Congrats to May 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to our May Traveler of the Month, Irene O.!

Congrats to our May Traveler of the Month, Irene O.!

Many kudos and congrats to the May 2015 Traveler of the Month, Irene O., and also our Rising Star winner, Hitomi S.

Traveler of the Month Irene has been in nursing for almost 30 years and just finished a NICU travel assignment in Delaware. Her Career Consultant at Medical Solutions is Melissa K.

Irene did her first travel assignment 11 years ago when she was moving from Chicago to Chattanooga.

“I never thought I would live in the South, but that’s where my three daughters decided they would like to live and raise their families,” she says.

Then, in June 2014, Irene decided again it was time “to do something different, broaden my horizons, push my comfort zone, learn new ways of doing the very thing I love to do — I am good at it and know that it makes a difference!”

Irene says she’s “probably not your typical Traveler” in that when she started working with Melissa she didn’t have a specific idea of where she wanted to go.

“I knew, and told her, God would let me know when and where,” says Irene.

“It’s been so true; each time it has been within a day or two — God doesn’t usually let me know things early — I have gone to my assignments, fallen in love with the units, people, areas … This last time I did ask that I wanted snow wherever I went and loved the several storms I experienced!”

Irene says she loves the work she does as a Travel Nurse, “getting to know people from different parts of the country and walks of life.

There are amazingly kind and compassionate people everywhere,” she says. “And, typically in a NICU, people choose to work there and we all have the same goal: to help grow babies as a team, while supporting and loving families that are going through one of the most difficult times in their life!”

Traveler of the Month Irene with her three lovely daughters.

Traveler of the Month Irene with her three lovely daughters.

In addition to her work, Irene also truly loves her relationship with her Career Consultant Melissa K.

“I can’t tell you enough good things about Melissa. She has made things as easy from the beginning, spelled things out clearly with money, made a housing change overnight,” says Irene.

Irene says Melissa has also been there for her during her most difficult time — her daughter being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Melissa has been understanding of Irene’s necessarily varied schedule, sent texts of encouragement, and checked in on Irene regularly.

Irene appreciates all of that as well as “her kind voice that I hear every time I talk with her — never rushed or impatient. She has supported me through her prayers during this newest journey in my life as I have come to help take care of my own 39-year-old daughter.”

The Medical Solutions family is in your corner, Irene. You are in all of our prayers!

Irene offers a few excellent tips for new Travel Nurses:

  1. “Remember that we are there to help support and staff the unit, not to change things or try to tell them how it can be done better or different.”
  2. “Don’t get caught up in the politics or gossip, but do get to know people and try to do things outside of work with other Travelers or staff when possible.”
  3. “Home — wherever that may be — is very important to me. At the end of the day, I like to go to home and feel happy about being there! So I take things with me that can make that happen. For me it’s certain dishes, a pot and pan, my knives (I love to cook and eat heathy), decor, pictures, pillows for the couch, cookbooks … you would laugh at some of the things I bring … each room does feel special and like I am at home.”

    Congrats to May's Rising Star, Hitomi!

    Congrats to Rising Star Hitomi!

Rising Star Hitomi is a Labor and Delivery RN since 2010 who recently finished her first assignment with Medical Solutions, just south of the Bay Area in California.

“I always enjoy California,” says Hitomi, whose Career Consultant at Medical Solutions is Stephanie W.

Hitomi says the best things about Travel Nursing are that she gets to “meet lots of people, learn different cultures and be able to see different places.”

Hitomi goofs off!

Hitomi goofs off!

Way to hit the nail on the head of what makes Travel Nursing such a great opportunity! Hitomi also offers some wonderful tips for new Travel Nurses:

1. “Research the location where your assignment is and make the most of your free time there enjoying it.”

2. “Have an open mind, be ready for any assignments, and show your skills.”

3.  “Be friendly, have positive attitude, and just keep smiling.”

Congrats again to May 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star — and thank you, Irene and Hitomi, for your commitment to excellent patient care!

What does it take to become a Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? All Travelers who receive a perfect evaluation from their hospital are in the running for these two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card.

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