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travel nurse“When I found Medical Solutions I knew I found a good friend in my recruiter. She has held my hand through the whole process of my journey into travel nursing.

I decided to go into travel nursing so I could see family in Washington state and Texas. What a great experience my first hospital was. Great nurses and wonderful doctors and all were so helpful and excited to have me.

On my off days I have been to most of the mountains in the area, walking on hiking trails which have taken me by breathtaking waterfalls and experienced the Columbia River Gorge. I even got in some skiing. With this present assignment I already have nurses and doctors telling me about other places I should go to before I leave. I had the time off to visit my daughter and help her pick out a wedding dress. Then I went on to my next assignment and my recruiter arranged the timing so I could do all this.

I am so happy I made the choice to travel.”

ER (Emergency Room)
Healthcare Traveler

About the Author

My name is Jeff Long. I’m the Marketing Manager at Medical Solutions, one of the leading travel nursing companies. I have never been a nurse and am not a recruiter. I have worked at Medical Solutions for over five years and think it is a great company that has a lot to offer nurses and allied health professionals interested in a travel career.

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