Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to April 2017’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Many thanks and congrats to the April 2017 Traveler of the Month, Laurin P., and also our Rising Star winner, Jon F.!

Traveler of the Month Laurin is an RN, BSN, specializing in NICU. She works with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Meg H. Laurin won Traveler of the Month while on assignment in Georgia and is currently working in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Laurin’s been in nursing for seven years and has been traveling for nearly a year now. Her favorite location so far has been Salem, Oregon.

“I could say so many great things about Oregon, but Salem itself was a great location that was very convenient for exploring the state,” she says. “The people in Salem were very friendly and welcoming. The town is within Willamette Valley, which has a plethora of wonderful wineries to visit.”

Laurin travels with her husband, who works from home.

“I’m very fortunate that my husband is able to travel with me,” she says. “Things lined up in life and we decided before we settled down that we should travel for a while and explore the U.S.”

Laurin likes that Travel Nursing has exposed her to various places throughout the United States.

“Coming from Tampa Bay, Florida, getting to experience different weather, seasons, and terrain [has been great],” she says. “While I was in Atlanta I was able to experience spring — never knew that I was missing out on that in life. The states are beautiful and traveling has let me truly enjoy everything out there.”

Laurin offers these great tips for aspiring Travel Nurses:

“Stay organized from the beginning — upload everything nursing related to somewhere you can access from anywhere, i.e. Google Drive.”

“When thinking about time off to write into your contract, do a quick Google search of events happening in the area so you can experience it while you’re there.”

Thanks for everything you do, Laurin!

Rising Star Jon is an RN, BSN who specializes in ICU. He works with Career Consultant Mike M. and is currently on assignment in New Mexico.  

Mike says Jon is an amazing Traveler whom he’s had the pleasure of working with the past year-and-a-half.

“Jon travels with his wife Morgan in an RV,” says Mike. “I consider Jon and Morgan great friends and hope to someday, meet them in person.”

“Jon is a great Traveler for many reasons,” adds Mike. “He’s always had excellent reviews from his hospitals which obviously translates to great patient care and representation of Medical Solutions. He’s excellent at communication, and always stays on top of paperwork/expiring items. In addition, he adapts to the changing job market by always being flexible in selecting his next assignment.”

We appreciate you, Jon!

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions April 2017 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Laurin and Jon, we thank you so much for your steadfast commitment to providing awesome patient care!

Could you be the next Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? Travelers who receive a perfect hospital evaluation are eligible to win these monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Medical Solutions Travelers. Click here to learn more and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa or Amazon gift card as recognition for a job well done!

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