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Voluntary Benefits for Medical Solutions Travelers!

A beautiful young woman standing outside while holding her red umbrella

Medical Solutions’ voluntary benefits keep you covered and financially protected. Go ahead, stand under our umbrella!

Medical Solutions is committed to providing our Travelers with excellent benefits, like day one medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k with a company contribution, licensure and certification reimbursement, loyalty and referral bonuses, plus paid, private, pet-friendly housing, and so much more.

A couple of lesser-known benefits Medical Solutions Travelers can take advantage of are the voluntary benefits we offer — short-term disability insurance and critical illness insurance.

Short-term disability insurance is there to protect you and your family financially in the event that you ever have an accident, injury, or illness that prevents you from working. When you’re covered with short-term disability insurance, you’ll receive direct cash benefits that will help you make end meet while you’re on the mend. That means you can use the cash to cover whatever’s most needed in your life, whether that’s bills or medical costs.

Similarly, critical illness insurance comes into play if you’re ever diagnosed with a critical illness that prevents you from working and maintaining your income. Should you ever be diagnosed with a covered critical illness, you’ll be paid cash benefits that can be used to cover your bills and any other costs you see fit. These benefits are also accessible to your spouse and/or children.

Most of the benefits Medical Solutions offers help keep you healthy, but in the event of a short-term disability or critical illness we want to make sure you’re still taken care of. We’re always here for you — whether the day is sunny or the forecast calls for rain!

Click here to learn more about Medical Solutions’ voluntary benefits for Travelers!


Snapchat Travel Nurse Takeover Videos

Travel Nurse videos

Learn from real-life Travel Nurses as you plan your next adventure!

Back in February, Medical Solutions partnered with our pal Ryan to do a Travel Nurse Takeover of our Snapchat. It was super cool to get this glimpse into real Travelers’ lives, because while there are many great resources out there to help you prepare for a career in Travel Nursing, being able to journey along with fellow Travelers as they navigate work and play was informative and fun!

The videos were so awesome that we saved them to a special Snapchat Travel Nurse Takeover YouTube playlist so Travel Nurses everywhere can still check them out and learn from them.

Medical Solutions Travelers Emily, Katie, Jock, Ally, Joslyn, Ryan, Kourtney, Melissa, and Jonny share their thoughts on everything from traveling with pets to traveling as a couple, recruiter recommendations, and tons more. The best part though is going along with them as they explore locations in Washington, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, and more!

Check our part of Ally and Kourtney’s takeovers below, and be sure to watch all of the awesome Traveler Takeover videos on our YouTube playlist!


Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Many thanks and congrats to the April 2017 Traveler of the Month, Laurin P., and also our Rising Star winner, Jon F.!

Traveler of the Month Laurin is an RN, BSN, specializing in NICU. She works with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Meg H. Laurin won Traveler of the Month while on assignment in Georgia and is currently working in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Laurin’s been in nursing for seven years and has been traveling for nearly a year now. Her favorite location so far has been Salem, Oregon.

“I could say so many great things about Oregon, but Salem itself was a great location that was very convenient for exploring the state,” she says. “The people in Salem were very friendly and welcoming. The town is within Willamette Valley, which has a plethora of wonderful wineries to visit.”

Laurin travels with her husband, who works from home.

“I’m very fortunate that my husband is able to travel with me,” she says. “Things lined up in life and we decided before we settled down that we should travel for a while and explore the U.S.”

Laurin likes that Travel Nursing has exposed her to various places throughout the United States.

“Coming from Tampa Bay, Florida, getting to experience different weather, seasons, and terrain [has been great],” she says. “While I was in Atlanta I was able to experience spring — never knew that I was missing out on that in life. The states are beautiful and traveling has let me truly enjoy everything out there.”

Laurin offers these great tips for aspiring Travel Nurses:

“Stay organized from the beginning — upload everything nursing related to somewhere you can access from anywhere, i.e. Google Drive.”

“When thinking about time off to write into your contract, do a quick Google search of events happening in the area so you can experience it while you’re there.”

Thanks for everything you do, Laurin!

