Congrats to January 2018’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Aaron F Travel Nurse

Congrats to our January Traveler of the Month, Aaron F., pictured here with his son Hayden.

Many thanks and congrats to the January 2018 Traveler of the Month, Aaron F., and also our Rising Star winner, Brent B.!

Traveler of the Month Aaron is a Critical Care RN working in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s been an RN for six years and a Traveler for about two years. Aaron works with Medical Solutions Career Consultant Melissa Hirschauer.

Aaron is passionate about nursing and his son Hayden, whom he calls “the center of my world.” Luckily, his career in Travel Nursing has allowed Aaron to full foster a great career and a great balance as a dad.

Aaron F Travel Nurse

Aaron calls Hayden “the center of my world.” So sweet!

“I’m a local Travel RN who specializes in critical care and working with Melissa has been great for getting me set up in Travel Nursing assignments that keep me close to home,” says Aaron. “My son spends half his time with me and half with his mom; I credit my Travel Nursing career with helping to strike that balance. Being able to afford time off to spend with my son is by far the most important thing about Travel Nursing for me. So, my situation is probably really unique to most Travel Nurses, but it has worked in a way that allows me to be where I want the most.”

Although Aaron now fully embraces his career as a Traveler he admits he was originally not sure if he even wanted to try Travel Nursing.

“I admit I was timid to try Travel Nursing because of how I had seen them be used when I was a staff nurse, but I couldn’t go back on staff at this point,” says Aaron. “My favorite location has been Piedmont Fayetteville Hospital. They recognized my abilities and have put them to use in a way that helped me flourish — and I feel like they deserve as much credit for this achievement as myself, or Melissa for getting me there.”

Aaron offered some sage advice for new and aspiring Travelers:

  1. “Get in there and help without being pushy.”
  2. “Be yourself, but recognize that you aren’t staff.”
  3. “Always try to overachieve to set a higher standard.”

Thanks so much for your hard work and awesome advice, Aaron!

Brent B Travel Nurse

Congrats to Brent B., our January 2018 Rising Star of the Month, pictured here with his wife Rachel and daughters Zadie and Mattie in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Rising Star Brent is a Telemetry RN who just wrapped up an assignment in Garberville, California and started a new one in Santa Cruz, California! He’s been an RN for eight years, traveling for nearly two years, and he works with Career Consultant Nick Ocken.

Brent’s favorite location so far has been Boise, Idaho.

“I got to cycle the Boise River Greenbelt to work every day, plus they have good fishing, hiking, camping, a great downtown, even river surfing!,” he says.

Brent says the best part of Travel Nursing for him is “meeting new people who are excited about life.” He travels with his wife Rachel, two daughters, Zadie (age 7) and Mattie (age 6), and two wiener dogs, Pip and Luna.

“We remodeled an Airstream travel trailer and have been traveling in it for a year and a half,” says Brent.

Here are Brent’s word-to-the-wise tips for new and aspiring Travelers:

  1. “Learn to be adaptable/flexible.”
  2. “Be part of the team at every job, even though you are temporary.”
  3. “Use Nick Ocken as your recruiter! Haha, but seriously, a good recruiter makes all the difference.”
Brent Travel Nurse

Brent and family on the day they got the Airstream!

Thanks for Being such an amazing Traveler and for sharing this great advice, Brent!

Congratulations again to the Medical Solutions January 2018 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star! Aaron and Brent, we are very thankful for your dedication to providing superior patient care and your amazing sense of adventure!

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