurt someone, it probably will. Take care of falling hazards and remember: Falls aren’t fun!


Congrats to February 2016’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Brandi P Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Traveler of the Month, Brandi, and her feline friend, Hank, celebrating Christmas last year.

Many thanks and congrats to the February 2016 Traveler of the Month, Brandi P., and also our Rising Star winner, Alexandra B.!

Traveler of the Month Brandi is an RN, BSN specializing in NICU and currently on assignment in Washington state. She’s been in nursing for five years and Travel Nursing for just over two years. Brandi works with Career Consultant Nick P.

Brandi’s favorite location so far has been Corpus Christi, Texas.

“The hospital I worked for was absolutely amazing, and my co-workers were even better,” she says. “They not only accepted me into their staff with open arms, but they really made me feel like part of the family. Plus the location is amazing. Padre Island is beautiful and a very short drive from the city. Texas in general is a beautiful place, and there is always something to do and somewhere to go. That said, Washington is a close second — this place is stunningly beautiful!”

Brandi travels accompanied by herhandsome fur-child, Hank.”

Brandi P Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Handsome Hank looking very dapper!

He’s a cat I rescued (more like he rescued me) from the SPCA on my very first travel assignment when he was four months old. He’s been traveling by my side ever since,” she says.

Brandi grew up in a town of 800 people and, before Travel Nursing, she says she had never lived more than an hour from her hometown.

“My first assignment took me 28 hours and 1500 miles from home,” she says. “It was definitely a huge change.”

But it’s been a change Brandi has fully embraced and one that’s brought her a wealth of amazing experiences!

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is really the ability to go anywhere your heart desires, and be able to broaden your mind, your knowledge in your specialty, and your cultural experiences,” she says. “What other career gives you the option to explore the world, learn from new cultures, care for others, and gain an immense amount of educational experience all while being within the flexible terms of your short contract?”

Brandi P Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Brandi adventuring at Madison Falls. “Another Travel Nurse and I just did a two-day road trip and hiked to six different waterfalls around the Olympic Peninsula,” she says.


Brandi offered up three excellent tips for new Travel Nurses:

“Remain flexible. The whole reason behind Travel Nursing is to relieve a hospital that is in need of help. We are there to help. That means keeping an open mind, being flexible — but safe with patient assignments and shifts. It’s very easy in this particular profession to forget why it is you’re there and to become greedy and selfish with everything. Which leads me into my next tip … ”

“Always stay humble and remember your true intentions for Travel Nursing. We’re in this career to serve others through medicine and healing hands. It’s so very easy to get lost in the beautiful wonders of traveling and exploring, that we forget why we’re in this location in the first place. Whatever the reason it is that you got into Travel Nursing, always remember that reason. Stay humble, kind, respectful and responsible at all times. And remember, a simple smile really goes a long way!”

“Enjoy it and embrace it. Travel Nursing really is a once in a lifetime endeavor and while it can be incredibly stressful, it’s an amazing way to live this beautiful life we have!”

Alexandra B Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Congrats to our February 2016 Rising Star, Alexandra!

Rising Star Alexandra is an RN, BSN specializing in ER. Her recruiter at Medical Solutions is Career Consultant Renee C., and her current assignment has taken her to the beautiful Bluegrass State, Kentucky.

Alexandra has been in nursing for nearly two years and has been Travel Nursing with Medical Solutions for a little more than four months.

Alex travels solo for the time being, but she hopes to bring her adorable and “super cuddly” pet hedgehog, Wilbur, along on her next assignment. In the meantime, Wilbur stays at home with Alex’s husband Shane, who is active duty Army and must remain close to his base. When they get the chance, she and Shane like to go to Nashville Predators hockey games together.

Alexandra’s favorite location so far has been her first assignment, in Wisconsin, just northeast of Madison.

“The staff were so friendly and quickly took me in as a part of their team,” says Alexandra of the dedicated team at the Community Hospital where she worked in Wisconsin. “They provide excellent medical care and are an invaluable resource for their community.”

Alexandra B Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Alex’s pet, Wilbur, the cuddliest hedgehog ever!

Alex’s passion for Travel Nursing is rooted in learning new things and supporting overworked perm nurses.

“The best part of being a Travel Nurse is seeing how different facilities and providers administer care in different ways,” she says. “Helping hospitals fill staffing needs to take strain off of their core staff is one of the most rewarding parts of traveling. I’ve been that overworked nurse, before I decided to go travel, and it was like a breath of fresh air when Travelers came in to help.”

Alex’s tip for new Travelers?

“As a brand new Travel Nurse I found it really helpful to stay flexible, be positive, and try to make the most out of every place I go,” she says.

That is excellent advice, Alex!

Alexandra B Medical Solutions Travel Nurse

Alex and her husband Shane taking in a hockey game!

Congratulations again to the February 2016 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Thank you so much, Brandi and Alexandra, for your amazing dedication, talent, and hard work in providing superior patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? All Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see how you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card and the pride that comes from being recognized for doing such great work!


Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day 2016

Medical Solutions Sponsors Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day 2016

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions sponsorship of Planet Water Foundation’s Project 24 for World Water Day, Tuesday, March 22.

Did you know that one in eight people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water? Or how about the facts that 50% of all hospital beds worldwide are occupied by people with easily preventable waterborne diseases and 4000 children die every day from water-related illnesses?

Stunning statistics such as these are Planet Water Foundation’s inspiration for Project 24, an initiative to bring clean water to 24 communities in need over the course of 24 hours, on World Water Day, March 22, 2016. They’re also why Medical Solutions is proud to once again be a part of Project 24 by sponsoring the installation of a water filtration system within a village in dire need of clean, safe water.

Paciano Rizal Project 24 Medical Solutions

A student walks past Paciano Rizal Elementary in the Philippines.

Nurses are well aware of the importance of clean, safe water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and bathing, and the role safe water plays in keeping people alive and healthy. The Medical Solutions team is forever inspired by the hard work and compassion displayed every single day by our amazing Travel Nurses. YOU are our inspiration for supporting this amazing cause!

The Medical Solutions-sponsored water filtration tower will be the first Project 24 tower to go up this year, at 12 a.m. EDT, at the Paciano Rizal Elementary School in the Philippines. The school is near a polluted river which means the water flowing to taps is poor quality and can be unsafe. Compounding the issue, most local families makes less than minimum wage and can’t afford to buy clean water.

Paciano Rizal Project 24 Medical Solutions

A young boy in the village of Paciano Rizal in the Philippines.

According to the school’s headmaster, “The water in school is positive with bacteria. We tell the pupils not to drink from the taps, but it is hard to stop them from doing so because most of them can’t buy bottled water.”

A story like that makes all of here at Medical Solutions feel very grateful for easily accessible clean water — which so many so often take for granted — and also very pleased to be able to support this important cause.

As in 2012 and 2015 when Medical Solutions sponsored water filtration tower installations in villages in Cambodia, the Paciano Rizal community will also receive important education on water health and hygiene. And, in addition to the 508 students at Paciano Rizal Elementary, the water tower will serve to help all 5,540 members of the community.

Update! Click here to see photos of the Project 24 water tower installation in Paciano Rizal!