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Seattle offers amazing big-city culture!

Want to know the most important thing to ask yourself as a Travel Nurse?

Are you ready? It’s very serious …

Where do you want go on your next adventure?

Location means so much when it comes to considering jobs and deciding to accept a Travel Nursing position. Getting the chance to explore a new city, state, and area while you are making money is a great perk of Travel Nursing, and you want to land in a place you’ll love to take full advantage of that benefit.

Medical Solutions has created a series of state pages, with all kinds of information to help you decide which state’s state of mind is the best fit for you on your next assignment.

Last time we had Georgia on our minds when we introduced you to our Peach State page. Now, we move along to a hugely popular destination for Travel Nurses: Washington.

Why do Travel Nurses love Washington so much? Where do I start?

The Evergreen State is known for its astounding physical beauty — as well as its vast geographic variety. In Washington you can experience mountains and beaches, sounds, oceans, rivers, and more. You can enjoy world-class urban areas like Seattle, with all of its cultural opportunities: pro sports, shopping, music, theater, dining, art, and so much more. Or, if you prefer a more rural or small town vibe, Washington offers plenty of that as well!

TRavel Nurse Fall Jobs in Washington

Washington produces the most apples of any state!

As far as day trips, Washington has tons to offer within its own borders, but its proximity also allows excursions to Canada, Oregon, California, and other amazing surrounding areas.

There is SO much more to know and love about this great state. Get started learning more now on our Washington page, where you’ll find:

  • Information and photos of popular attractions and culture
  • Fun state facts and stats (for example, Washington is one of just seven states that doesn’t levy a personal income tax!)
  • Data on licensure and in-demand specialties
  • Hot spots for Travel Nurse jobs in Washington, plus an application to get started

Click here to check out Medical Solutions’ Washington state page.

Have you ever worked as a Travel Nurse in Washington? Share your awesome Evergreen State experiences in the comments.

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