Rising Star Jon is an RN, BSN who specializes in ICU. He works with Career Consultant Mike M. and is currently on assignment in New Mexico.  

Mike says Jon is an amazing Traveler whom he’s had the pleasure of working with the past year-and-a-half.

“Jon travels with his wife Morgan in an RV,” says Mike. “I consider Jon and Morgan great friends and hope to someday, meet them in person.”

“Jon is a great Traveler for many reasons,” adds Mike. “He’s always had excellent reviews from his hospitals which obviously translates to great patient care and representation of Medical Solutions. He’s excellent at communication, and always stays on top of paperwork/expiring items. In addition, he adapts to the changing job market by always being flexible in selecting his next assignment.”

We appreciate you, Jon!

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions April 2017 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Laurin and Jon, we thank you so much for your steadfast commitment to providing awesome patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to learn more and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card as recognition for a job well done!


Clinical Corner: Hospital Safety

Clin Corn Pic June 2017 - Clinical Corner: Hospital SafetyBy Kora Behrens, Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Solutions

Did you know that hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work? Every day nurses are exposed to many health risks which makes them prone to illnesses, infections, injuries, and diseases.

It’s especially timely to discuss safety in nursing because June is National Safety Month. The concept of safety in the workplace is an essential component to providing quality nursing care. Additionally, healthcare staff and nurses must be aware of safety practices outside of patient care as well. It’s imperative that all healthcare workers know how to limit their exposure and minimize any risks that may be involved with the job.

The wide range of hazards on the job include sharps injuries, exposure to chemicals and hazardous drugs, back injuries, latex allergies, violence, and stress.

Safety First

June is National Safety Month, but hospital safety has many benefits year-round!

Through numerous encounters with patients with varying conditions, nurses become more prone to infectious agents like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. This type of exposure makes nurses and healthcare staff more prone to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Ebola, Influenza, MRSA, Tuberculosis, SARS, and MERS.

Healthcare workers and patients can sometimes be unprotected from chemical hazards as well. These hazards include several different anesthetic gases, aerosolized medications, chemotherapy medications, cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing agents, medical supplies and instruments, and fixative chemicals used for tissue specimens.

In addition to the infectious and chemical hazards, healthcare workers must also avoid damaging effects from the physical demands of the job. Injuries can occur frequently and they are often related to patient handling that involves heavy lifting and awkward body positions.

Lastly, the threat of violence and stress is equally as important to safety. Many healthcare workers experience physical and emotional stress which can contribute to health problems. This also has an impact on patient care and it can contribute to errors, patient falls, and other unfortunate outcomes.

The impact that these hazards can have on nurses and patients can be deadly and devastating, so it’s extremely important this month and every day of the year to improve safety and minimize any risks involved. The following suggestions will help nurses advocate for safety and make progress with their quality of work and patient care:

  • The first thing that every nurse and healthcare worker should do is to promote and support anyone and everyone who is an advocate for safety. A culture of this nature encourages everyone to be open and honest — plus it allows for learning from mistakes and transparency with any errors. Nurses that work in a safety-conscious culture will be more empowered to speak up when something is unsafe and they don’t have to fear any potential repercussions.
  • Another strategy for safety includes effective communication. By collaborating with each other and communicating appropriately, nurses will be able to provide better hand-offs and more detailed information on their patients. Implementing hourly rounding will help to communicate with patients on bathing, bathroom, or other health needs and this can eliminate fall risks and other health hazards for all parties.
  • Following protocol and policy as well as nursing standards of practice is essential to safety. Safety mechanisms are built into these policies and standards so it becomes extremely important to follow each step involved. Initiating fall precautions and turning patients should not be skipped or ignored and resources should be implemented for safe patient handling, transfer, etc. Harm and human error increase with each missed care for every patient. Time management and ancillary staff are important to executing all safety initiatives and protocols designed for risk depreciation.
  • Patient engagement is another factor that can contribute to maintaining safety. This includes active listening to the patient’s concerns and goals with their care. This will help everyone to stay informed about the needs and desires of the plan of care and it will help to communicate any risks for injury or threats to safety. Another added benefit to patient engagement and open communication is patient education. This provides an opportunity for the nurse to identify gaps in knowledge, but also for the patient to become educated on their health risks. For example, if a patient has a true understanding of their health and disease process they may be less likely to get out of bed without assistance as this would be a risk for injury from falling. The educated patient is a satisfied, protected, and confident patient.
  • The most important part of safety in nursing is learning from past incidents and other near misses. Many nurses will say that the mistakes they have made in the past were defining moments in their career that taught them great lessons. When an error occurs, it is important to review the events of the situation to understand why it happened. A root cause analysis is a strategy that is useful for identifying the cause of the problem in a safety situation. Some may refer to this as a debriefing of sorts as well which can be help immediately following a safety incident. This debriefing is done immediately following the incident so that details of what happened are not forgotten. Healthcare staff and nurses should be encouraged to immerse themselves in safety leader positions, officers, and management teams. Becoming an advocate for safety starts with taking on the role of someone who can hold others accountable.

