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Medical Solutions Travel Nurse visits the Jefferson Memorial One of the most rewarding things for our internal team at Medical Solutions is being able to interact with all of our excellent Travelers. We love it when Travelers stop by one of our offices to say hi and we get the chance to shake their hands and thank them — like when Barb H. visited us in Omaha and we got to surprise her with the Traveler of the Month award.

Aside from face-to-face meetings, it’s also super fun to be able to follow the adventures of our Travel Nurses via social media, and we really enjoy the chance to connect via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. We love getting to know you all in this online way, and when you hashtag your posts #medicalsolutions it’s even easier for us to see your posts and live vicariously through your many amazing adventures. For three great examples, check out the posts from Medical Solutions Travelers that we’ve included in this blog.  Medical Solutions Travel Nurses


It’s a well-known fact that Medical Solutions Travel Nurses provide excellent patient care across the nation, so we love it when you send pics or share statuses about your very important work. Outside of the unit, it’s also really cool to get to know that so many of you are not only talented healthcare pros, but also mountain climbers, scuba divers, foodies, sports fans, pet lovers, and so much more — and that very often you’re out there sharing the fun with friends, family, and coworkers.

Medical Solutions Travel Nurses



Want to share your Travel Nurse adventures and get to see those of your peers? Be sure to follow, friend, fan, and like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. In addition to tales of adventures in Travel Nursing, you’ll also find awesome tips, tidbits, memes, and news across our social media channels.

Whatever social media platform you’re on, check the #medicalsolutions hashtag to get to know some of your fellow Travelers — and don’t forget to file your posts with #medicalsolutions to share all the fun from your exciting Travel Nurse assignments.


Make Extra Holiday Cash with Loyalty and Referral Bonuses

Travel Nurse with Holiday bonus money

Find out how you can make extra Holiday cash with Loyalty and Referral Bonuses from Medical Solutions.

As the Holiday season approaches, we could all use a little extra cash to spend on gifts, travel, snow tires … whatever floats your boat!

With that, we thought it was a good time to remind you of a couple bonus opportunities offered by Medical Solutions. Read on to find out how you could make extra Holiday cash with Loyalty and Referral bonuses as a Medical Solutions Traveler.

Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program makes it super easy to earn your $600 Loyalty Bonus. Medical Solutions Travelers are automatically enrolled when they begin their first assignment. We keep track of all of your hours worked, and when you hit 600 hours, we pay you $600! Simple as that. Even better, every 600 hours worked with Medical Solutions is good for another $600 bonus. Lather, rinse, repeat — as many times as you like!

Again, Medical Solutions keeps track of your hours logged towards a Loyalty Bonus for you, but if you want to check your progress just review your weekly pay stub to see how close you are to your next bonus! Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions’ Loyalty Program.

Referral Bonus  

The Holidays are a great time for giving, so why not give a friend or colleague the gift of working with Medical Solutions — and get yourself a $500 bonus while you’re at it! If you have friends or colleagues you think might be interested in Travel Nursing, send them our way! For each nurse you refer who takes a job with Medical Solutions, and works at least 30 days, you get your choice of one of the following:

  • $500 Cash
  • A PC Laptop
  • A $500 Apple Gift Card

There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer, and you are eligible for a bonus for each successful referral you send us. So, say you successfully refer 5 awesome Travelers, that adds up to 5 happy new Medical Solutions Travel Nurses, 1 very happy you (now $2500 richer!), and a whole lot of great patient care delivered across the nation.

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions’ Referral Program and get started referring your contacts — and racking up bonuses!


Congrats to September 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Many congrats to our September Traveler of the Month, Joe D., and also our Rising Star winner, April B.

Travel Nurse Joe D

September Traveler of the Month, Joe D., on one of his many outdoor adventures.

Joe has been in nursing for 21 years, with stints in ICU, Surgery, Oncology, and ER, the latter in which he worked as night shift supervisor for 4-5 years.

“I have been a Travel Nurse for two years, all with Medical Solutions, and it has been a good move for me now that my son is grown and on his own,” says Joe.

