Congrats to January 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Medical Solutions Rising Star Travel Nurse Arlene M

January Rising Star Winner Arlene shows off her acrobatic talents in downtown Fort Worth.

Congrats and thanks to the January 2015 Traveler of the Month, Robin B., and also our Rising Star winner, Arlene M.

Traveler of the Month Robin is an ER RN who has been with Medical Solutions since June 2014. Robin just wrapped up an assignment in western Michigan.

Robin’s Career Consultant Jake Zoucha has only the best things to say about her demeanor and her commitment to providing great patient care,

“Robin is a very calm person, easy to work with, very much a patient advocate, very caring and highly skilled,” says Jake. “She’s so nice she even baked me some banana bread and sent it to me after I talked to her about how much I loved it. I told her my grandma used to put cherries in hers, and so she tried it and sent it to me. It was delicious!”

Medical Solutions Rising Star Travel Nurse Arlene M

Adventures with Arlene: The 7th Street Bridge between downtown Fort Worth and the cultural district.

Rising Star winner Arlene is a Progressive Care/Telemetry RN with three years’ nursing experience who just completed her first assignment in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

I have loved my experience in Fort Worth,” she says. “I recently completed my assignment there and enjoyed every bit of it.”

Arlene began Travel Nursing flying solo, but recently rescued a dog from the Humane Society who she says is now her “friendly companion in travel.”

“The idea of walking into the unknown can be scary, but at the same time the adventure of it is exhilarating. Meeting new people and discovering new places is most fun,” says Arlene.

Arlene’s #1 tip for new Travelers is to “be mentally prepared for whatever comes your way.”

Medical Solutions Rising Star Travel Nurse Arlene M

Adventures with Arlene: Fort Worth Zoo edition!

“Having to get accustomed to a new environment and way of doing things may seem challenging at first,” she says, “but essentially, you’re a nurse and you can do anything!”

Thanks and congrats to Robin and Arlene! We truly appreciate you and everything you do in the name of healthcare and adventure.

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