Congrats to November 2013’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Lara K. and Shawn F., you guys win the gold!

Lara K. and Shawn F., you guys win the gold!

We are very happy to congratulate our November 2013 Traveler of the Month, Lara K., and also our Rising Star winner Shawn F.!

Lara is an RN currently working in an ER unit in California. She has been in nursing for a total of 15 years, the first 10 as an LPN and the last 5 as an RN. She has traveled for 5 of her LPN years and 1 year as an RN.

Lara’s favorite location so far has been Laramie, Wyoming.

“[I] loved the area, but the people really made it special,” she says.

Lara’s favorite aspect of Travel Nursing is getting paid to explore new areas and meet new people. She also says that you “learn something new with each assignment.” Lara plans on getting a dog after her current assignment.

Shawn is an RN also and is currently working in Massachusetts. He’s been in nursing for 4 and a half years and has been traveling six months. Shawn has been on just two travel contracts and so far Massachusetts has been his favorite location.

Shawn’s favorite thing about Travel Nursing?

“The challenge of being put in an unfamiliar place and working through the anxiety and stress that that can bring, and coming out a better nurse and person for going through it,” he says.

Congrats again to Lara and Shawn. These wins were based upon excellent hospital evaluations, and thus, were totally earned. Thanks to you both for providing excellent patient care while on assignment for Medical Solutions! We really appreciate what you do in the name of nursing and we’re honored to have you travel with our staffing agency.

For more details on Medical Solutions’ Traveler of the Month program, click here.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a Travel Nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!

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