His last assignment was in beautiful Vermont, where Joe says he spent lots of time “hiking, fishing, riding my motorcycle and taking 1-day to 3-day excursions.”

“I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, it really is just a beautiful part of the country,” he says.

Joe says he’s thoroughly enjoyed his time traveling and plans to continue for many years.

“I plan to see as much of this country as I can,” he says. “I’ve always liked to explore and see new things and that’s why this job fits me so well. I can see and experience new places and people, and make a living while I am doing it.”

Joe has the work and play sides of Travel Nursing covered, adding he’s “never had a bad assignment.”

“I have always felt accepted at my assignments and the people I have met along the way have been great,” says Joe. “Shane, my [Career Consultant] at Medical Solutions, has always been there for me when I have had questions, and has helped make traveling enjoyable.”

Joe’s philosophy for a successful career in Travel Nursing?

“Always be accountable both professionally and personally, give 100% to whatever setting you are placed in, and conduct yourself in a way that gives a positive experience for your patients and allows for a positive reflection on the hospital,” he says. “Take into account that different hospitals have their own work culture and adjust accordingly. I have found that, no matter what the hospital or unit, if you show that you are professional, patient-oriented, and easy to work with, the staff are generally very accepting.”

And, above all, Joe says: “HAVE FUN. The great thing about being a Traveler is experiencing so many different places. Dive in and take advantage of the travel part of Travel Nursing!”

September Rising Star, April, is a NICU RN. Her Career Consultant Jim was not at all surprised when she was honored as Rising Star.

“April has done a tremendous job giving great patient care,” says Jim. “She really cares about her patients. I knew when I first started working with April and her references only had wonderful things to say about her.

Jim says he hopes “to have the chance to work with April for a long time.”

Travel Nurse Ashley C.

We got the chance to catch up with August Rising Star, Ashley C.!

We also caught up recently with the August Rising Star, Ashley C.! She’s worked as a Certified Surgical Tech for almost nine years, just under two years as a Traveler. While she loved and Oregon and Tucson, her favorite assignment has been in San Jose, California, where she enjoyed “such love and support, and no drama” from her co-workers.

“We worked as a team, and I got along great with staff and doctors,” says Ashley. “I have a second family there that truly cares about my success and well-being, plus there’s so much to do in San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area.”

She loves traveling because, she says, “You get to see different ways to do things, meet many new people, and do and see things you may not do or see any other time!”

Ashley shares Joe’s advice to “have fun,” also adding: “Be open to new people and adventures. Keep learning no matter what your experience level is.”

Thanks so much Joe, April, and Ashley, for being awesome examples of Travel Nurses and for providing excellent patient care nationwide!

If you get a perfect evaluation from your hospital, it’s possible that YOU could be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star! Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card.


Pin to Win Holiday Recipe Contest

Click here to enter Medical Solutions' Pin to Win Holiday Recipe Contest!

Click here to enter Medical Solutions’ Pin to Win Holiday Recipe Contest!

The Holidays are great for so many reasons: food, family, festivity … and again, so much delicious food that it’s worth mentioning twice!

As a Travel Nurse, we know that you may be away from friends and family this holiday season, so Medical Solutions wanted to share some delicious home-cooked recipes that are so good, they’ll make you feel as at home as possible while you’re on the road.

Click here to check out our Pinterest board of Holiday recipes for the Traveling Nurse. From cheesy, garlic mashed potatoes to candied sweet potato casserole, slow cooker ham to easy turkey stuffing — and so much more — this board has got us hungry for the Holidays!

And, since it is the giving season, we’d like to invite you to our easy-to-enter Pin to Win Holiday Recipe Contest, for the chance to win one of five Crock-Pot 6-Quart Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cookers! As a Holiday bonus, one of the five winners will also receive a $100 gift card to Sur La Table, where you can get all kinds of kitchen gear, gadgets, and more.

Entering is a snap. Simply re-pin your favorite recipe from Medical Solutions’ “Holiday Recipes for the Traveling Nurse” Pinterest board, with the hashtags #travelnurse and #medicalsolutions. That’s it, you’re entered!