Let us focus this month and beyond on minimizing risk and maximizing safety in all healthcare settings and segments!



7 Sweet Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nurse with ice cream

Check out these 7 Sweet Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs!

Summer is here and not only is the livin’ easy, but great Travel Nursing jobs are easy to find!

The fairer season means the whole world comes alive from coast to coast, and there’s no better time to spin your compass, pack your bags, take the leap, become a Travel Nurse, and explore the country.

May we suggest one of these 7 Sweet Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs as you embark on your next adventure?

Ready, set, go!


California couple dog

California here you come!

The Golden State is considered by many to be *the* very best state for Travel Nursing! Not only is it brimming with outstanding nature and geographic diversity, it’s also got some of the nation’s most beloved big cities, like San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. From north to south, there’s a little something for everyone here, and strict nurse to patient ratio laws mean the jobs are always plentiful in California. Summer is an absolutely amazing time explore the great outdoors, urban activities, and bounty of beaches located here. And don’t forget wine country! Whether you’re a wine drinker or not, this beautiful region Is truly something to behold.

If you want to learn more about the great Golden State, click here to check our California State Spotlight.

Or, if you’re already sold, click here for amazing job opportunities and California adventures.

North Carolina sunset

North Carolina sunsets are something to see!

North Carolina

Here comes another fabulous place to hit the beach this summer! North Carolina has some of the nation’s nicest beaches. I have personally witnessed one of the most beautiful beach sunsets I’ve ever seen within its bounds! In addition to beautiful beaches, get ready to explore the Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, a boatload of picturesque lighthouses, intriguing historical sites, and so much more. Oh, and the food here is amazing! From the perfect southern biscuits, fried chicken, and shrimp & grits to the distinct style of tangy BBQ and beyond, food is just one more reason to take a bite out of North Carolina.

Check out our North Carolina State Spotlight to learn more about this incredible state!

Or, if you’re ready to see all that NC has to offer, click here to find your dream job in North Carolina.


Virginia hike

Virginia is for lovers of hiking, history, and so much more!

Virginia is perfectly located for summer excursions throughout the south and upper east coast — not that you even need to leave the state to do and see some awesome stuff! There a ton of really cool historical sites here like Jamestown, Arlington National Cemetery, Monticello, Mount Vernon, Williamsburg, and many more. The nature is also amazing from gorgeous beaches — like the famous Virginia Beach — to the stunning peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Be sure to take a spin on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway as well! And, for when you won’t be behind the wheel, Virginia is a surprisingly popular wine destination — with 250+ wineries and lots of scenic wine trails where you can enjoy the view and pop in and out of picturesque small towns and intriguing historical sites.

Click here for Travel Nurse opportunities in Virginia.

Kansas City

Missouri is in bloom in the summer months!


The Show-Me State is great fun in the summertime! Missouri has everything from an extensive network of 600+ caves to world-class dining and high-end shopping in urban centers like Kansas City and St. Louis. Get kitschy with the nightline in Branson, drop some coin in Silver Dollar City, and marvel at the Gateway Arch or get weird at the City Museum in St. Louis. You can also pay tribute to the amazingly wise Mark Twain in his hometown of Hannibal. And who needs coastlines anyway when you’ve got Missouri’s many lakes — most famously the gorgeous Lake of the Ozarks, which stretches across four counties in central Missouri.

