Congrats to March 2014’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

A big thumbs up to Nina C. and Thomas C.!

A big thumbs up to Nina C. and Thomas C.!

Congratulations and a big thank you go out to our March Traveler of the Month, Nina C., and also our Rising Star winner, Thomas C.

Traveler of the Month for March, Nina C., has been in Travel Nursing for four years. Her RN specialty is Cath Lab.

“I love my job and I love traveling, therefore, four years ago I combined my two loves,” she says.

Nina touches on why Travel Nurses must be adaptable when she says that Travel Nursing “not only requires knowledge in nursing, but also an ability to assimilate with other people and organizational structures.”

Nina’s favorite place to work is the east coast, and she’s currently working in a facility just north of New York City.

“I am with a great group of people who truly give exceptional care to their community,” she says. “This gives me a great deal of satisfaction to work with people I can admire and trust.”

Nina loves Travel Nursing and advocates it as an excellent option for many nurses.

“My career as a Traveling Nurse has given me a whole new life, one that I highly recommend for others,” she says.

March’s Rising Star winner Thomas C. was a Nurse Aid for three years and has now been an RN for three years. He’s been Travel Nursing for two years and his specialty is ICU.

So far Thomas’ favorite location has been Evansville, Indiana, where he encountered great people and really enjoyed the general attitude and feel of the city.

Besides getting to experience great, new favorite places Thomas really enjoys how Travel Nursing allows him to grow professionally.

“I like the new techniques I learn at each place and how the job never seems to get boring,” he says.

His advice for Travel Nurses who are just starting out?

“Find out how the facility you’re working at does things, and never speak badly of a place you work at no matter what,” he says.

Thanks so much again to Nina and Thomas for your hard work and dedication to providing great patient care!

To learn more about Medical Solutions’ Traveler of the Month program, click here.  

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