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, it’s super easy and free to sign up for one at (And if you’re new to Pinterest, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it as much as we do!)

If you’re hungry for a win and ready to get cooking, click here to enter Medical Solutions’ Pin to Win Holiday Recipe Contest now.

In the meantime, we’d love to know, what are your favorite home-cooked Holiday recipes? You know, those magic dishes that can transport you hundreds of miles home to the family table … I’ll go first: For me, it’s a tie between my uncle’s green bean casserole and my mom’s cheesy potatoes.

Share your yummy favorites in the comments!


Happy Allied Health Professionals Week!

Medical Solutions celebrates Allied Health Professional Week

Click here to share your story in celebration of Allied Health Professionals Week!

This week, November 3-7, 2014, is Allied Health Professionals Week, and Medical Solutions wants to celebrate all of the hardworking Allied Health Pros out there, by letting you share your stories.

Visit to tell us your specific title as an Allied Health Professional as well as why you do what you do and why you love your job.

There are more than 200 specialized careers that fall under the umbrella of Allied Health Professionals. With all of that diversity within the Allied area, we think it’s even more important to hear each of your unique, important stories.

And, to make this week’s celebration even more fun, all respondents will be entered to win one of these excellent prizes:

  • Grand Prize — Amazon Fire HD 7 Tablet ($174 value) that comes with a one-year Amazon Prime membership, plus a $100 Amazon gift card
  • Second Prize — $150 gift card to Zappos
  • Third Prize — $50 gift card to Tafford Uniforms and Scrubs

Click here to share the story of your career as an Allied Health Professional.

Happy Allied Health Professionals Week! We hope you enjoy the celebration and proper recognition for all the hard work and talent you display every day. Thank you so much for everything you do. We truly appreciate your unique, crucial contributions to the healthcare industry!


Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest

pet friendly travel nurse agency contest

Click here to enter your pet in the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest!

Days can be pretty routine for a pet: Nap on the ottoman, chase the laser pointer, a scratch behind the ear here, a belly rub there, kibble for dinner, rinse, repeat.

But what if your pet could be a giraffe for a day? A frog? A famous aviator? Or, Christopher Walken? (I seriously know a cat that looks just like Christopher Walken — but perhaps that’s a story for another time!)

Now through November 1st, you can show your sweet pet off to the world and get in on the all the seasonal costume fun with the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest.

Simply click here to enter — submit a photo of your pet(s) in their best costume for a chance to win a $150, $75, or $50 Petco gift card.

Finally, Fluffy can pay for her own amazing high-rise cat castle and Fido can get that mega-rawhide he’s had his eye on!

Winners will be chosen based on a combination of factors, including creativity, photographic quality, and number of votes.

By now you probably know that if you want to pursue Travel Nursing and bring your pet along on your adventure, Medical Solutions is the agency to go with. We know how much our pets mean to us, so we totally get how important it is to our Travelers to have their critter companions with them on assignment. We’re proud to be pet friendly, meaning we give our all to ensure our Travelers get great housing that accepts their furry, fuzzy, scaled friends — and, we even cover upfront pet deposits!

Click here for tips on traveling with your pets and to learn more about Medical Solutions’ pet friendly Travel Nursing Housing, plus other resources, pet discounts, and more.

And don’t forget to enter your animal companion in the Medical Solutions Pet Costume Contest. If you don’t have a Facebook account, we can also take your submissions via email here and we’ll post them for you. May the best feline, canine, reptile, or other miscellaneous critter win!


Congrats to August 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Medical Solutions Travel Nurse of the Month Dan

Congrats to Dan A., our awesome August 2014 Traveler of the Month!

We’d like to send a major shout-out and congratulations to our August Traveler of the Month, Daniel A., BSN, RN.