Click here to find your perfect gig in Missouri.


"Seattle, Washington"

Washington summer are wonderful!

The Evergreen State is an amazing sight to see in the summer months! Majestic natural experiences abound here from the Cascade Range to Olympic National Park to Mount Rainier — the latter which can spied through many a café window in Seattle. Speaking of the Emerald City, Seattle truly blossoms in the summer months, when the rain tends to slow and the sunshine promotes all kinds of urban outdoor experiences. Take in the Puget Sound, eat some of the finest seafood and other cuisine you can imagine, visit the iconic Pike Place Market and the first-ever Starbucks location, and get artsy at the Chihuly Garden and Olympic Sculpture Park. Whether you like cityscapes or wide open spaces, Washington will not disappoint!

Click here to explore great Travel Nurse jobs in Washington.

Wisconsin Devil's Lake

Wisconsin is the land of 15,000 lakes!


Summer is the very best time to visit the Midwest and Wisconsin is great proof of that. While Minnesota is famous for its 10,000 lakes, The Badger State actually boasts 15,000 gorgeous, natural lakes that are heaven for swimming, fishing, boating, and more. The Wisconsin Dells is a must-do when you visit Wisconsin. There are a ton of cool attractions and activities there, like waterparks, casinos, museums, zip-line adventures, amusement parks, horseback riding, and loads more. Cities like Milwaukee and Madison both have a high cool factor, because there you’ll be treated to great dining, shopping, museums, music, craft beer, and much more.

Click here to check out incredible Travel Nurse jobs in Wisconsin.


A female Maryland Blue Crab from the Chesapeake Bay walks along a pier after being caught by a fisherman in the late afternoon.

Maryland is famous for its crab cakes, crab dip, crab chips, steamed crabs … sensing a theme here?

Travel Nursing is all about freedom, so what better state to visit than The Free State. If you like seafood, top-notch hospitals, history and culture, this is a great state for you. Maryland is also known as “Little America” for it’s insane amount of geographic diversity — it contains nearly every type of terrain and natural feature throughout the nation all in one compact little package. It’s unlikely you’ll run out of things to do and see in Maryland, but don’t forget, Washington D.C. is right next door, giving you access to even more cool stuff to do and see on your journey.

Check out our Maryland State Spotlight to learn more about this super cool state!

Or, if you’re ready to check out opportunities in The Free State, click here to discover great Travel Nursing jobs in Maryland.

If none of these 7 Sweet Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs trip your trigger, there are plenty of other places to roam this summer! Click here to explore all current Travel Nurse job opportunities!


Congrats to March 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Travel Nurse Shad

Congrats to our March Traveler of the Month, Shad, pictured here with his traveling companions, his wife, Leidy, son Hazard, and dog, Jack!

Many thanks and congrats to the March 2017 Traveler of the Month, Shad B., and also our Rising Star winner, Marcisha H.!

Traveler of the Month Shad is a Tele Med Surg RN who works with Career Consultant Greg A., whom he says is a “top-notch” recruiter. He’s currently working in beautiful northern California.

Shad’s been a nurse for six years and Travel Nursing for two years. His favorite location thus far was Sheridan, Wyoming.

“My family loves the western culture out there and my son was born there,” says Shad. “I travel with my lovely wife, Leidy, 16-month old son, Hazard, and a dog named Jack. We live in a 5th wheel RV.”

Shad’s passions include his family, racquetball, and chess.

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is the freedom to roam and choose where you will work,” he says.

Shad shared these great tips for new Travel Nurses: “It would be wise to really research where your assignment is, so as not to have negative surprises when you get there,” he says. “As for when you’re on the assignment, helping your CNAs out will do wonders for your reputation in the facility.”

Marcisha Travel Nurse

Congrats to our March Rising Star, Marcisha!

