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Resources for travel nursing with pets

travel nurse's dog

As you may have noticed we love pets. Not only our own, but we love when our travel nurses have pets and we work hard each week to make sure that any travelers with pets who work with us our able to take their pet along to their travel nursing job.

Here are some resources over at Travel Nursing that can help make it easier for you when you are travel nursing with pets:


Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Travel Nurse Housing Research

In this very informative video, Kim, one of our Travel Nursing Housing Specialist gives some helpful tips for researching housing and finding apartments and furniture if you are taking a stipend instead of using travel nurse company provided housing.


Medical Solutions and Planet Water

Did you know?

  • One in eight people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.
  • Fifty-percent of hospital beds on Earth are occupied by people with easily preventable waterborne diseases.
  • 4000 children die every day from water related illnesses.
  • Women and children spend hours a day collecting water, which takes away vital educational opportunities.

We didn’t either, but once we learned this it inspired us to do something to truly help others this Christmas season.

So we partnered with the Planet Water Foundation to help bring fresh, clean water to the people living in the village of Phnov, located in the Tasom Commune, Angkor Chum District of Siem Reap, Cambodia. This gift was given on behalf of our travelers and client hospitals.

Planet Water helps villages without clean drinking water by building AquaTowers that filter and clean their water. To learn more about how this system works and is giving the hope of a better life to thousands visit Planet Water.

Planet Water

The tower wil be built in 2012 and we will post updates on its progress throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the Phnov Community.

Click here if you are interested in helping Planet Water on your own.


We have launched a new travel nurse loyalty program

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusWe love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us so much that take assignment after assignment. And now we are excited to be offering our new 2012 Loyalty Program so we can reward them for that loyalty.

The program is super simple. We made it that way for two reasons.

First, you have enough to worry about while you are a travel nurse so we did not want to add to that.

And second, we wanted a program that didn’t take a magnifying glass and calculus degree to figure out if you qualified or what your hours were.

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.

Click here to read the press release.


Our award winning travel nursing website!


Earlier this year we resdesigned our website to be one that put the focus on you, travel nurses, instead of us as a travel nursing company.

We have heard tons of positive feedback on it and were glad our travelers liked it. And now we are also excited to announce that it is an award winning site.

The company that we worked with to design it Staffing Robot won the Ehealthcare Leadership Award For Best Healthcare Website Design.


Help your four legged travel nursing companion live longer

travel nurse with petsThey go with you on each travel nursing assignment; they are an always loving and welcoming face when you come home. They can help make that unbearable day bearable. They are your best friend so it is no wonder you want pets to be with you forever.

Here is a great article with five things you can do keep your dog or cat healthy and with you for a long time: 5 ways to help your pet live longer

The whole article is worth reading, but here are some highlights:

Keep your pet indoors

It will help protect cats especially from infectious diseases; digestive upset and fights with other animals and speeding cars.

Watch your pet’s weight

Obesity in pets causes the same problems in dogs and cats as it does in people so talk to your vet for advice on controlling your pet’s calorie intake and expenditure in a healthy way.

Don’t miss your pet’s vet visit

Just like in people, preventative medicine is the best way to spot and treat many diseases that can shorten your pets life early enough to treat them.

Make sure to take care of your pet’s dental health

This one may be surprising, but bacteria from dental and gum disease in cats and dogs can travel to other parts of their bodies and cause more serious health issues. So make sure to give treats that promote mouth health and even though it may feel silly, brush your pet’s teeth.

Spay or neuter your cat or dog

This will not only help prevent some reproductive cancers but some studies show that fixed pets live longer even though scientists are sure why.

So if you want your travel nursing buddy to stay with you a long time follow these tips and of course pet them as much as you can.


Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Company Provided Housing vs. Housing Stipend

In this video, Kim, our Travel Nursing Housing Specialist outlines the differences between Company Provided Housing and a Housing Stipend for your next travel nursing position.


Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Washers and Dryers

Medical Solutions Housing Manager, Jill Budler, discusses a few of the reasons you might or might not have your own private washer and dryer in the travel nursing company provided housing provided during travel nursing contracts.


Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Furniture and Housewares

If you are a frist time travel nurse watch this video to see what you should expect in the way of furniture and housewares when you take company housing with any travel nurse agencies you work with.


No more being bored on hold for travel nurses

two people laughing on phone
No travel nurse should ever have to wait on hold while calling a travel nursing company, but sometimes that can’t be helped in the midst of a busy a day placing awesome nurses. Medical Solutions’ goal as a company is to never have anyone on hold, but to make it more enjoyable for you in those rare occurrences when we have no choice (like while you wait to talk to your favorite Career Consultant) we have changed our on-hold music to a funny yet informative radio variety show like style.

Check it out the next time you call in. We hope you like it, but never have to hear it. Unless of course you want to.

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