Traveler of the Month Dan has been a nurse for about three-and-a-half years and specializes in Critical Care (MICU/CCU, Neuro/Trauma ICU, SICU). He has completed three 13-week Travel Nurse assignments for Medical Solutions and is currently a Local Missions Protégé at National Community Church in Washington, D.C.; a position he says addresses many social justice issues with a faith-based point of view.

When asked his favorite location as a Travel Nurse, Dan says it’s tough to choose between San Francisco and Long Island.

Medical Solutions Travel of the Month Dan

Dan and Stephanie get down to the business of adventuring!

“In both places I found friendly faces, a variety of cultures, great rural and urban sites to see, and most importantly sun and sand,” he says.

Dan says the best thing about Travel Nursing is “gaining various skill sets and knowledge in the field of nursing that are applicable in any context of providing quality care throughout the nation.”

Dan’s wife, Stephanie, traveled with him for the two assignments he had after they were married. He says he’s very thankful it was feasible for her to join him.

And what about his first assignment without her in 2013? Well, it was during that assignment in 2013 that Dan flew his then-girlfriend Stephanie out to the Bay area to surprise her with a proposal! Pics or it didn’t happen, Dan … Oh, he has pics — sweet, beautiful pics of the actual proposal!

Medical Solutions August 2014 Traveler of the Month Dan

On his first assignment, Dan surprised his then-girlfriend Stephanie by flying her out to the Bay area for this sweet proposal!

Dan offers three great tips for new or aspiring Travel Nurses:

1. “Take a deep breath, remember this isn’t your first rodeo, and that though you are in a new setting, you are fully capable of providing the quality care to patients that you already have up to this point in your career.”

2. “Make friends, and make them quick! Not only do you want to establish a good rapport with your team for the sake of the patients, but for yourself. Having a sense of community as you move from one place to the next is key for your emotional health as a travel nurse.”

Medical Solutions August 2014 Traveler of the Month Dan

The happy couple.

3. “You’re a travel nurse, so travel! Check out as many sights as you can. I know you are tired after three+ 12-hour shifts, but there is life to live. So whether that means relaxing in a coffee shop, taking a hike on the ocean hillsides, or exploring a new neighborhood in town, get going! Adventure is out there!”

Dan, thank you SO much for being an awesome example of Travel Nurses and for providing excellent care to your patients!  

Click here to get to know our August Rising Star winner, Ashley C.

Who knows, maybe you will be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star! It all starts with an excellent evaluation and could end up with you winning a $100 Visa gift card. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about.


Flu Season 2014: Verify Your Vaccination Status to Protect Yourself and Others

flu season ahead

With fall comes the flu season … Be prepared and you can protect yourself and your patients!

By Lalah Landers, BSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager

So many happy sights and sounds signal the fall season — colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, the kickoff of football, pumpkin spice lattes, and the like. With all of this also comes flu season 2014. But, no need to worry, with a little effort on your part you can help keep yourself, your colleagues, families, and patients protected.

Medical Solutions requires that all Travelers read, complete, and submit our Flu Screening Form by October 15, 2014.  

Click here to view and complete the form, then return it by email to or by fax to 1.866.688.5929.

If you have a copy of your 2014-2015 vaccine (received August 2014 or later) we can alternately accept that in place of the Flu Screening Form.   

In addition to allowing you to easily communicate your vaccination status, the Flu Screening Form offers some important facts regarding influenza, so be sure to check that out. Here are some more important points regarding flu season 2014:

  • Some facilities may have specific flu requirements. In that case, Medical Solutions will send you a separate email detailing that information.
  • You have options for obtaining your flu vaccine. You can check to see if your current facility offers a free flu clinic for employees, visit a local chain pharmacy such as Walgreens or CVS, or visit your primary care provider.
  • Most insurance providers cover the cost of your flu vaccination at 100 percent. If your vaccination is not covered, Medical Solutions will reimburse you up to $42, with documentation and a receipt. If you are having trouble locating a flu vaccination site, just let your Career Consultant know. He or she is always here to help you with this or any other questions.
  • What about the flu mist? Click here to view the latest CDC guidelines for 2014-2015 flu vaccination. You’ll notice in the section on who should not be vaccinated with the nasal spray flu vaccine, it does indicate “People who care for severely immunocompromised persons who require a protective environment (or otherwise avoid contact with those persons for 7 days after getting the nasal spray vaccine).”