Rising Star Marcisha is a Cath/EP/ER RN who’s been a nurse for four years. She’s started Travel Nursing for about a year in 2014 before taking a break to learn Cath and EP. Marcisha returned to Travel Nursing in January 2017 and works with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Jackie S. We’re so glad to have you back, Marcisha!

Marcisha is currently on Oakland, California, which she loves!

“I’ve worked in some pretty amazing places, but my favorite so far would have to be Oakland,” says Marcisha. “Coming from a smaller city in Ohio, I have never seen anything like Oakland. Oakland is filled with so much culture, diversity, pride, and history. I realized I couldn’t experience all of the Bay Area in 13 weeks so I had to extend my stay. Oakland has everything at your fingertips including: hiking and biking trails, museums, art, food from all over the world, wineries, breweries, professional sports teams, and most importantly accessible transportation!”

Marcisha says she’s not afraid of the unknown and lives her life by one of her favorite quotes: “If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.”

That makes Marcisha a perfect fit for traveling!

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is that it allows me to step out of my comfort zone and essentially become a better nurse,” says Marcisha. “I am able to meet and care for people from all walks of life and build friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Here are Marcisha’s tips for new and aspiring Travelers:

  1. “No hospital or unit is going to be perfect, you have to learn how to find a happy medium.”
  2. “Always be flexible! It shows the staff you are willing to step in and help them during their time of need.”
  3. “Enjoy your time in every new place. Get out and explore, meet new people, build friendships, and just embrace every moment of this adventure we call life!”

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions March 2017 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Shad and Marcisha, we thank you so much for your incredible talents and amazing commitment to providing awesome patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to learn more and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card as recognition for a job well done!


State Spotlight: New Jersey

New Jersey Map

Enjoy Jersey’s white sand beaches, delicious food, fun summer attractions, and close proximity to NYC and Philly this year!

Because The Jersey Shore is a wonderful place to spend the summer, this month’s State Spotlight takes us to New Jersey. Sure, there are plenty of Jersey haters out there and sometimes the state gets a bad rap, but if you really take the time to learn what The Garden State’s all about you’ll be smitten faster than you can say, “Cabs are here!”

Travel Nursing in New Jersey   

New Jersey’s a great state for Travel Nurses — with plenty to do in the state/region and lots of great facilities to call home for 13 weeks at a time. The state boasts a wide-ranging network of acute care and specialty hospitals that provide inpatient care for behavioral health, rehab, and long term acute care. All of New Jersey’s 21 counties have at least one such facility, which means residents have access to great care throughout The Garden State.

New Jersey is home to 112 hospitals, including Hackensack University Medical Center, which U.S. News & World Report ranked as the #1 hospital in New Jersey and which is nationally ranked in four adult specialties. Rounding out the top five hospitals in New Jersey are: Morristown Medical Center, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and (tied for fifth) AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center and Valley Hospital.

In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked New Jersey #14 on their first-ever “Best States” list, based on criteria including economy, education, government, health care, crime & corrections, infrastructure, and opportunity. The report recognized New Jersey’s “world-class universities, leading technology and biological science firms and one fast turnpike” and ranked the state second in education and eighth in healthcare.

As for licensing, New Jersey is not a walk through state, nor a compact state, but it is a NURSYS state. Click here for more info on licensing in New Jersey.

To Do & See in New Jersey

The Garden State is a wonderful hodgepodge of rural and urban adventure! Get ready to dig in at your favorite diner, kick back on the boardwalk, crank some Springsteen, and take your place as a total Travel Nurse BOSS.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

New Jersey’s Atlantic City Boardwalk is the longest in the world! Atlantic City is also known for its casinos, great nightlife, delicious food, and beautiful beaches!

As you can imagine, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the famous Jersey Shore — which spans 127 miles of coastline, from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Forget the drunken clamor of MTV’s eponymous reality show, because the Jersey Shore’s white sand beaches are an incredible place to soak up a truly awesome beach experience. Imagine your days off chock-full of sun, sand, and surf! The Shore also offers aquatic adventure in the form of barrier islands and bays where you can explore historic lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, and more.

