Congrats to March 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to March 2015’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Congrats to March 2015’s Traveler of the Month, Dawn S. and and Rising Star, Jen F.! You guys rock.

Congrats and thanks to the March 2015 Traveler of the Month, Dawn S., and also our Rising Star winner, Jen F.

Traveler of the Month Dawn is an RN with her BSN who’s been in nursing for 21 years in hospitals of various sizes. She says she prefers being in the ER, but has also spent time on Med/Surg, Same Day Surgery, LDRP, and ICU units. Dawn started traveling in early 2014 and her Career Consultant at Medical Solutions is Eileen B.

When we got in touch with Dawn she was just wrapping up a contract in southwestern Minnesota before starting her next adventure in South Dakota.

Traveler of the Month Dawn

Meet March Traveler of the Month, Dawn. Thanks for all you do, Dawn!

“My favorite location to work is always my current one,” she says. “There are always so many new things to learn! I haven’t had a hospital nursing job that I didn’t like yet. The best thing about any kind of nursing is felt when the patient or family lets you know how much they appreciate what you have done for them.”

As a veteran nurse and Traveler with a year-plus experience, Dawn offers some great tips for aspiring Travelers.

“For anyone who is considering Travel Nursing, I would encourage them to have a few years under their belt in their field. You never can have too much knowledge or experience,” she says.

Dawn also advises Travelers to “be flexible” and “always be able to laugh at yourself!”

Rising Star winner Jen is a PICU RN. After 17 years’ experience as a nurse, she is currently on her first Travel Nursing assignment in New Hampshire.

Jen was very surprised and honored to win Rising Star.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have had to travel with this company,” she says.

Jen says her Career Consultant, Ashley K., has been “amazing” and adds that she would highly recommend Ashley to others (and she has!).

“Traveling allowed me to help meet the needs of my family while also working in a specialty that I love,” says Jen regarding why she likes Travel Nursing.

She offers three excellent tips for new Travel Nurses:

1. Remain flexible.

2. Always give your best.

3. Enjoy every moment.

That is some great advice across the board, Jen.

Thank you so much, Dawn and Jen, for your commitment to excellent patient care!

What does it take to become a Medical Solutions Traveler of the Month or Rising Star? All Travelers who receive a perfect evaluation from their hospital are in the running for these two monthly awards — with Rising Star going to newer Travelers. Click here to find out what’s it’s all about and to see if you could be the next winner of a $100 Visa gift card.

First time bonus!

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