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#1 Staffing Company to Work for in the NATION!

Best Place to Work - Medical Solutions - Travel NursingYep, it’s true. Staffing Industry Analysts announced the winners of the 2013 Best Staffing Firms to Work for survey. Medical Solutions took the top spot at #1 for medium sized companies.

Also, in our hometown of Omaha, we were voted one of the top companies to work for 5 years running!

Both of these awards are truly an honor. We are dedicated to helping our employees reach their professional and personal goals, we are a company that understands work can be and should be fun, a company that makes everyone proud to be a part of and a company that understands that happiness leads to success for all.

And of course, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of you. Our happy employees mean you get the best customer service and dedication out there. So thank you for being fantastic Travelers.



Welcome OA Nurse Travel to the Medical Solutions Family!

febnewsletterThis past week, we welcomed OA Nurse Travel to the Medical Solutions family. This means more available assignment locations and enhanced customer service for you.

OA Nurse Travel joined Medical Solutions because of our recognition of their strength, growth and exceptional team. We realize they do business the right way and they match our values.

But not to worry, besides having a bigger option for assignments-  nothing will change! Your team at Medical Solutions will remain the same.

Take a look at our fun illustration for the joining of the two companies here.

And to see the full press release click here.


Our Travel Nurse Referral Program

travel nursing referral programDo you love Medical Solutions? Does working with us put a smile on your face and give you the warm fuzzies?

If so, we’d love for you to tell your friends about us too. The great part is that for every nurse you refer that works at least 30 days, you get your choice of:

  • $500 Cash – *only option for non-Medical Solutions employees and travelers.
  • A PC Laptop
  • A $500 Apple Gift Card


Sounds like a pretty great deal huh? There isn’t a limit to the amount of people your refer, either. Ready to spread the word? Learn how to refer a nurse to Medical Solutions.



Halloween Costume Photo Contest

travel nurse halloween costume photo contestWe want to see your most adorable, cute and scary costumes for this year’s Halloween Photo Contest. Enter a photo of your costume, your kids’ or even your pets’ photo for a chance to win a $200 Gift Card to!

We encourage you to share your photos and have your friends vote for your costumes.  Winner will be the photo with the most votes and Medical Solutions’ staff. The photo contest runs from Friday, October 26th to Friday, November 2nd. Please visit the Medical Solutions’ Halloween Photo Contest to enter.


Ask a Travel Nurse Recruiter: What kind of schedules does travel nursing offer?

travel nurse schedulesQ.

What kind of schedules does travel nursing offer? Full-time, part-time, intermittent?


There are a few ways that travel contract schedules are agreed upon.

The short answer is: Travel nursing is usually a full-time commitment.

The long answer: As a travel nurse you should be open to working a standard 13 week contract, but contracts can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks or even longer at 26 weeks or more. As far a weekly schedule, those can be arranged ahead of time and written into a contract but schedules are usually handled during your phone interview with the hospital’s hiring manager.

The schedules range anywhere from an 8, 10 or 12 hour shift with either a 36 or 40 guarantee on your hours worked for the week.

In the past I have had travel nurses work weekends only or even blocking shifts together where they worked 3 days on the floor in a row.  Basically if you need a specific schedule, ask for it, but remember, being as flexible as possible on schedule and shift worked will get you more interviews and open you up to many more job opportunities as well!


Loyalty Program Carrying Over to 2013!

Medical Solutions Super Easy Loyalty BonusSince all of our Travelers have made our loyalty program such a success, we’ve decided to carry it over to 2013.  Any of the hours you have worked with Medical Solutions in 2012 carry over to the new year,  so you can keep accruing to reach your goal of 600 hours!

Not familiar with our loyalty program? It’s simple. 600 hours = $600.

We love when our travel nurses love their experience of working with us, and we are excited we can reward them for that loyalty. If you have questions about your current hours or loyalty program status, contact your Career Consultant. 866.633.3548

Click here to learn more about the Travel Nursing Loyalty Bonus.