Whether you’re after art, culture, or history, New Jersey’s many museums and historical sites will excite. Some of the best such locations in the state include the New Jersey State Museum, Newark Museum, Liberty Science Center, Montclair Art Museum, the USS New Jersey, Garden State Discovery Museum, the Aviation Hall of Fame, Cape May Lighthouse, Old Barracks Museum, and the Princeton University Art Museum.

If you like your museums a little kooky, there’s also Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Atlantic City or the Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park! Adventure Aquarium and Delaware River Tubing also top many to-do lists for New Jersey. Plus, the state’s got a lot of vineyards popping up such as the popular Beneduce Vineyards, Unionville Vineyards, Heritage Winery, Auburn Road Vineyards, Tomasello Winery, and many more.

Sports fans will love to hit the stands in support of one of Jersey’s pro sports teams, which include the New York Giants, New York Jets, New York Red Bulls, New Jersey Devils, Sky Blue FC, and the New York Riveters.

Assorted Sweet Saltwater Taffy on a Background

New Jersey is home to delicious things like saltwater taffy, tomato pie, Italian hot dogs, Jersey-style Sloppy Joes, and so much more!

While New Jersey might not be the first place that pops to mind when it comes to culinary delights, the state has plenty of good eats and great variety. First off, they don’t call it the Garden State for nothing. New Jersey’s third-largest industry is food & agriculture, with 9,000+ farms in-state producing more than 100 kinds of fruits and veggies — most famously, the Jersey tomato.

New Jersey is famous for being the “diner capital of the world” so you’ll be in diner heaven when on assignment there. According to Thrillist, some of the state’s best diners include The Summit Diner, The Pop Shop, Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory, Ponzio’s, Americana, White Mana, and White Rose Diner. Yum!

Other famous New Jersey food experiences include submarine sandwiches, saltwater taffy, Taylor pork rolls, Italian hot dogs, and tomato pie. Wash it all down with a Welch’s Grape Juice, originally conceived in Jersey, or a Boylan’s soda and you’ll be living like a true New Jerseyan! Also, if you’re offered a Sloppy Joe in Jersey don’t expect a Manwich. Jersey-style Sloppy Joes are double decker deli sandwiches, with multiple types of cold cuts, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on rye.

New Jersey Outdoors

New Jersey is home to 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail, the Pineland National Reserve, and many other beautiful outdoor sights!

While New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the union, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors. In addition to the beaches, another excellent choice for outdoor activity is the Pinelands National Reserve in southern New Jersey, which boasts 1.1-million acres! This area has such a unique natural habitat, that in 1983 the United Nations named it an International Biosphere Reserve. Here you’ll find an intriguing blend of flora and fauna, from orchids to carnivorous plants to the Pinelands tree frog and rare pygmy pitch pines. You’ll also find great opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, and more with this beautiful, pristine wilderness as your view along the way. Pinelands National Reserve also has some great sites within its boundaries where you can learn about the history and culture of The Garden State.

And don’t forget to check out the 72 miles of The Appalachian Trail that travel through New Jersey!

If you’re more of a city mouse, you’ll love the world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, and casinos located in Jersey’s urban areas like Newark, Jersey City, Trenton, Atlantic City, Hoboken, and more.

Plus, in addition to the state’s many exciting sights and attractions, New Jersey is a fabulous jump-off point for exploring the greater East Coast area. In fact, Jersey’s just minutes away from two of America’s greatest cities — Manhattan on the east and Philadelphia on the west!

New Jersey Fast Facts

New Jersey

Greetings and Fun Facts from New Jersey!

State Nickname: The Garden State

Capital: Trenton

Largest City: Newark

National Park Sites: 12

State Parks, State Forests, and State Recreation Areas: 50

State Motto: “Liberty and Prosperity”

State Flower: Purple Violet

State bird: American Goldfinch

New Jersey is the third state and was one of the 13 original colonies.

Bubble wrap, Teflon, Band-Aids, saltwater taffy, bar codes, TV dinners, and the light bulb were all invented in New Jersey.

Street names in the original Monopoly game are all based on actual streets in Atlantic City.

New Jersey is home to approximately 127 miles of coastline.