Essentially, this means that healthcare workers do fall into this category of those who should not get vaccinated via flu mist, as they often care for immunocompromised patients. However, because the flu mist is a live attenuated virus, you could still get vaccinated with the mist if you were able to wait seven days afterwards to care for patients. This could be an option for you if you’re in between travel assignments, for example.

In the end, a little preparation on your part goes a long way towards protecting yourself and those around you, and in stopping the spread of influenza. We appreciate your efforts — thank you, and we hope you enjoy a happy, healthy fall season.


Happy Travel Nurses Day!

Happy Travel Nurses Day 2014It’s that magical time that only comes once a year … Travel Nurses Day!

This Friday, October 10, 2014, is the second annual Travel Nurses Day. It’s a day set aside to honor all of the amazing, adventurous, adept Travel Nurses out there. We think you’re aces — A+ to all of you!

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t hold our excitement to just one day, so we’ve already unlocked the site, and you can visit now to get this party started. In celebration of your continued awesomeness, here what’s in store this year at


  • Take the “Where should I travel next?” quiz to find out what city is ideal for your next adventure. Are you big city or small town? Fine wine or craft beer? Today’s catch or meat and potatoes? Whatever your jam, find the perfect spot for your next assignment.
  • Create your own travel stories with three fun, interactive Travel-Libs. Fill in certain words and you’ll end up with your very own tale. You wordsmith, you!
  • Most nurses have a pretty strong eagle-eye game. Use that to your advantage in these three Photo Finds. Simply spot those little details in each picture that are not like the other. I spy, with my little eye, you winning a great prize …


And speaking of prizes, this year’s batch is strong. Up for grabs are:

  • One paid vacation of your choice — a $2500 value
  • Three Kindle Fire HD 6 Tablets (8GB) — each tablet a $114 value
  • Three $50 gift cards from Tafford Uniforms
  • Fifteen $50 gift cards from Zappos, Amazon, and Starbucks

Email Alerts!

Maybe not as fun as games and prizes, but don’t forget to sign up for Travel Nurses Day email alerts so you can keep posted on all the fun.

Medical Solutions launched Travel Nurses Day in 2013 because we wanted to honor the unique contributions and spirit of Travel Nurses everywhere. We love celebrating Nurses Week, but to go even one further than that we wanted to put the focus specifically on this unique industry and all of you hardworking, flexible, highly skilled Travelers out there. You go where your patients need you the most and you do it fearlessly, with an amazing zest for life, travel, and patient care. We truly admire you!

Click here to play games, win prizes, and celebrate yourself and Travel Nurses everywhere.

Happy Travel Nurses Day!


Get Your Travel Nurse Gear at Stitches

medical solutions online store stitchesAt Medical Solutions, style knows no season. But, despite our year-round commitment to looking good and feeling great, fall is an especially good time to pick up some threads from our online store, Stitches.

Layer one of our hilarious T-shirts like the “Always Believe in Yourself” Bigfoot T-shirt with a stylish Medical Solutions jacket and you’re all set to hit the hiking trail in the nearest woods. Who knows, maybe you will actually encounter THE Bigfoot and you can show him your awesome T-shirt. You’ll be instant friends!

Keep your noggin warm on fall hayrack rides and other adventures with one of our knit stocking caps. Sip a warm fall beverage out of our jumbo coffee cup. The possibilities — and style — are endless.

Stitches launched in October 2013 and is packed with all kinds of great Medical Solutions gear, including:

  • ball caps and stocking caps
  • hilarious nurse-themed t-shirts
  • polos
  • hoodies and jackets
  • coffee cups and water bottles
  • pet gear
  • lunch bags
  • scrubs, and more!

And, since we run Stitches profit-free (only covering production and vendor costs) everything in the shop is super affordable!

Click here to check out what’s on sale at Stitches.

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