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In 2014 Medical Solutions released a new video resource series for Travel Nurses — our How NOT To Travel Nursing Videos.

We think learning should be fun, so we’ve paired a brief, funny video that shows how a Travel Nurse should definitely not approach a specific part of Travel Nursing with an article that offers great tips on how you actually should proceed to excel in the industry and conquer that same situation in awesome, professional style.

This month we’re featuring “How NOT to Make Housing Requests.”

Housing is a super important factor of the overall success of your travel assignments. While you may be far from your hometown, you should still be able to find a pad that feels like home and allows you to enjoy your down time while on assignment. If you’re taking housing through your company, it’s very important to effectively communicate your needs in terms of furnishings, utilities, pets, size, safety, and other special requests.

Check out the video below and then click here to read the article on How to Make Housing Requests

How Not to Make Housing Requests from Medical Solutions on Vimeo.

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