Bruce Springsteen

Famous New Jerseyans include Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Joe Pesci, Fetty Wap, and many other notable folks!

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the oldest boardwalk in the U.S. and the longest boardwalk in the entire world!

The first organized baseball game was played in Hoboken in 1846 and, in more sports new, the first professional basketball game was played in Trenton in 1896.

New Jersey is one of only two states that prohibits self-service gas stations. (The other is Oregon.)

In 1933, the first drive-in movie theater opened just outside of Camden, New Jersey.

Famous folks from New jersey include Bruce Willis, Buzz Aldrin, Judy Blume, Jon Bon Jovi, Kellyanne Conway, David Copperfield, Glenn Danzig, Danny DeVito, Peter Dinklage, Michael Douglas, Allen Ginsburg, Chelsea Handler, Lauryn Hill, Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, Whitney Houston, Queen Latifah, Jerry Lewis, Ray Liotta, Kurt Loder, George R.R. Martin, Jack Nicholson, Shaquille O’Neal, Bill Parcells, Alice Paul, Joe Pesci, Kelly Ripa, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Martha Stewart, Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Fetty Wap, and Wendy Williams.

New Jersey is dubbed “the diner capital of the world” for its sheer number of greasy spoon eateries.

New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights.

Search Travel Nursing jobs and find your dream gig in New Jersey!


Benefits: United Healthcare Virtual Visits

sick on computer

So sick you don’t want to leave the house? UHC’s Virtual Visits have you covered!

Travel Nurses are always on the go. Which makes United Healthcare’s Virtual Visits a great fit for your busy lifestyle!

If you have medical insurance coverage through United Healthcare, you can take advantage of their Virtual Visits to see and talk to a doctor from the comfort of home — or wherever you are! Simply use your mobile device of computer to connect. Virtual Visits do not require an appointment, typically take just about 10-15 minutes, and doctors can write prescriptions, if necessary.

Plus, UHC’s Virtual Visits are included with your health benefits and available at no extra cost to you! 

Virtual Visits are ideal for times when your doctor is unavailable or you’re traveling, but not so good for anything requiring an exam or test, complex or chronic conditions, sprains/broken bones or injuries necessitating bandages. As a nurse with an in-depth understanding of healthcare, you’re uniquely equipped to understand when the best time to use a Virtual Visit might be, but some common conditions treated via Virtual Visits include:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Cold/flu/sore throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Bladder/urinary tract infection
  • Migraines
  • Pink eye
  • Rash
  • Sinus issues
  • Stomach ache

So, how do you access Virtual Visits?

It’s simple. Just log in at and choose from provider sites where you can register for a Virtual Visit. Services may vary by state, so be sure to check out what’s available in your area.

Once you’ve registered and requested a visit, you’ll pay your portion of service costs per your plan (just as you would a co-pay) and then enter a virtual waiting room. The doctor will appear when he or she is ready to see you, and you’ll have their undivided attention to discuss your health concerns with them.

For more information on Virtual Visits, login to If you want to learn more about Medical Solutions’ benefits, click here.


Adventures in Travel Nursing: Oh My Gelli!

Oh My Gelli

Adventures in Travel Nursing: Oh My Gelli!

If the adventure and enrichment of Travel Nursing ever made you think you should start cataloguing your various journeys, then you’ll love Oh My Gelli — a blog authored by Medical Solutions Traveler, Gelli DA.

“I started [the blog] in August of last year as a birthday gift to myself and as another source of income as well,” says Gelli. “Travel Nursing actually played a huge role in my blog because I get to share my experiences with my readers and followers.”

Gelli is an RN specializing in Cardiac Telemetry who’s been in nursing nearly two and a half years. She started Travel Nursing in November 2016 and absolutely fell in love with this intriguing career path. Gelli travels with Career Consultant Kelly S. and is currently on assignment in Virginia.

Oh My Gelli!At Oh My Gelli readers will find a fun hodgepodge of topics discussed in Gelli’s signature insightful style and accompanied with a bright, colorful design and pictures. From haircare and curly hair woes to recipes to Travel Nurse tips and insight about locations and more, there’s a little something for everyone as they follow along on Gelli’s journey.