Travel Nurse Wellness Tips: Change is Good!

travel nurse wellnessDo you find yourself frustrated because you have been working hard but are still not seeing the fat shedding off of your body? If you have been doing the same activity for several months, it just may be time to change what you are doing or how you are doing it.

As we spend time doing a particular activity our body becomes more and more efficient at that activity. This increased efficiency actually decreases the amount of calories we burn. Now, this does not mean the activity is not beneficial…but it does mean that your body does not have to work as hard as it did when you first started that activity. Cross training will increase the benefits from your hard work.

To maximize your time and effort, periodically change the cardiovascular activity that you are doing, or change the intensity and/or duration. After you have spent a couple of weeks doing a different activity you will be able to come back to you favorite activity with a higher level of fintess. Not only will you be burning more calories, you will have a better mental state, and will decrease the potential for injury.

For those of you that are on the road as a traveling health professional, your options for exercise equipment may be limited. However, you don’t have to just change the activity to increase a change in your body. Change your workout from a thirty minute duraction working at approximately the same level to an interval workout, increasing your speed for 1-3 minute intervals. This is an excellent way to add variety and increase your calorie expenditure.



RN to BSN Enrollment for Travel Nurses

Rn to BSN Program for Travel Nurses Medical SolutionsReady to upgrade your education from RN to BSN? Medical Solutions’ partnership with University of Saint Mary allows us to provide you with a full-financial assistance package (including books and tuition) to help you earn your BSN.

Curriculum is completed 100% online and is flexible, with no campus visits to attend (until graduation day). You are eligible for the program as long as you’re traveling with us and taking no more than two classes per term.

The admission process is similar to other traditional collegiate institutions, the main difference being there are six different start dates, allowing you to schedule around your own time. Next enrollment start date is October 22, 2012!

Read more about our RN to BSN program.


Find the Football Scavenger Hunt!


Are you ready for football season? We sure are!

contests for nurses

Kicking off Wednesday Sept 5th, we will be placing 15 Medical Solutions footballs throughout our website. Those that find the footballs and correctly identify the website page title that it is on, will be entered to win the First Prize of $200 to Football Fanatics or the second prize of $50 to Football Fanatics.

For complete details on how to play, visit Find the Football.



Ask A Travel Nurse Recruiter: How negotiable are travel nursing contracts?

Travel Nursing Contracts


How negotiable are travel nursing contracts?


A good contract will lay out everything in writing that was discussed about the position when you and your recruiter were in the early stages of submitting your profile for the position. There shouldn’t be any surprises once you receive your contract, and you will want to make sure to read through it thoroughly to ensure the verbiage makes sense to you.

You may or may not have the option to negotiate certain terms of your contract once you have received it. Certain parts of a contract are legal obligations that the company or hospital has in place that cannot be negotiated. Examples of these may include confidentiality agreements, breach of contract, incident reporting, etc. Some facilities have cancellation policies or other requirements for background testing, medical documentation, etc. that are also non-negotiable.

Many travelers want to negotiate the pay once they have received their contracts. Depending on the relationship you have with your recruiter, ideally you should know before receiving the contract what your hourly pay, stipend amounts (if applicable), and overtime pay rate will be. I would definitely encourage you to have an open discussion with your recruiter about your pay and benefit expectations before getting too far into the submittal and interview process. If you wait until you are getting interviews, only to find out that the pay is not going to meet your expectations, it will have been a waste of your time, not to mention the company’s and hospital’s time.

Bottom line, it never hurts to ask for more. But, if you did agree to the terms of the pay before receiving the contract and the company is unable to give you more money after you receive the contract, it would not be professional at that point to turn down the contract for that reason. It’s a different story if the company verbally committed to pay terms before you received the contract and the contract shows something completely different. That’s why it is very important to choose a good recruiter & company early in the game so you have a trust and rapport developed, the lines of communication are completely open, and you know that your best interests are being met.

Saving money tip: The IRS allows for non-taxable meals and incidentals when traveling based on defined IRS guidelines. That information can be found at their website and I encourage all travelers to review it.