Adventures in Travel Nursing: Ryan’s Travel Nurse Takeover

Travel Nurse Takeover Ryan S

Medical Solutions Traveler Ryan S. helps unite the Travel Nurse community through his social media project, Travel Nurse Takeover.

Travel Nurses may be scattered across the globe, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t unite. In fact, Medical Solutions Traveler Ryan S. is bringing Travel Nurses together in a truly awesome way via his Travel Nurse Takeover — which can be found on Snapchat — @travelnurseto, Instagram — @travelnursetakeover, and Facebook.

Through February 25th, Ryan and some other awesome Travelers are taking his concept to Medical Solutions’ Snapchat account — @MSMedStaffing — where they’ll be guest posting.

So, what exactly is Travel Nurse Takeover and how did it start? Ryan, an RN, BSN working in Behavioral Medicine/Chemical Dependency, says it was originally inspired by Tastemade’s Snapchat channel.

“For those unfamiliar with Tastemade, it’s a digital food and travel video network that curates and distributes content primarily on food,” says Ryan, who travels with Career Consultant Roy B. “Last summer, they had a takeover in Chicago in a food truck festival. They were sharing all these delicious entries and sidekicks that an idea popped into my head — Could I get Travel Nurses to takeover and recommend restaurants on location?”

Ryan says that while the project began as “a foodie’s dream of creating a food channel with Travel Nurses as the food critics” its objectives quickly expanded in scope as Ryan realized the exciting possibilities of Travelers using Snapchat as a platform to share each other’s adventures in real-time.

Travel Nurse Takeover Logo

Travelers can follow Travel Nurse Takeover on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

“Travel Nurse Takeover is something I like to call ‘community vlogging’ — a single Snapchat account shared by a community of Travel Nurses that share their travels and adventures with each other. We just make sure the channel runs smoothly,” says Ryan. “We first proposed the idea on our channel at the Golden Gate Bridge last summer and since then have had about 30-35 takeovers ranging from one day to one week of Travel Nurses sharing their adventures. We’ve been all over the country and the world — from parasailing over Lake Tahoe to jet skiing in the glaciers of Alaska, seeing active volcanoes in Hawaii to getting tattoos in Thailand — the list goes on. We think it’s an incredible way to connect and make the world feel a little smaller in the process. It’s a goal of ours to surround people who understand each other’s commitment and lifestyle as a Travel Nurse.”

Ryan’s been in nursing for four years and traveling for about a year-and-a-half. His most recent assignment was in Tacoma, Washington, which he loved.

“I’m envious of everyone who gets to commute to work with the beauty of Mt. Rainier in the background,” he says.

Ryan says the list is long in terms of why he likes Travel Nursing but he especially appreciates the flexibility and opportunity to travel.

“Being able to take time off in between contracts and seeing the country for long periods of time are two of the reasons why I enjoy being a Traveling Nurse,” he says. “The way I see it, if you’re fortunate enough to find a job that compensates you well and allows you to travel at the same time, congratulations, you’ve made it.”

Ryan’s shared some excellent advice for new or aspiring Travelers:

“Make sure your needs and wants are written in the contract. Be flexible. Communicate well. Be a team-player. Double down on learning the first couple weeks. Have fun and explore the area.”

Travel Nurse Takeover Ryan S

Ryan and other Travelers will be taking over Medical Solutions’ Snapchat through February 25th. Follow us at @MSMedStaffing to see their stories.

When he’s not working, Ryan, who is the youngest of five in a close-knit family, enjoys photography and trips to Cold Stone. He also delights in his work with Travel Nurse Takeover.

“Creating a platform where Travelers can network with each other and find others who have the same zest for life and travel has been fulfilling and drives us to work on this channel,” says Ryan.

You can find Ryan’s awesome Travel Nurse Takeover concept on Snapchat — @travelnurseto, Instagram — @travelnursetakeover, and Facebook.

Also, be sure to follow @MSMedStaffing on Snapchat, where Ryan and other awesome Travelers will be taking over our account through February 25th!     

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