“I blog about lifestyle, food, and travel,” says Gelli. “As an introvert, it’s totally crazy of me to do Travel Nursing. And my blog is a living proof of that.”

But Gelli’s been buoyed by working with “unbelievably amazing staff” at both of the facilities she’s visited thus far. She also keeps good company, traveling with Luis, her boyfriend who’s also a nurse, and Pumpkin, her Persian kitty.

So, what does Gelli like best about Travel Nursing?

“The best thing about Travel Nursing is the big paycheck,” she says. “LOL! OK, I don’t want to sound like an ad, but really, it’s double my paycheck when I was still a permanent staff. I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity. Besides that, going to different places and meeting new people are also what make Travel Nursing unique and fun.”

Gelli also offers solid advice for aspiring or new Travel Nurses.

“Nursing is patient-centered, above all else,” she says. “No matter how different policies and hospital protocols are you’ll find yourself in a familiar place once you see your patients face-to-face. Try to learn different techniques from your coworkers. You’ll be surprised on how they do things differently and sometimes way more efficient than what you’re used to. And, if ever things get rough, smile because you’re only staying in the hellhole for 13 weeks.”

Thanks for being an inspiration to Travelers everywhere, Gelli!

Check out Gelli’s blog here and find her on Instagram @omgelli.

Oh My Gelli


Clinical Corner: The Year of the Healthy Nurse

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By Kora Behrens, Clinical Nurse Manager, Medical Solutions

May is a wonderful time to celebrate. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Most importantly, each May we spend a whole week celebrating nurses and the impact they have on their patients and healthcare. Nurses Week, celebrated each year May 6-12, provides a great opportunity to honor all the nurses who advocate for their patients, speak up for safety, and give of themselves daily to the patients they care for.

With all the time and effort spent on patient care, it’s easy for nurses to ignore and neglect their own health and wellbeing because their patients will forever be their number one priority. This presents a huge challenge for nurses to overcome! Nurse health is significant not only for each individual nurse’s good, but also because a nurse’s health has a direct impact on patient outcomes and the overall quality of care.

The increasing emphasis on safeguarding the health of nurses was the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nurses Week focus this year. The ANA dedicated 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse” with the tagline “Balance Your Life for a Healthier You.”

In keeping with this theme is the launch of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN). This effort targets HNHN’s five fundamental indicators for wellness: rest, nutrition, physical activity, quality of life, and safety. Nurses are the face of our healthcare system, therefore focusing on their wellbeing has become important to delivering quality care to all patients and communities. To improve the wellbeing of our nurses we must first examine what their health struggles are.

Nurses are working longer hours and shifts, most often without breaks or moments to regroup. These long shifts make it difficult to get the adequate sleep and rest they need. Additionally, it becomes a challenge to eat healthy when nutritious foods are not easily accessible or cost effective. Lastly, working as a nurse is demanding on the mind and the body. It’s become increasingly difficult to avoid workplace violence and bodily injury while on the job. With such hurdles to navigate, it’s no wonder that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nurses have the fourth highest rate of injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work, when compared to all other occupations.

So, how do we focus on helping nurses to get healthier? The first step is getting involved. For example, spread the word to others on how to become more active, hold educational lunch hours to talk about eating healthy, and cater in meals from healthy places to eat. It starts with one person putting in the effort and eventually it becomes an active lifestyle and part of the culture within your facility and/or department. Making the commitment is the first step.

Establishing relationships with community partners in an effort to initiate healthier lifestyles expands the movement even further. Nursing schools, state nursing associations, healthcare organizations, consumer organizations, local businesses, and other organizations can all get involved to make an impact and enhance the health of nurses in their area.

Even though Nurses Week 2017 has come and gone, it’s important that we remember this year’s focus on keeping nurses healthy. Step outside of your comfort zone and make a change to your lifestyle. Reach out to your colleagues and friends to lend a hand in taking that first step in making a change. Encourage each other and work together for an improved and healthier nurse force.

Click here to learn more about The Year of the Healthy Nurse.