Congrats to August 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Medical Solutions Travel Nurse of the Month Dan

Congrats to Dan A., our awesome August 2014 Traveler of the Month!

We’d like to send a major shout-out and congratulations to our August Traveler of the Month, Daniel A., BSN, RN.

Traveler of the Month Dan has been a nurse for about three-and-a-half years and specializes in Critical Care (MICU/CCU, Neuro/Trauma ICU, SICU). He has completed three 13-week Travel Nurse assignments for Medical Solutions and is currently a Local Missions Protégé at National Community Church in Washington, D.C.; a position he says addresses many social justice issues with a faith-based point of view.

When asked his favorite location as a Travel Nurse, Dan says it’s tough to choose between San Francisco and Long Island.

Medical Solutions Travel of the Month Dan

Dan and Stephanie get down to the business of adventuring!

“In both places I found friendly faces, a variety of cultures, great rural and urban sites to see, and most importantly sun and sand,” he says.

Dan says the best thing about Travel Nursing is “gaining various skill sets and knowledge in the field of nursing that are applicable in any context of providing quality care throughout the nation.”

Dan’s wife, Stephanie, traveled with him for the two assignments he had after they were married. He says he’s very thankful it was feasible for her to join him.

And what about his first assignment without her in 2013? Well, it was during that assignment in 2013 that Dan flew his then-girlfriend Stephanie out to the Bay area to surprise her with a proposal! Pics or it didn’t happen, Dan … Oh, he has pics — sweet, beautiful pics of the actual proposal!

Medical Solutions August 2014 Traveler of the Month Dan

On his first assignment, Dan surprised his then-girlfriend Stephanie by flying her out to the Bay area for this sweet proposal!

Dan offers three great tips for new or aspiring Travel Nurses:

1. “Take a deep breath, remember this isn’t your first rodeo, and that though you are in a new setting, you are fully capable of providing the quality care to patients that you already have up to this point in your career.”

2. “Make friends, and make them quick! Not only do you want to establish a good rapport with your team for the sake of the patients, but for yourself. Having a sense of community as you move from one place to the next is key for your emotional health as a travel nurse.”

Medical Solutions August 2014 Traveler of the Month Dan

The happy couple.

3. “You’re a travel nurse, so travel! Check out as many sights as you can. I know you are tired after three+ 12-hour shifts, but there is life to live. So whether that means relaxing in a coffee shop, taking a hike on the ocean hillsides, or exploring a new neighborhood in town, get going! Adventure is out there!”

Dan, thank you SO much for being an awesome example of Travel Nurses and for providing excellent care to your patients!  

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